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10 Best Roofing Companies U.S. | Largest Residential Roofers

I was looking for the 10 Best + Biggest roofing companies in the United States (we know best isn’t always biggest, but nonetheless) – but couldn’t find a list that focused on…

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Best Roofing Companies in the U.S.

I was looking for the 10 Best + Biggest roofing companies in the United States (we know best isn’t always biggest, but nonetheless) – but couldn’t find a list that focused on residential only.

6 of the top 10 biggest roofers according to are roofing companies primarily focused on commercial roofing – interesting, to say the least!

1. Baker Roofing – Nashville

Revenue: $205 Million


News: Baker has expanded to include 18 offices throughout the Southeast. Snuck into this list, as they are in actuality 90% Commercial work and 10% Residential.

Locations: Live Map Link

Best Roofing Companies in the U.S.

2. Petersen Dean – Nevada

Revenue: $178 Million


News: Petersen Dean is currently seeking protection under Bankruptcy. 90% Residential and 10% Commercial.

Locations: California, Florida, Nevada, Texas

3. Able Roofing – Columbus, Ohio

Revenue: $171 Million


News: Under the canopy of Crane Renovation Group, Able roofing + Mr. Roof are run by the same owners – so these numbers are for both names. 70% Residential and 30% Commercial

Locations: Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee

Largest / Biggest Roofing Contractors in the USA

4. Power Home Remodeling – Chester, Pennsylvania

Revenue: $160 Million


News: Power refers to itself not as a home remodeling company, it’s a tech company that rebuilds homes. They are 100% Residential.

Locations: Texas, North Carolina, Illinois, Connecticut, Colorado, Michigan, Texas, New York & More – Full list of locations.

5. CMR Construction & Roofing, Fort Worth, Texas

Revenue: – $106 Million


News: – Licensed in over 20 states the CMR Construction team sits at 200 and growing including administrative staff, sales representatives and roofing crews.

Locations: Alabama, Arizona, Utah, Florida, and New York and beyond. Find the full list of service locations here 

6. Beldon Group of Cos., San Antonio, Texas

Revenue: – $91M


News: – With over 73 years in business, the San Antonio Business Journal recognized the team with a Family-Owned business award.

Locations:  – Commercial Roofing licensed in many states across the U.S. for residential services they serve the state of Texas with a headquarters in the San Antonio area. Full service area map.

7. Aspen Contracting, Lee’s Summit Montana

Revenue: $82 Million


News: 10% Commercial, 90% Residential

8. Collis Roofing, Longwood, Florida

Revenue: $65 Million


News: 20% Commercial, 80% Residential

9. Interstate Roofing Co., Denver Colorado 

Revenue: $58 Million


News: 45% Commercial, 55% Residential

10. Total Home Roofing, Rockledge Florida

Revenue: $57 Million


News: 100% Residential

Locations:  Florida, and Ohio

What do the best roofing companies in the U.S. have in common?

It appears they take their online reputation seriously – most have many, many 5-star reviews on Google and around the web.

The all feature testimonials prominently on the website – check out more roofing website design tips here.

Even though there are other companies with the same or similar names – they come up on top for their name and variations on Google. (Make sure you come up on top of Google search with our roofing SEO tips or roofing SEO services.

I will say I was surprised there aren’t that many residential roofers over the $100 Million mark. (Only 5!)

Why do you think that is? Would love to hear your perspective. If you’re a bigger roofing company, I’m currently looking for people to interview on my podcast (that serves contractors) – check it out here, and send me a message here if you want to be a guest!

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