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– Helping you be visible where your customers are active

If you aren’t regularly posting or engaging customers and prospects on social media, you might be missing a huge opportunity to generate more attention. We can help you be more active and be front and center to your audience by:

  • Creating a Weekly Content calendar and  scheduling posts
  • Interacting with others to increase engagement
  • Being there when people reach out to you
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Content calendar and posting

The more times your customers and prospects are seeing your company, reading your content, or even seeing you curate relevant content on social media – the more likely they are going to think of you when it's time to buy. We post for you strategically, regularly, and without you having to think about it.

Increasing engagement by engaging!

What happens when someone favorites your tweet or follows you? When they comment on your Instagram post – or show up in your feed? You might check them out! Over time – the more people checking you out from regular engagement, the more possible customers you're in front of on social media.

Being there when people engage you

It looks bad when someone messages your company, comments, or tweets at you and you are M.I.A. – but you have a company to run, or other activities to attend to than to sit around all day ready to attack a new message on your Facebook page. We can make it painless, by responding to those things for you and relaying important messages and leads when appropriate.

Social Media Services that align with your goals

We want you to be famous in your niche – whether that’s a certain group of cities, with a certain subset of people – or whoever your target customers are: we want to generate more eyeballs on your company and what you can do that fulfills a need.

Social media is becoming more and more of a necessity for small and mid-size businesses alike, and companies that don’t have an internal team could benefit from a strategic partner to make sure their strategy and approach to social is systematically executed.

Are you aware of the possible opportunities of working with a company for Social Media Marketing Services? We’d love to chat with you and see if we might be the right fit to help you be present, be visible, and be available on social media. If we’re not the right fit we’ll be up front, but try to help you get the most out of your social media marketing efforts anyways! That’s just the way we do business.

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Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media marketing that engages idea customers, and showcases your expertise

Why fumble around in the dark for what might work on social media, when you could have a partner who’s time-tested several sure-fire strategies to succeed in winning the attention game on social media.

We know how to get eyeballs on your content, and engage people regularly in a way that feels natural and keeps your business top of mind. You could hire a recent marketing graduate to run your social media at 2x the cost of what it takes for us to do work twice as effectively. Because we’ve got the tricks and the conventions down, and love combining social with SEO to get more leads, we just need to collaborate with you on the tone and key value propositions for us to be able to knock it out of the park with your audience.

Let’s get started creating excellent content for your social channels – contact us now to get a consultation about whether our social media marketing services are right for you!

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Social media Instagram engagement
  • Professional
  • $1100 / month
  • Content Calendar
  • Regular Posting
  • Liking posts of people expressing interests in topics like yours
  • Regularly following the followers of competitors to generate engagement
  • BE THERE (Even when you're not) – Messaging back people right away for you on social
  • Small Facebook Promoted Post Ad Spend
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  • Deluxe
  • $1400 / month
  • Content Calendar
  • Regular Posting
  • Liking posts of people expressing interests in topics like yours
  • Regularly following the followers of competitors to generate engagement
  • BE THERE (Even when you're not) – Messaging back people right away for you on social
  • Medium Facebook Promoted Post Ad Spend
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Get Started
  • Elite
  • $2100 / month
  • Content Calendar
  • Regular Posting
  • Liking posts of people expressing interests in topics like yours
  • Regularly following the followers of competitors to generate engagement
  • BE THERE (Even when you're not) – Messaging back people right away for you on social
  • Large Facebook Promoted Post Ad Spend
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Get Started

Questions and Answers about Social Media Services

  1. Shoot 5 to 6 Instagram Stories a Day
  2. Change your account to a Business account and use links in your stories.
  3. Try to increase your "fun" content 10%.
  4. Avoid jargon in your educational videos.
  5. Document, don't just perform.

A quick introduction – I feel like Instagram is the number one social network right now. Instagram stories are addicting as h*ck, and I personally can't get enough. The idea that you can get a glimpse into peoples lives without moving a muscle and sitting on your couch is kind of delightful.

The number of people engaging with Instagram stories is high from what I can tell by looking at views of my content; it's not even close with Snapchat. Thirty people might view my snap 'moment, ' and 250 people will view my IG story. Of course, this is specific to every individual. On Instagram, it's easier to find and grow a following by interacting. Where-as on Snapchat it's a bit more closed up, and discovering new people is harder.

Shoot 5 to 6 Instagram Stories a Day

"People don't notice 'announcements,' they notice consistency."

This is particularly true with a platform like Instagram stories (and Snapchat) where the post disappears the day after you post it. If you can get into a rhythm of posting interesting content, and tying it back to your business – you have a much better chance of making the platform work for you.

Change your account to a Business account and use links in your stories

Before the only accounts that could use links were 'Verified' accounts with the little blue checkmark, but ever since Instagram allowed you to link off the platform when you have a business account, I'm hooked. I always feel that if I can't include a link to something, it's a little less valuable to me and my business because people become customers only after they visit my website and I can better 'own' the experience.

Try to increase your "fun" content 10%

I am admittedly not the best at this – but YouTube ad monster Tai Lopez said that's why he shoots all of his videos when he's in a fun environment like a nice car or a beautiful house. For me, it just means educating in a fun way about how to do digital marketing well (follow me @timbdesign) and also trying to document a bit when I'm doing fun things. Whatever fun content means to you – by pushing it up 10% it can help limit people from feeling overwhelmed with all the education – it is social media at the end of the day, and usually, people are trying to unwind when they are on it.

Avoid jargon in your educational videos

How can I share a ton of value without overwhelming with technical words?

It's a weird balance of going deep and useful, but then drawing back and telling people what it means if they have no idea what you're talking about. I could give a three minuted video schpeel on SEO, but I also try to draw back and just say this is a quick tip for anyone that wants to get more people finding them on Google.

For your business - what can you say that would be useful to the layman? If you're a roofer for instance, what do people need to know about gutter maintenance that they can easily do themselves? What can they do if their roof shingles are curling? What are some quick fixes for hail damage or a leak? Things that will tide them over until they can hire you of course. :)

Document, don't just perform.

If you are always trying to do a three-part movie with a plot, beginning, middle, and end – you might miss out on the spontaneous things that happen more spur of the moment. Get in the habit of sharing life with people. You don't always have to be informal work mode to post your life in a way people will appreciate. It's still good for business if it doesn't depict you in a highly unprofessional way. Maybe that doesn't mean pajama night with a tub of ice cream (or maybe it does), but it might mean sharing your kids at a parade, some funny thing that happened to you at Starbucks, or a recent experience doing your work that doesn't mean some gigantic lesson. It's about sharing life and being authentic.

Just like genuine people you meet in other circumstances, you want them to be professional - but still real. Do this on Instagram stories (and social media in general), and you'll be more likely to win business from it.

Are you satisfied with your modus operandi of business or do you wish for providing a creative edge to the social media presence of your business? Is the Twitter account sufficient for introducing your business values to stakeholders of same interest or are you getting intuitions about something being missed in your business opportunities? Well, to all these dilemmas, here is the one answer- Pinterest. Pinterest Marketing 2017 strategies are exactly what you are looking for your business expansion, in the most creative fashion ever possible.

The biggest question that will arise in your mind is about how to use Pinterest for business. Going by the Pinterest statistics, the number of active users of Pinterest reaches more than 100 million on a monthly basis. Thus, starting a business via Pinterest is literally not a big issue, unless your business is not creativity and innovation personified. Thus, in order to venture successfully with the help of Pinterest, few points have been mentioned hereafter, that can be adopted by the budding entrepreneurs or established businessmen, to mark their presence in the market. For all the business people sitting out there, pledge yourself to follow the five steps mentioned hereafter, to get your presence marked in the market as one of the most creative and inventive business.

Smart Ways Of Using Pinterest To Generate More Business

1. Scheduling of the Pinterest pinning for profit

Scheduling of the Pinterest pinning for profit

Are you worried about the scheduling and rescheduling process on Pinterest that consumes most of your business time? Then, no need to be worried about that because Pinterest has upgraded its technology to mitigate this side effect of its posting process. Now, the user can connect his Pinterest account with his Buffer dashboard for scheduling the posting time of its Pinterest posts. This will, in itself, save the time of user who just needs to feed the schedule at his dashboard that will ultimately get buffered with the Pinterest account to post updates as per the scheduled time, without worrying about the repeated feedbacks and cross check work. The Buffer browser extensions can also be utilised in this regard, like Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, to further expand the scope and approachability of business.

2. Utilise the strategy of weekly posts and smart posting

2) Utilise the strategy of weekly posts and smart posting

You can reach out to Pinterest at any point of the day. However, you need to be specific about the content of your post as per the day and mood at Pinterest. For instance, if your posts are scheduled on Monday, then try to associate your business value with those of fitness and health. This will spread the message of making a fit and fresh start because a successful businessman resides in a fit body. Similarly, if you are scheduled to go online on Wednesday, then get your posts equipped with inspirational quotations because that is what exactly will be preferred by the jaded audience at the middle of the highly exhaustive week. Well, if this strategy of smart posts has been scheduled on weekends like Saturdays and Sundays, then pull up your socks to inspire all your potential followers for a weekend full of exotic vacations and beautifully craft ideas. This will be an exhaustive work for you but really an enticing process for the number of followers of your business.

3. Evaluation of the performance of the posted pins

Evaluation of the performance of the posted pins

Here comes the indispensable part of any business expansion strategy: Evaluation, Monitoring, and Critical Appraisal. Never forget to evaluate the relativity of your business with that of the interest of your followers so that next time when you plan for scheduling your Pinterest posts, you may not forget to display the alluring aspects of your business that will attract a huge fan population for your business. So evaluate your market performance and marketing strategy to support the further expansion of your phenomenal business idea.

4. Recurrent smart posts

Recurrent smart posts

Well, lazy butts! You cannot achieve success via Pinterest if you have not planned yet about the numerous creative posts that you are going to post on a daily basis. You have to bombard your Pinterest account with more than 10 posts a day so that the viewer may not even get the chance of swapping to any other business line. This is the most successful Pinterest marketing strategy that has been reviewed by various Pinterest based business firms.

5. Management of the Pinterest for social media marketing

Management of the Pinterest for social media marketing

Social media constitutes the binding thread of entire world and no one can stay away from getting entangled in this thread. Pinterest facilitates to link its account with other social media platforms like Google+, Facebook, YouTube, etc. so that you can easily tag, publish and link the favourite Pinterest pins on these links. Consequently, it will provide a vast development and expansion opportunity via different social media platforms.


The evaluation of Pinterest from being just an image sharing platform to a highly vibrant community of readers has helped businesses reach more number of customers. So, if you are not using Pinterest for business, then you must sign-up today to grab new opportunities to expand your reach. You can use these 5 smart ways mentioned above to drive more traffic to your website.

About the author – This post is submitted by Jack Calder, an experienced SEO/SMM professional at Stellen Infotech. He has been delivering affordable SEO/SMM services and helping clients boost conversion rates and revenues. You can follow his company on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ handle.

I recently started shooting a video that I hope will create a natural buzz, be some sort of viral and it got me thinking: is this a real strategy? Yes their are some breakout hits in the form of videos like 'Squatty Potty', but does this make sense for more than just a select few with a decent budget to create an amazing video? Ours is somewhat contained to what we were able to do in-house for cheap.

Squatty Potty's viral commercial:

So what gives, is viral a strategy?

Apparently of very intelligent people in our industry think so. From my perspective, can you bank on a break out hit? Probably not. But we do have the opportunity to take a shot at 'some kind of virality'; some version that is attainable for us, and I still think that's worth persuing.  Let's look at some recurring elements of viral campaigns that may help you find a way forward with some thought towards this phenomenon.

  • Bring your product to it's most extreme version of itself as a stunt.
  • Draw an association, or team up with a seemingly unrelated partner for a quirky result.
  • Work with people that have a strong following and ask them if they'd be open to sharing your thing with their audience.
  • For some, actually gating access and requiring people to request to be a part of it can generate some buzz. Of course a classic example of this is Facebook which was invite only for awhile, creating a demand because of a perceived scarcity.
  • Make it highly visual and the promotion highly visual, and lower the amount of 'brand' so it's not perceived as a hard-sell 'commercial'
  • Think of a viral campaign as a 'trojan horse'; your brand story should be neatly encapsulated inside not plastered all over it like cheap graffiti
  • Emotions are your friend - if you can draw a tear or warm the heart, especially in a dramatic or un-expected way, virality is in range.
  • Stick to only a couple marketing messages within the campaign or the complexity will drown out the message, or people may not share because of thinking involved.
  • Create a hashtag so that people can see what others are saying about it as well, and potentially use that in the video title to make it really obvious what people should use.
  • Although you may lead with funny or dis-arming, always try to include key info at least in the description or potentially in key areas to let the magic of customer acquisition actually happen. The ideal is that you surprise and delight people AND then they turn into a customer- or at least share the video/infographic/thing, not just that you surprise and delight a bunch of people that go on their merry way.
  • Don't knock people over the head with it. Share solidly on all channels and well, potentially rinse and repeat - promote and incentivize shares with an item that complements the message of the campaign, but don't push it out there 5 times a day. If it blows up, it was meant to blow up, if not you will need to regroup and come up with a stronger premise the next time.

No matter what, you shouldn't take one epic shot at viral, dizzy yourself and never try again. Just like anything you'll likely need to try a couple times before you hit some acceptable level of success. Viral is a difficult strategy and requires a very creative premise, and better than average execution, but I still think the elements of virality and taking a hard shot at it every once in a while is well worth it if you understand the costs and that it's not a sure thing.

There are so many terms added to our digital marketing glossary every day that is it difficult to keep track without being overwhelmed. The term that you should all be aware of if you want your social media strategy to succeed is SMO, which stands for Social Media Optimization or Search Marketing Optimization. This should not be confused with SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. Although they are two different processes treated separately, they should really go hand in hand complementing each other according to Search Engine Land, bringing more traffic to a website. But before we analyze SMO further, let’s define the two to clear out any ambiguities.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Is the process that helps optimise a website making it easier to find on Google and Bing Search with the use of the correct keywords, tags, content, images etc.

SMO (Social Media Optimisation)

According to webopedia, SMO is the process of increasing online awareness through using different social media channels, RSS feeds, blogs and videos.

5 Reasons Why You Should Optimise Your Social Media Channels

The ultimate goal of every website is to draw traffic and increase the business’ ROI. SMO goes beyond creating a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest account, and focuses on the effective use of social media by creating a plan and a strategy that will help improve a website’s reach and will bring the brand to the right audience.

  1. Creates Brand Awareness

Social media makes communication with your audience easy, direct, and quick, passing on a message with a click of a finger. When you are talking to a large audience you have to be consistent with your message, clear with your positioning and cohesive with your branding. Choose your tone of voice and have similar aesthetics and graphics throughout all your social media channels.

Fashion brands are a very good example to examine with regards to building brand awareness through social media. Looking at the international brand of Louis Vuitton, we see how important it is to have cohesive aesthetics and messaging through the different social media channels to avoid diluting the brand values to their audience. The same profile and cover photos are used for both Facebook and Twitter and similar content is posted on the more visual channels of Instagram and Pinterest. By following a strategy and being cohesive through your social media channels your audience knows what to expect from your brand, increasing their loyalty.

  Louis Vuitton Facebook Page

Louis Vuitton Twitter page

Louis Vuitton Instagram page

Louis Vuitton Pinterest

  1. Enhances Loyalty And Credibility

According to a report by Texas tech university people tend to be more loyal toward brands that have an engaging social media presence. If you think of your own online behavior, when interested in a brand or service you would immediately check the brand’s social media channels to see how they talk to their audience and how active they are. You would be more likely to Follow or Like a page if the brand has been posting regularly and has content that you could benefit from. As they say content is king and good content can help build a brands credibility.

  1. Improves Search Engine Marketing Leading To Increased Website Traffic

The correct use of hashtags, headlines, and images boosts the search results within the social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc). Similar to SEO, you have to optimise your social media posts using the right titles, hashtag and images to be discovered by your audience.  

  1. Generating Leads And Direct Referrals

Using social media campaigns is a great way to generate leads for your sales team and increase interest in your brand. You can run paid advertising through your main social media channels asking people to sign up or learn more about your business.

  1. Attracts More Customers and Enquiries

Social media optimization and fresh content will automatically help to create a community that is interested and will encourage them to interact with your pages about any enquiries they might have.

5 Tips On How You Can Optimise Your Social Media Channels

Now that you know WHY it is important to use SMO you need to find out HOW to do it. If you are struggling with getting ROI then read the below steps to learn the most important tips that you need to follow in order to help your platforms perform better.

  1. Optimise Your Social Media Profiles

The first and most important part is to optimise your social media profiles. Setting up a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account is only the first step but there are so many more in making the most out of these profiles.

Facebook is the number one social media channel that your brand has to have a presence on as it is where your audience can be found. If your business hasn’t already gotten started with Facebook you can follow this guide and do so in a few simple steps. Taking this social media channel as an example, it is crucial to take the time required to optimize your page starting from your profile and cover photos. If you are a business use your logo as a profile photo and if you are a freelancer you could possibly use a headshot so people become more familiar with you. Treat your cover photo as your business’ shop front and try to use the video option which is available to showcase your hero products or explain what your services are. Take full advantage of the About us section that has been added and give as much information about your business as possible including hashtags to help in the search engine marketing.

Amy Porterfield Official Facebook page

(freelancer’s use of a Facebook page)

Daniel Wellington Official Facebook page

(brand’s use of a Facebook page)

2.Keywords Search

This tip is stolen by SEO but it also applies to SMO. Researching your keywords simply means to be aware of what your audience is talking about so you can listen and create content. Twitter gives the option of the advanced keywords search where you can search for words that your audience is tweeting about and create appropriate content or offer solutions. If you are a travel agency you can search for beach holidays, sunny escapes and create tweets promoting your offers. You can also search for popular hashtags and see what would work best for your business.  

Twitter advanced search

(use Twitter Keyword search to find out what your audience is talking about)

  1. Hashtags

The use of hashtags started on Twitter and it was a way for users to communicate on different topics. Through the years hashtags have evolved taking over all social media channels being the best way to build new conversations and generate exposure for brands. To create engaging hashtags that will help your brand be noticed you have to do your research, aim for trending topics, be specific and unique. Delve deeper by searching for hashtags according to locations to help you to get closer to your audience.

If you are a cafe in Dublin City centre it is better to use hashtags that will include your location such as #dublincoffee or #dublincoffeeshop, but if you are writing an article about coffee it is advised to use more generic hashtags such as #coffee #coffeeshop etc. It is also advised to create your own brand's hashtag and use it for all your social media posts, thereby remaining consistent. Keep in mind that by including trending hashtags it will help your posts be seen by a much larger audience.

Instagram has made hashtag search even easier for brands by adding the number of posts under each hashtag showing you the popularity of each topic. See below examples of generic search of hashtags vs Geo-targeted use of hashtags.

Instagram hashtag search Instagram hashtags

  1. Optimise Your Content

This tip comes from SEO but it is also very applicable for SMO. Content is the most important part when it comes to social media marketing and in order to draw attention to your social media channels or website, you have to create high-quality content. The competition is extremely high and anything you create will have to add value to your audience, by inspiring and creating conversations.

Treat your social media post like you would when you are writing for your website and use headlines that will make people click to read more, or to watch your video etc. When you post on Facebook and Twitter alternate your headlines to make your feed more interesting and give a variety of posts for your readers to click on. Also some headlines may perform better than others so this is a way to test which performs better. Use images and videos to make your posts more interesting and engaging and be aware that you have to treat every platform in a different way. Eg. Be more informative on Facebook and Twitter and more visual on Instagram and Pinterest.

  1. Schedule Your Posts

All the above tips are very important to boost your platforms performance, but they can only deliver results when posted at the right time. It is pointless to be post a good quality article, with the most effective headline and engaging photos if your audience is not present at that time. Posting times can vary and each brand should find out when is the best time to post for their audience.

Facebook insights, Twitter and Instagram analytics provide information on the best posting times and it is advised to use them. However, the best way to check when is the best time to post is by simply posting at different times and examining the engagement. In this case, trial and error are allowed in order to find the posting times that work best for you and your business.

Some generic posting times that could work for one brand, will not work for another, but as a rule of thumb it is advised that on weekdays it is better to post when people commute to/from work ie. 8am-9am & 5,30pm - 6,30pm and after dinner time ie. 8.00pm. Posting timings are different for the weekends with mornings being a better time than the evenings.

What you could also do is to create a routine for your audience letting them know that you will be posting the same time every day and see how the posts will perform. To be consistent with your posts and timings you will have to become familiar with different social media tools, find out here what the world best marketers would recommend.


Kassiani Cheirogergou is a Social Media Specialist and Content Writer working with Design Wizard. She has over 8 years experience in Marketing Communications and Project Management working on online and offline marketing projects and is passionate about helping business to grow online. Design Wizard is an online graphic design tool that enables users to create and share brilliant visual content within minutes in a fun and easy way. 

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