Plumbing Influencers 10 Top Creators + CEO’s in The Space

Some may squabble with the term ‘Influencers’ – but to be real, I think the people listed on this page are: Getting the word out about plumbing, and the opportunities in the…

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Some may squabble with the term ‘Influencers’ – but to be real, I think the people listed on this page are:

  • Getting the word out about plumbing, and the opportunities in the trades!
  • Making the field more entertaining, and increasing the feeling of community in plumbing. 
  • Literally ‘influencing’ people in the right direction on quality products and services within plumbing.

Whether you’re a homeowner trying to learn more about plumbing, or looking to connect with more plumbers and plumbing companies…

I strongly recommend following all of these folks and learning from them, the way they put out content and even some of the information itself! 

Albert Einstein


In 1954, Albert Einstein declared that, if he were a young man again, he would not try to become a scientist. Rather, he would choose to become a plumber.


1. Roger Wakefield – Champion of Sustainable Plumbing on YouTube

Roger Wakefield, a leader in sustainable plumbing practices, shares valuable plumbing tips, DIY guides, and professional insights on his YouTube channel. He has transformed his plumbing business, Texas Green Plumbing, into a platform for educating and assisting millions, especially during the pandemic. His content is essential for anyone interested in learning about eco-friendly plumbing solutions and the business side of plumbing​​​​​​.

Follow Roger Wakefield on Youtube

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2. John Thompson – The Entertaining Face of Plumbing on Instagram

John Thompson, co-founder of Plumbgod Media, has built a significant following on Instagram by sharing truthful and insightful stories from his experiences in plumbing. His content is a mix of valuable plumbing information and engaging storytelling, making him a must-follow for those who appreciate a blend of education and entertainment in the plumbing field​​.

Follow @OGPlumbGod on Instagram

3. Mike Prencavage – Authority in Plumbing Products on LinkedIn

Mike Prencavage, a former President of PHCC Orange County and a Director for PHCC National Business Development, brings a wealth of industry knowledge to his LinkedIn profile. His insights are particularly valuable for plumbing professionals looking to stay ahead of industry trends and enhance their business strategies​​​​.

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4. Richard Behney – The Million Dollar Plumber on YouTube

Richard Behney’s YouTube channel, The Million Dollar Plumber, focuses on helping plumbing entrepreneurs grow their businesses. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Behney offers expert advice on building a profitable plumbing business, making his channel a goldmine for those looking to succeed in the plumbing industry.

Follow The Million Dollar Plumber on Youtube​​​​​​

5. Anthony Cafagna – Community-Focused Plumbing Leader on Facebook

Anthony Cafagna, the founder and CEO of All City Plumbing, uses his Facebook presence to share knowledge and foster community engagement. His commitment to education, customer care, and employee development makes him an ideal follow for those interested in the holistic approach to plumbing business management​​​​.

Follow Anthony Cafagna on Facebook

6. Chuck Barron – Plumbing Expert with a Sense of Humor on YouTube

Chuck Barron brings a unique combination of humor and expertise to his YouTube channel. As a master plumber and entrepreneur, his content is both informative and entertaining, making complex plumbing topics accessible and enjoyable for a wide audience​​​​.

Follow Chuck Barron on Youtube

7. Armando Penaloza Ramos – Plomero en Phoenix on IG + TikTok

“My main goal is to educate by being on camera often. I’ve found that homeowners love watching DIY videos even if they don’t have the time to do the work themselves. I excel at creating catchy, straightforward content that captures this interest.” – Armando Peneloza

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8. Terrence Chan – The Humorous Educator of Plumbing on TikTok

For a mix of humor and plumbing expertise, follow Terrence Chan (@The__Impetus) on TikTok. His entertaining approach makes plumbing concepts easy and fun to grasp.

Follow @The__Impetus on TikTok

9. David Coleman – Plumbing’s Insightful Voice on Instagram

David Coleman (@MechanicallyIncleyened) offers a closer look at the intricacies of plumbing on Instagram. His insightful content is perfect for those seeking a deeper understanding of the trade.

Follow @MechanicallyIncleyened on Instagram

10. Steven Lavimoniere on Youtube

40+ Years in Plumbing and HVAC, and Steven is as real as it gets. Doing repair videos daily, and has the most subscribers of any plumbing channel on Youtube!

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Follow theses Plumbing Influencers: Revolutionizing the Trade One Post at a Time

This collection of influencers is not just sharing content; they’re reshaping the plumbing landscape.

  • From sustainable solutions and business strategies to community building and educational resources, they are paving the way for a more connected, informed, and environmentally conscious plumbing industry.
  • Their diverse approaches and platforms cater to a wide audience, ensuring that whether you’re a professional in the field or a homeowner, there’s valuable insight to be gained by following these industry leaders.

Don’t leave this page before following all of these amazing plumbing influencers!

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