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SEO in general, is one of the most powerful marketing systems and often can result in ROI of over 200%. Our average client gets over 113% more traffic year over year, 37.8% more leads, and we have 40+ 5-star reviews and 7 in-depth case studies. Our founder and lead strategist has been referenced by industry experts Larry Kim, Jeff Bullas, Neil Patel and has written for Forbes.

Learn About The Power of SEO To Get Leads

Many of our favorite clients, were new to SEO when they first came to us. We want to educate you on the power of SEO whether or not you work with us. If you understand all that goes into it – you'll want a partner with a proven process.

Agree to Scope of Work & Schedule Kickoff

We are selective about the clients we work with, so that we can focus on clients where we can seriously help them get huge R.O.I. If appropriate we share a proposal – if agreed, we schedule the kickoff!

Benefit From Our Proven Processes

We talk through ideal customers, the sales funnel and we help drive up traffic and leads by doing keyword research, writing towards those topics, getting links back to the site and making technical changes on the site to improve search rankings.
Get #1 On Google - with Minneapolis MN SEO Services
Increase Organic Traffic
"We appreciate Hook Agency’s expertise, flexibility & how easy they are to work with. I trust that they know what they’re doing – and they’ve proven it."
Dallas Werner
"Their website work, and subsequent SEO, blog writing, and social media expertise have done wonders for our lead pipeline. We would recommend them to anyone."
Ryan Hanson
Partner / Co-owner
"Our SEO position & inbound leads were almost nonexistent. Within 3 months our website authority had drastically increased – we were consistently receiving organic leads."
Greg Toler
Marketing Manager

For Powerhouse Marketers

Don't be scared of your websites future


Why should you choose an agency that's specialized in SEO?

You need an SEO partner who does what they say they're going to, works autonomously after they understand your customer, and is extremely transparent about the effort that is expended on your behalf every month, towards getting more traffic and leads.
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Ideal Customer
& SEO Education
Efforts Every
Single Month
Website Tweaks
To Get More Leads
Vigorous Rhythmic
Content Written
On Your Behalf
Scammy "Guaranteed
Rankings" Companies

Watch out for fake reviews + video testimonials
No No No No No
Audit-Heavy Agency
= Rocket to Nowhere

Too much analysis
not enough movement
No Maybe No Maybe No
PPC Agencies
That Pretend to Know SEO

SEO takes
the backseat
No Maybe No Maybe No
HookAgency Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Minneapolis Web Design

SEO Experts

Always know what's going on and have live data

1. Always be aware of the targeted content and links being created
2. Live data – traffic & leads + estimated traffic value compared to last year
3. Complete clarity on what's been completed & what we're working on next

3 Proven-effective SEO strategies every month

Keyword targeted content written for you
Keyword targeted content written for you
Sit back relax, and let us take care of your content – we love feedback, can match your 'brand voice', research and can tap subject matter experts as needed.
Backlinks created back to your site regularly
Backlinks created back to your site regularly
We have relationships with 1000's of websites across the internet, and can get links on those websites through guest articles and other methods proven to increase traffic.
Technical SEO changes made to increase traffic
Technical SEO changes made to increase traffic
Making sure it's organized well, crawlable & technically sound, we stay up to date on algorithm changes and take advantage of new opportunities.

Some Quick Questions & Answers About SEO Services

SEO takes a while, and we often say 6-9 months before you start to get clear R.O.I and heavier leads than you were before. Real compounding benefits start after 9 months, a year, a year and a half – but in 3-6 months there should be showing upward traffic graphs / leading indicators of heavier growth.
The basic habits of SEO can bring you a long way, without deep knowledge – but 8+ years doing this has taught me that real expertise takes time. That’s why with a team of 12 all dedicated to increasing website traffic and conversion, multiplied by an avg. 40 hours a week – 480 hours a week total learning what works and what doesn’t, rubbing shoulders, sharing knowledge with each other – allows us to go deeper than the average in-house SEO. For most growth-oriented businesses we believe hiring a SEO Services company is smarter than hiring in-house. You benefit from 1000’s of hours of testing and refining processes.
That first month we create a content calendar you can take on your own and use if you wanted. We create SEO audits and will occasionally share them with you. Different than many agencies - who outline the work, and tell you to do it. We do that work that’s outlined in technical audits. We set out a specific word count per month and have writers in our office that write that. We do outreach and get links back to your site monthly. A dashboard that shows our progress, year over year traffic.
Absolutely not. But we talk about clear ROI in 6-9-12 months, and it starts to compound after that. We suggest people don’t work with a Minneapolis SEO company if they don’t plan on thinking long-term about SEO. We’re probably not the best choice if you aren’t willing to work with us for a year or longer.
Almost everything we do will continue to benefit for a long time. Writing guest articles for other websites that link back to you, the content we write on your site, and in some cases, the P.R. mentions we’ve earned back to your site will continue to benefit you and potentially even increase lightly in effectiveness over the next 6-12 months after you stopped working with us / even if you stopped working with us. That being said NEW EFFORT regularly, is what will ensure that that graph doesn’t level off and even start dropping in the long-term.
We currently have SEO plans starting at $3,497 and it’s a month to month contract. That being said – we use the first year of any engagement and are looking to prove out the concept for your company and hope to increase the investment if we can 5x or 10x what you spend with us in return on investment.
In 2020 company's spent more than $79.27 billion on SEO and that's more than triple what it was in 2010! (22.1B) So no – SEO is not dying, its tripling every 10 years.
Traffic from search engines like Google drives more than 50 percent of all website traffic. (That’s more than paid and social combined!)
What about that giant chunk of ads at the top of Google?
70 to 80% of people searching focus on organic search results, completely skipping that giant block of ads at the top.
SEO is one of the most important business development drivers in 2021. Of course, there are many exceptions – many businesses have ignored SEO, and driven growth only through referrals. But if your customers Google (and they almost certainly do) – you should be doing SEO.
How much business can SEO drive?
Depending on your industry - many companies get 40% of their business from Google search! So for instance for a 1 million dollar company an average company - $400,000 of it might come from Google organic traffic.
But does it turn into business?
SEO, on average has a 14.6 percent close rate. Uh oh! Is that bad?
Nope – compared to traditional marketing, that's amazing. Shockingly, it’s 8x the close rate of traditional marketing, which sits at 1.7%.
Is SEO a Dying Industry?
It gets harder as competition grows – but it the opportunity keeps growing too.
The best time to to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now.
SEO is a long-term system – and it may take 6-9 months to really show significant growth, but that does not mean you should avoid it. It means you should learn about it, enough to hold your SEO company accountable.
People say SEO is dead – because SEO is harder, and you can not 'hack' your way to the top in many ways you used to be able to. You could use machine written content, and spam links from low quality sites. That game is over.
The new game – is higher touch, more difficult and frankly, a lot of work. That's why you need a partner working vigorously on your behalf.
Hook Agency prides themselves on helping clients get higher on Google maps, and working with a lot of premium service companies.
If you are looking for a killer local SEO company – we believe we're one of the best in the nation. With a solid process, clear communication, and aggressive, competitive culture.
There are plenty of other amazing options - hare are some:
Local SEO Guide – Local SEO consultants, that I agree with on a lot of fundamental principles. Smart people.
Straight North – Heavily focused on home services as well, out of Chicago.
Ignite Visibility – Their CEO, John Lincoln is on the front line of SEO thought leadership, and they offer many other marketing services to complement SEO.
From Canada: Whitespark– From local citations to deeper local SEO services, a great option, who we have collaborated on some things like listings.

Just watch out for companies who claim they give 'guaranteed rankings', or offer unrealistic timelines for return on investment. Usually these kind of over the top claims are just that – unrealistic.

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