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Health Company and Medical SEO

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Medical companies may have a harder up-hill battle than some industries for SEO – but of course with any hard journey there is a much greater potential reward.

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Content Marketing

When people are asking questions related to what your medical company does – are you there? Content marketing is an essential part of any marketing plan - SEO focused or not, to help build a connection between you and your customers.

Medical Industry Backlinks

Your medical website SEO needs to be done in a way that builds 'niche authority' – meaning the links you create elsewhere around the web back to your site should directly relate to your specialty. We help medical companies build out high authority websites.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO for medical and health related websites means that you can structure the site to be intuitive for both regular website visitors, AND for Google algorithms. If your structure is done well, and the development of the site is high-quality – you will enjoy higher rankings.

Medical company and Health Company SEO doesn’t have to be painful

We pride ourselves on clear communication, and focusing on less but higher value clients. We are your boutique SEO for health company agency. We know what gets results and so we focus on just the highest value changes, content and links.

If your medical practice, or health industry website needs a tune-up, or an ongoing partner that really knows how to drive traffic and leads – we’re here to guide you with expert SEO consultation, and a focus on THE RESULTS. We want to be your partner for higher rankings and a stronger bottom line.

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Health Company SEO that drives real traffic

When your Google search rankings change for high-value terms – you feel it.

It shows up in your company’s bank account, and when you have higher rankings – it looks more professional and ends up supporting your business in a lot more ways. If you want a medical SEO partner that is driven to constant innovation, give us a call or send us a message now.

We’ll walk you through the key concepts that you’ll need to know, take care of your online visibility with a turn-key process and drive real traffic and customers so that you can be proud of your company stands with your digital marketing. Search engine marketing for medical companies is the future – join us on the path to happy high-rankings.

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Questions and Answers about Health Company and Medical SEO

Your health or medical company may need a boost in search rankings if you find yourself Googling terms that you feel are extremely related to what you do, and you’re not showing up on the first (or even the second page).

If even moving someone from page 3 to page 1 in Google for high-value terms will have a dramatic effect on getting more patients and customers – does it not make sense to invest in your ability to establish that trust with search engines and create a deeper connection with your customers through helping with their problems with content marketing?

Our content marketing strategy is deeply woven into our SEO methods – so you can trust that we won’t have the same cookie-cutter, commodity content you might get from another SEO company.

Create trust – get ranked – earn more customers.

When I first helped rank the first couple medical clinics I worked for 4 years ago – I had no idea how much I would be driving traffic for companies years later.

SEO for me stems out of my love for helping people, and really connecting people with the solutions they need, as well as helping companies build rapport with customers and patience. Because I started as a web designer, my medical SEO experience comes with an added benefit; making things happen on your site with design changes, and utilizing design principles within my medical SEO process.

If you want an SEO company that doesn’t just slap a bunch of text on a page without considering the aesthetic, I’m the right partner for you. My focus on conversions and gaining more business has helped many clients, and I’d love to have the opportunity to chat with you about your SEO and see if the relationship might be a good fit. Send me a message or give me a call today.

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