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“I put my full trust in them and they are doing great with all of it. Because of their work I've already seen growth in the number of sales leads generated by my website which is terrific!”

Josh Carlson, Owner
Treasured Spaces Inc.

Construction Company Marketing



“From the very first meeting with Tim I knew he was the guy to go with for my businesses online needs. He took a deep interest in understanding what my business was about and our vision for the future. The whole process went very smooth”

Joshua Swisher, Owner
Northface Construction

Web Design Process

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Things to Consider when Choosing a Construction Company Marketing Partner

We have several construction companies that we work with currently and we are constantly sharpening our skills working with these specific problems. We believe commercial construction and residential construction company marketing efforts alike require a certain kind of creativity that is unique to the challenges faced in these efforts and that by sharpening our skills in this area we are getting better and better at being efficient for these kinds of companies.

Above I’ve given some idea of what I’m focused on. I want your website to increase in the amount of things people can search for to find you and become a customer (increasing keywords), and most of all I want the leads for your construction company website design to go up and for you to find more customers.

I believe clear communication and transparent reporting in construction company digital marketing are crucial. I want to be the person there helping guide you through blind spots – because you likely have a business to run. You also haven’t had the opportunities I’ve had to do this kind of work as many times as I have so I have advantages and efficiencies created to be able to market construction companies well and in a way that’s unique apart from many marketing companies who are more generalized and don’t specialize in general contractors.

I love working with construction companies because I appreciate their hard working attitudes, their humility and their trustworthiness. I haven’t come across an owner of a construction company that I dislike yet. I believe that this niche is well suited to our company’s strengths in digital marketing. We want to be the one that helps you be useful to more people with your services – and truly believe we can get you more business. If you have digital marketing needs I’d love to talk through those with you over the phone – please give me a call now: 763-221-5525.

I want to hear about what you’re up against. I want to be the person you look to when your traffic on your site is amazing and say “Thank you!” I love getting e-mails, phone calls and texts about closed business when doing Search Engine Optimization for construction companies. When people need the service you offer, I want you to be there in the Google search result and not tucked 3 pages back because your website is set up poorly. Don’t be stuck in the bottom of the pile – send me an e-mail now at tim@timbdesign.com to get your general contractor marketing up to par, and making you money consistently.

You company needs leads to survive. If you totally focus on referrals, it can become a problem because you have no control over those leads. I want to make you the hero of your company,
by helping your business get the leads it deserves.

Nothing beats organic inbound leads when it comes to the cost of acquiring those leads. If I can help other companies I work for – go from 0 leads to 15 a month in a year just from free traffic off of search engines – your business could benefit from this as well. Don’t miss out and let your competitors get the search engine traffic instead of you.

My approach is centered around getting more content on your site in the subject matter of what you do locally, and by building links from relevant websites around the internet that link back to you for terms people are searching for. The combination of links and content turns your website into a lead magnet, and is augmenting by tweaks to technical aspects of the website to index better for search engines.

I work doing general contractor web design for many businesses that are committed to their online success. If you need general contractor web design, and want schedule a brief strategy session to get acquainted – send me a message now.

The first step of the process is getting acquainted and seeing if there is chemistry between our two businesses – if I can earn you more ideal customers online, I’ll be much more likely to want to work with you. My work is totally dedicated to getting your business more customers.

If we find out it’s the right fit – we will get down deep in a ‘Discovery’ session, digging into what makes your company special and finding what we can draw out visually and in headlines to help sell what you do.

I then get into visual design, starting with wireframing the solution, followed by a process of fleshing out the design and coming up with creative ways to tell your story. This includes revisions and making sure the design flows well with your business needs.
Then we do the work of developing your general contractor web design site, and focus on making sure that it’s:
Editable so that you can edit and content and add photos
Built to be responsive so it’s visually appealing on mobile devices.
Built in a way that can earn you more traffic from search engines.
We do revisions at the end of the development project and do a soft launch.

Then – ideally I like to do a more formal launch with you and your team and pop some champagne!

I’d love to work with you on driving more traffic to your website as well – but send me a message now and we can talk about your general contractor web design project and digital marketing efforts, and how to make them more effective!

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