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The year 2024 will be a big year for companies that build with quality and convenience in mind. Potential customers are searching for your services, but you’re busy delivering excellent service. Here’s…

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The year 2024 will be a big year for companies that build with quality and convenience in mind.

Potential customers are searching for your services, but you’re busy delivering excellent service. Here’s the solution: Get the help you need by hiring an expert webmaster to keep your online presence rolling smoothly.

You’ll find dozens of online web maintenance agencies, but how do you pick the right one for the job? In this post, we’ll break down what to look for in a great roofing webmaster.

What to Look For in Webmasters for Roofing Companies

Webmasters today wear many hats. In 2021, a webmaster promises much more than keeping your site clear of broken links and sluggish page loading speed (though that’s also very important).

Depending on your contract, webmasters offer various options, including SEO optimization, web design, social media management, marketing localization, and content writing.

Below are some things to look out for when choosing the best webmaster to manage your online presence.

Web Design and Maintenance

Many of the technical services previously offered by webmasters are now automated and manageable from a single platform, such as Google’s Search Console (formerly called Google Webmasters).

The Search Console helps you track your site’s SEO performance and monitor vital website statistics, so you can quickly uncover issues that need attention. Your web maintenance provider will need to know how to utilize tools such as the Search Console to provide high-end services.

You’ll also need a regular data backup schedule for your website. Regular backups prevent unexpected disasters. Regardless of your site’s security, keeping your company and customer data clean and secure is crucial for keeping business on track in the event of a data breach, data loss, or a natural disaster.

We’ve covered the importance of back-end website maintenance, but just as necessary is optimizing your website’s customer-facing experience.

Just because roofing is a blue-collar industry doesn’t mean web design has any less value! A well-rounded webmaster will provide a clean, easily navigable website to help potential customers quickly find the information they need.

Excellent web design creates a pleasant buyer’s experience. It will benefit your site’s Google search ranking, which is a perfect segue into…

Web Search SEO

A webmaster worth your time will get your company into the top search results for your industry with search engine optimization (SEO). Search for an agency that will create a rockstar marketing strategy to improve your web content’s page rank and reputation.

Content Writing

A good webmaster will unlock Google Search’s power by creating high-quality information to populate search results.

The best webmasters in the roofing niche understand how to deliver the right tone and SEO-optimized content to put your content on the internet’s front page.

Marketing Localization

Online presence is far more critical today than many small business owners realize. It’s important that 97% of people research local companies online more than any other medium.

Your online storefront is the top way for potential customers to contact you. About 88% of mobile online searches for local businesses end with either a phone call or an in-person visit within 24 hours.

You cannot afford to overlook online-based local marketing strategies. The same is true whether you’re a commercial roofing company with multiple service areas or a smaller outfit with a brick-and-mortar location. Your best sales leads are next door. Therefore, choosing an agency excelling in local mapping techniques ensures that high-potential customers in your area can find your services.

Social Media Management

Everyone is on social media, and it’s not all cat videos.

People go to the internet to research products and services before buying. Beyond that, they go to social media to validate their purchase decisions. It’s vital to choose a webmaster who can speak to your audience with relevant, consistent, and engaging social media content.

Hot tip: Make sure your future webmaster has a healthy track record for delivering highly engaging social media campaigns. The best webmasters offer insightful reporting to ensure your company reaches its Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at the end of each campaign.

Stand Out From the Competition With a Webmaster Specializing in Roofing Companies

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The right webmaster will turbo-charge your online sales leads with strategies customized for your site and industry that earn you a spot at the top of search results. It’s best to choose an agency that will handle SEO, social media, and website maintenance.

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