Selling Roofs Door to Door: Pro’s & Con’s + Alternatives

You can sell several items door to door quite successfully. Are roofs among things that you can sell in this manner? Yes, they are. However, you need to be a little creative…

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Selling Roofs Door to Door, Pro's Con's Alternatives

You can sell several items door to door quite successfully. Are roofs among things that you can sell in this manner? Yes, they are. However, you need to be a little creative to do it well. This article looks at the pros and cons of selling roofs door to door.

Apart from that, it also examines some of the alternatives to selling door to door. After all, the goal is to sell as many roofs as possible. How you go about that is entirely a matter of your choices and preferences.

Below are the pros and cons of this form of marketing and selling roofs.

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Fewer Overheads to Worry About

It costs nothing to sell your roofing solutions door to door. Mostly, you only have to worry about the time it takes to move from one house or building to the next. You could also have to consider the cost of fueling the car that you carry the roofing materials with. 

Here, you don’t have to spend money on leads. Typically, a single roofing lead costs anything from $15 to $85. How much do you need to get all the necessary leads to make a sale? With door-to-door sales and marketing, you would never have to worry about such.

Increased Brand Exposure

Secondly, door-to-door marketing increases brand exposure. You can cover your trucks in your brand’s logo and company name, making it easier for potential customers to recognize you. Selling door to door allows you to meet more potential customers as well and have genuine conversations about your products. 

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Proper Hustling

Many salespeople love the hustling associated with their careers. This explains why selling roofs door to door remains highly popular and attractive with most of them.

All the hustling enables you to:

  1. Improve people’s lives
  2. Solve puzzles, problems, and challenges
  3. Partner and collaborate with your clients to find the best roofing solutions

This is ideal for any roofer or roofing salesperson who wants to get on with the work. As long as you’re not shy, you will find it quite satisfying. 

Close Contacts with Clients

As mentioned above, another advantage of selling roofs door to door is it puts you in close contact with clients. After all, you meet with them every day right at their houses or neighborhoods. Because of this, clients are likely to be more open with you.

No matter how busy you are, it pays to develop direct or close contacts with clients. That way, you receive their feedback regarding your services, products, and solutions directly from them. Close interaction also improves business/client relationships.

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Risks from Close Contacts

Currently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it might be unwise to carry out door-to-door sales in any neighborhood. Otherwise, you would be exposing yourself and the clients to more risks of contracting this disease.

Neighborhood Restrictions

Some neighborhoods are entirely out of bounds to outsiders. Many of them ban all manner of soliciting as well. For this reason, your business could suffer if it relies entirely on the door to door sales and marketing.

Weather Dependent

Another downside associated with selling roofs door to door is its heavy dependency on the prevailing weather. You might be unable to do any work during heavy downpours or storms. Scorching temperatures could also work against you. Forecasting can help you to overcome this problem, however. 

Online Alternatives to Selling Roofs Door to Door

Using Website for Digital Marketing

If selling roofs door to door isn’t up your alley, you should consider alternatives. Digital sales and marketing are some of the most effective options. 

Digital marketing has its fair share of pros and cons too.


  • Its popularity is partly due to its time effectiveness 
  • You will benefit from SEO
  • It’s measurable, easily personalized, and perfect for targeted marketing. 


  • It demands too much consistency
  • It’s time-consuming
  • Highly competitive
  • Can be costly

Running Social Media Ads

Social media offers endless space for publishing as many ads as you desire. Moreover, you don’t even have to move around to post any ad regarding your business on social media, as you can do all that and more from your home. For these reasons, it’s the perfect alternative to door-to-door selling.

Additionally, you can perform tons of tasks on social media to sell your roofing solutions. First, you would need to understand that each social media platform – such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube – is different from the next.

Other alternatives to selling roofs door to door include:

  1. Networking through the help of your existing customers
  2. Using virtual platforms, which include FaceTime, Zoom, and Google Hangouts, among others


As a roofing contractor, it’s important to remember that selling roofs door to door still has its place in the modern world. You will get tons of leads and make massive sales through it. 

However, beware of the risks associated with close contact with other people, as COVID-19 continues to ravage the world. 

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