Want a website that stands out above the crowd and actually gets your more leads? We set out to do just that with LaCrosse roofer ‘First American Roofing’, starting by defining what their ideal customers care about, and what emotional hot-buttons we could press in the copy and design of their new website.

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  • An unrelenting focus on helping people trust them
    From testimonials with pictures, the organizations they are part of, to headshots and signature – this sites #1 goal is to help people trust the company so it’s easy to make a decision.
  • Persistent lead forms and call to actions all over the site
    People can’t take the action if it’s not visible, so we decided even when someone scrolls past the lead form, that it will follow them down the page – increasing visibility.
  • Our top 3 keys that made this site a high-converting one below
    Learn how to use a mix of trust and call-to-actions below to increase your conversion rate



We workshopped about the people that come to First American, what they care about, and what they talk about on sales calls.

This is a lush opportunity to figure out what those emotional triggers are to make sure those are central in the imagery, the testimonials, and the headlines. We identified, a clear – clean process was super important to them, so we built this into the design so (for their customers) it’s easy as one-two-three. .

  Trust factors in roofing web design


Have you won awards? Are you part of professional organizations?

Can you curate reviews from Google and Facebook and feature five-stars, your signature, your family – or depending on your size, pictures of your team and what they are into? Humanize your company with team photo’s with real reviews, and with anything that can quickly and visually tell the story of your trustworthiness and excellence. Ultimately the copy should be written to demonstrate how those things help them, and how will they make their experience better.


Through local directory listings, through press release distribution, through guest posting, through thick and thin.

So many roofing companies websites need a clearer more obvious call-to-action throughout the site. Our approach was to make a “persistent” call to action in the form of the top menu bar. You expect your salespeople to demonstrate persistence, why not your website?

A modern roofing web design should have a call to action right when you land on the site – and the best call-to-action in this situation is the actual form to get a free estimate. Why make them go off somewhere else when many people will be ready right when they land on your site.

Many roofing company website design companies have no idea how to make a website that converts 20-50% more than your competitors. Send us a message now to get a free consultation – We’d love to take a look at your site and help you by creating a site that will better represent your quality online.
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