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Roofing Leads During Coronavirus – Door-knocking vs. Website Leads

Don’t be sad! Coronavirus may have squashed a bunch of traditional methods for procuring roofing leads (door knocking, etc.) but it could be the time where you made a bunch of new…

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Covid-19 Roofing Marketing

Don’t be sad! Coronavirus may have squashed a bunch of traditional methods for procuring roofing leads (door knocking, etc.) but it could be the time where you made a bunch of new systems for getting leads that carry you into the 21st century.

We do marketing for a bunch of roofing companies – and they still have leads flowing in daily via their website. And the best part is? They’re people knocking on THEIR door – rather than us knocking on those people’s door.

Why does that matter? Because you know as well as I do – the ripest leads are the ones that raise their hand. The ones that are ASKING to be your customers from the outside, not the ones we have to convince. 

Do you want to lockdown from COVID-19 to be the time where you:

A.) Gave up. Mailed it in – let the disease and government restrictions destroy your business?

B.) Coasted. You got by, but you didn’t do more than normal because hey – Corona’s a great excuse.

C.) Took massive action and doubled your lead in the market because other people waited for others’ leadership.

Covid-19 Roofing Marketing

Use this time, if you have extra time to have your people write content.

Writing on your website (about stuff people actually care about)  is probably the #1 thing you have the most control of in your marketing that doesn’t require money. You can write all day if you’re in full quarantine and have nothing else to do. If your people can’t go knock doors but they know a lot about what people ask.

The problem is that 91% of content on the internet has 0 traffic so you have to be laser-focused on WHAT you talk about, as for it not to be wasted time.

  • Questions people have in the sales process.
  • Use to find what people are asking.
  • Use to see what your competitors are ranking for.
  • Write location-focused landing pages. (Surrounding City Roofing Company – and include a lead form toward the top)
  • Any really well thought out content should get promoted on FB now (clicks are cheap.)

2. Talk about your precautions, lead with COVID while others retreat.

Hey – I don’t have to tell you this, but COVID-19 is almost the only thing people care about. “When will lockdown be over” “Covid-19 Symptoms” “How to do a Zoom meeting” “Dow Jones” and “Things to do bored with family” are probably having the largest search volume of all time right now because people can’t stop thinking about this unfortunate situation and the fallout from it.

That attention vacuum requires you actually be super clear the precautions your taking and that you’re still doing business!

  • This is what we’re doing and why. – Blog posts, video, social.
  • Get videos out on your site, and talk about those precautions.
  • We’re still working – a post on social every day with something to that effect.

3. Long-term get links back to your site to get higher on Google

This is the real secret sauce.

Links, links, links – get guest posts out on other websites and link back to you.

Organic Google traffic is not instant. Right now is the perfect time to install systems that will double your leads from Google over the next year or so. Getting links

First and Foremost – use this time to get serious about your roofing marketing!

I’m always sad when roofing contractors aren’t marketing themselves harder (especially if they’re having a hard time getting their own leads.)

3 Harsh Questions I want you to consider:

1. Why aren’t you marketing harder (you think you’re recession-proof!?)

2. Why are you just posting thinking people care (They don’t!! You need to build an audience by engaging and following others on social.)

3. How are you not tracking everything in Analytics? How do you not know where your customers are coming from.

Please – get serious about your marketing, and OWN YOUR MARKETING. Learn about it and own its success.

We can help you get serious about your marketing

If you’d like help tracking everything, and getting an industrial-strength SEO Plan in place – let us know!

  • We create content on your behalf every month
  • We get links back to your site every month
  • We track the ROI and your traffic from different sources on a monthly dashboard with a monthly call.

Send us a message now if you’d like help!

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