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How to Get Roofing Leads Without Door Knocking

By Tim Brown
Updated June 1, 2020
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How to Get Roofing Leads Without Door Knocking
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Josh Swisher shared his story with me recently – he’s been getting roofing leads without door knocking for years, and just hit 1,000+ in the last 365 days – but he doesn’t just outsource it and forget it.

He owns his marketing and tries different things on a regular basis…

His biggest lead generator?


Whether it be Google Local services, Google Ads, or getting higher on Google by creating city-focused landing pages with 500+ words of content, images and a lead form – dominating Google is a massive part of your arsenal.

We can help with our Roofing SEO Services, and Roofing Web Design – but in the meantime own your marketing with these 9 killer strategies for getting more roofing leads without door knocking.

How to Get Roofing Leads Without Door Knocking
How to Get Roofing Leads Without Door Knocking

Here are 3 things Josh started doing to get more roofing leads without door knocking

  • Angie’s List – a little less effective being recently purchased by HomeAdvisor, but still good to have a presence on there – just resist there’s, HomeAdvisor, and Yelps aggressive salesmanship, or risk being disappointed.
  • Thumbtack – Was really powerful 2017, into 2019 – effectiveness trailed off according to Josh and Roofing Insights – 2019, and into 2020.
  • Social Media marketing + a solid website – Still extremely important, just be ready to put serious work into making your website rank. Even having a beautiful website is not enough – it is NOT “if you build it they will come.” That’s why SEO is crucial, and even on social media – it’s smart to pay for the right promotions, particularly if you can find ways to find homeowners in your targeting.

Here are 3 advanced things that started to seriously catch on

  • Referrals and systems around getting more – Asking for the occasional referrals is not enough, create a culture of 5-star reviews and referrals by rewarding your team, put in calendar invites to yourself for quarterly referral partner asks, and create other bumpers that will help you stay on your referral game.
  • Google Local Guaranteed Services Ads – If you’re not on this you should do your best to get on it ASAP, it drives seriously business as of 2020, and requires some references and keeping your Google star-rating high, but it is a no-brainer according to all of the roofers I’ve met that have gotten on it.
  • Heavy duty SEO + Content Marketing – Creating landing pages around your city name + roofing terms, surrounding cities, answering common sales questions and doing KEYWORD RESEARCH, or having a company that you consider a partner do that, drives leads in the long-term and bolsters brand awareness. Let us know if we can help. 

What about building a brand in your community?

  • Yard Signs, banners, and consistency – it may seem like a small thing, but you should be using your customers yard as an opportunity with their permission.
  • Truck wraps – even if you only have 5 trucks, keep it up!
  • Be involved in events, trade shows, and community organizations

The number one thing is referrals

Josh shared that he believes DELIGHTED customers, community-focused branding, and reviews will drive his business into the future and that means taking referrals seriously.

Get a partner that cares focused on Web design and SEO to Hook better leads: Start the conversation

A couple final questions to help you think of how you can leverage this now:

  1. Do you have referral partners that you talk to on a regular basis, or at least quarterly and directly ask them for referrals (a great example might be a solar company or a gutter company that doesn’t do roofing.)
  2. Are you thinking about referrals and how to get more within your marketing efforts? Are you putting out content that might help people share it and refer you to their friends and neighbors?
  3. Are you doing something at the end of a particular job to go ‘above and beyond’ – and do you have incentives (even small ones) in place for people that refer you to be rewarded?

How to get roofing leads without door knocking today

Be the subject matter expert.

Utilize social media.

Care – and constantly be tweaking and improving your referral systems. Leads will flow in, just know that what you do today – positively effects your lead flow 3 months from now on.


Watch this quick video to see how savvy businesses save time and hook better leads:


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Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

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