Roofing Door-Knocking Strategies & Repeatable Sales Processes (w/ Adam Bensman)

The roofing business is a notoriously competitive industry. The reason it’s so competitive is that this industry also offers a high potential for profit. If you are serious about going after that…

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The Roof Strategist - Adam Bensman Roofing Door Knocking Strategies

The roofing business is a notoriously competitive industry. The reason it’s so competitive is that this industry also offers a high potential for profit. If you are serious about going after that profit, you’re going to need the proper strategies. We’re not talking about a slapdash effort with a few guys and a couple of trucks; we’re talking about a smart business that intends to grow into a viable commercial empire in the services industry. 

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The key to your success often boils down to how you approach the customer. It sounds simple but can be easier said than done. Without a successful sales strategy and a team to carry it out, you will suffer from sluggish growth and dwindling profits. Adam Bensman of The Roof Strategist shares the door-knocking strategies and repeatable sales processes that can take your humble roofing business straight to the top.

SLAP Your Customer… Wait, What? 

When we think of door-knocking, we often think of scripts. Adam says to go ahead and toss those scripts out the window. On the other hand, sending your employees out there and telling them to “just wing it” is no good either. The happy middle ground is to use a tried-and-true formula. That’s where SLAP comes in. 

Say Hi with an Icebreaker

Making a sale starts with making the customer feel comfortable with you. The easiest and fastest way to do this is to politely say hello, introduce yourself, and open with some kind of icebreaking compliment or comment. You want it to sound as natural and spontaneous as possible, so why not let it be genuine? It could be a compliment to their house, landscaping, dog, etc. 

Let Customers Know Why You’re Here

Be sensitive to the fact that you are interrupting their day and asking for some of their time. On that note, let them know why you are doing it! This could be something simple like, “We’re doing some work on (insert street name here) because of the recent storm damage and wanted to see if you suffered any,” or, “We’ve helped (insert neighbor name here) with their roof issues and wanted to check with you to see if you had any similar problem that we could help with.”

Ask an Open-Ended Question

The point here is to get the customer engaged and thinking about their roof issues. If they mention recent damage, ask what happened and how the insurance process is going. If storm damage isn’t an issue, ask them when they last had work done on their roof and whether they were satisfied with it. 

Present to Their Answer

Whatever question you go with and whatever their answer is, you want to present your pitch to that answer. “The insurance process has been rough, huh? I’m sorry to hear that! We hear that a lot, and actually, we can help you with it.” It helps if you think of your goal as keeping them talking to figure out 1. their problem and 2. how you can help—as opposed to just making a sale. 

Don’t Take Rejection Personally

Even with the right formula, rejection is still going to happen. It’s one of the most common issues that people in roofing sales struggle with while taking the door-knocking approach. No one wants to get yelled at by strangers for trying to make a living, and it can be hard not to let it get to you. 

The key is to not take it personally and to expect it as a given. When you get yelled at or when someone is rude to you, it’s not because you’re a worthless salesman. It’s more likely because they have had a hard day. Life is hard, and while that’s no excuse for rudeness, taking it out on each other is a common pattern of human behavior. Try to keep this in mind the next time you get a door slammed in your face. 

Also, as The Roof Strategist mentions in the video, an initial “No” isn’t a forever “No.” Persistence definitely pays in this industry, and once the customer is familiar with you, you are that much closer to turning a no into a yes. That brings us to the importance of using a multi-touch approach.

Leverage Customer Touchpoints

The key to increasing sales and mastering repeatable sales processes is using a multi-touch approach that includes home visits, the perfect sales letter, and persistent follow-ups via mail and in person. 

A good sales letter is worth a lot of money. That’s because it can be a turning point in the sales process. 

While writing an effective sales letter takes finesse, the first challenge is to get people to read them. Fortunately, there are a few simple tricks you can use to encourage people not only to read your sales letters but to seek your business after reading them. 

Don’t use a flashy sales letter with bright colors and phrases that sound like they came from an advertisement. People will tend to assume it’s junk mail, and it will go straight into the recycling bin. 

Instead, print your sales letter on plain white paper and fold it in half. Write something on one side like the address of the house where you leave it or a phrase like, “stopped by.” The resident will be so curious that they will read at least the first few lines of your letter. Also, handwriting shows them that someone took some extra consideration and time in approaching them, which will open them up to what you have to say in your letter. 

Don’t Bend Over Backwards to Win a Client

You may have heard it said that every homeowner is a potential customer. While this is true, not every homeowner is a customer you want. 

The type of customer you want to avoid is one who is going to encourage you to cut corners to give them a lower price. 

“What’s so bad about that?” you might think. The worst thing about cutting costs to win people over is that it cheapens your business. You don’t want to sacrifice your reputation or the quality of your service. You want to be the roofing company that everyone wants because they know your work and quality of service is worth the price! 

If you are using the above strategies and—most importantly—doing your best to provide a valuable service, you are doing enough. Beyond that, you never need to slash prices and cut corners just to get a client. It won’t be worth it in the long run. 

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