RoofCon Review: How To Get More Out of Roofing Events

Besides creating memories with friends – why go to roofing conferences? We saw teams recording multiple sessions at once, eager to bring the information back to their company. The high energy keynotes,…

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Roofcon Backstage

Besides creating memories with friends – why go to roofing conferences?

  • We saw teams recording multiple sessions at once, eager to bring the information back to their company.
  • The high energy keynotes, panels, and breakouts were just the start – real conversations with roofing owners after the show was done each night, and conversations at booths were also poppin. 
  • Hook definitely brought a wildcard component with tattoos at our booth!

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Keynotes bring in heavy-hitters & inspiration

  • Gary Chapman talked about how to apply the ‘5 Love Languages’ to work. 
  • John Senac talked about how to get more insurance claims approved.
  • Kevin Harrington shared his marketing and leadership strategies. 

Breakout sessions give in-depth training

Smart contractors brough their whole team aynd divided and conquered!

  • Daniel Zavodney of ZCI Contracting shared how to build your team in a highly attended talk.
  • From book-keeping services, to financing – every topic you could ever want as a roofing company was available during this 3 day information-intensive event. 
  • We shared how to adapt with A.I. for your Google Marketing in 2024

A.I. breakout session at roofcon - google marketing

Panels bring out a rich discussion from experts

  •  The Technology + A.I panel discussed how this new era of automation can be used now by roofing contractors. 
  • 8 + 9 figure roofing CEO’s talked about systems + scaling, on the main stage.
  • I got to moderate a panel of multi-million dollar roofing sales reps and it was super fun!

roofcon- multi-million dollar rep panel

How to Get More Out of Roofing Events

1. Preparation is Key: The 5 Question Game Plan

You know those people who seem to float through events without a clue? Don’t be that guy. Come armed with five critical questions that target the bottlenecks in your business. This laser-focused approach ensures you’re not just collecting random info but getting answers that really matter. Whether it’s cash flow woes or lead generation puzzles, pinpoint your top five issues and hunt down those solutions.

2. Networking Ninja Moves: Snag 5 Valuable Contacts

Networking isn’t just about swapping business cards; it’s about strategic alliances. Aim to connect with five individuals who excel where you struggle. These relationships are like seeds – plant them now, and you’ll reap the benefits for years. Think about it: five years down the line, these contacts could be your go-to experts for thorny problems or new ventures.

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Bullet Points:

  • Strategic Networking: Target individuals who complement your weak spots.
  • Long-Term Benefits: These connections can become invaluable resources over time.

3. Maximize Your Learning: Just-In-Time Knowledge

Ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information at these events? Focus on just-in-time knowledge – information you can use immediately, not some distant future. If private equity and complex sales strategies aren’t on your immediate roadmap, skip them. Concentrate on what will make a difference in the next three months. This approach keeps your brain uncluttered and your goals clear.

4. Five New Friends: Expanding Your Circle

Who said business events can’t be fun? Set a goal to add five new contacts to your circle. But here’s the twist: don’t just aim for any contacts; look for people who can add real value. These could be fellow roofing company owners, high-performing salespeople, or even industry veterans. And remember, it’s not about being star-struck; it’s about genuine connections that can evolve into meaningful relationships.

Bullet Points:

  • Choose Wisely: Focus on contacts who can offer real value and insight.
  • Genuine Connections: Aim for relationships that are more than just surface-level.

5. Post-Event Action Plan: Set 5 Practical Goals

Don’t let all that learning go to waste. Within five days post-conference, set five actionable goals based on your new insights. These goals should be realistic and achievable within the next 3 to 12 months. It might be something as straightforward as tweaking your bookkeeping process or as ambitious as revamping your entire lead generation strategy. The key is to turn knowledge into action.


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Bonus Tip: Bring the Team Along! Here’s a pro tip – bring along five team members. Not only does this show appreciation and investment in your team, but it also allows for a greater absorption of information. Divide and conquer different event areas, be it sales content or leadership workshops. This not only enhances your team’s skills but also builds a stronger, more engaged work culture.

Roofcon and Beyond

As we wrap up, remember that events like Roofcon are about more than just learning; they’re about building a community and culture within the industry. It’s about transforming your business and personal growth. And hey, don’t forget to check out for ticket deals and join us in creating those game-changing strategies for your business.

Choose your adventure, roofing pros, and make those events count!

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