5 Most Effective Painting Marketing Agencies 2024

If you’re paying for a marketing tool or working with an agency, it shouldn’t make your job harder. Unfortunately, there’s an abundance of “solutions” out there that will end up adding stress…

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If you’re paying for a marketing tool or working with an agency, it shouldn’t make your job harder. Unfortunately, there’s an abundance of “solutions” out there that will end up adding stress and taking away from the time you need for your clients.

Here’s the good news: Wonderful marketing agencies for painting companies still exist, and they want to work with smart contractors like you! We know because we’re one of them. We’ve done some research and found 5 of the most effective painting marketing agencies in 2022.

Mr. Pipeline

Lake Worth, FL

Rating: 5 stars based on 131 Google Reviews

“Painter Marketing done at the highest level” is a bold claim to make, but Mr. Pipelines’ 131 five-star reviews back that statement up. Mr. Pipeline provides Search Engine Optimization, PPC, and “lead machine websites” for painters and contractors around the country.

ProPainter Websites

Garner, NC

Rating: 5 stars based on 16 Google Reviews

ProPainter is a niche marketing agency with the sole purpose of “Increasing your sales with a powerful online presence.” This agency works exclusively with painting contractors, so they know the industry well. If you’re looking for a hyper-focused agency with some solid website design skills, ProPainter might be a good choice.

Blue Corona

Charlotte, NC

Rating: 4.9 stars based on 104 Google Reviews

You may have seen Blue Corona featured on our Best HVAC Marketing Agencies list, but they also do a great job managing digital marketing campaigns for painting companies and other contractors as well. Like many on this list, their primary focus is helping contractors rank on the first page of Google and generate more leads for their businesses.

Hook Agency

Minneapolis, MN

Rating: 5 stars based on 57 Google Reviews

At Hook Agency, we help contractors focus their marketing on their best customers and take action on their behalf to help them rank higher on Google so when theyโ€™re actually looking for them, they show up. Hook has experts in SEO, Web Design, paid Google ads, and Video content production. Most importantly, we get shit done. Shoot us a message if you want to learn more about hooking better leads.

SC Digital

Portsmouth, NH

Rating: 5 stars based on 103 Google Reviews

From a recent Google Review: “SC Digital has provided my company a blueprint on how to attain more clientele and grow our business. Not only did I find their operation professional, they are also extremely fun to work with!”. In addition to web design and SEO, SC Digital provides a unique offering of email marketing, social ads, and reputation management as well.

Red flags to look out for when considering an agency:

Don’t be afraid to reach out to an agency for a quick Q&A to make sure you’re a good fit for each other. If you find yourself talking to an agency and they are pressuring you into signing on with them, that’s a big red flag. Of course, every agency isn’t suited for every client. Here are some other red flags to look out for when researching or talking to a Marketing Agency.

1) The promise of fast/instant leadsAs the saying goes, there’s no shortcut to success. Whoever you’re working with should explain the process of how they’ll help you get more leads for your business and give you a realistic timeline for when you might see some results. Rapid and unqualified leads will actually do you more harm than good, wasting your time and money.

2) An unimpressive or difficult-to-use website – Most marketing agencies will put their best foot forward when developing their own site. If you’re not a fan of an agency website’s overall look and feel or have issues with the functionality, it might indicate that they won’t be a good fit for you.

3) Consistently poor reviews – What do past and present clients say about the agency? An occasional bad review or complaint isn’t necessarily a giant red flag, but if you’re finding consistently poor reviews or a trend in customer complaints, that’s a good indication that the agency could have some issues.

4) The agency hasn’t worked with painting contractors before – At the very least, the agency you choose should have experience working with contractors or be familiar with the painting industry. You should feel confident in your conversation or research that the marketing agency has an actionable plan and the experience to back it up.

The process of finding a marketing agency for your painting company can take up a lot of time, but it could be crucial to your companies success in the following months/years. If you have any questions, we’d love to talk with you about your painting company and marketing goals. Contact us here!

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