Using Facebook Groups to Drive Free Contractor Leads

Facebook groups are untapped gold mines lying unknown to many contractors. Unlike the popular thought that social media means relaxation and cruising, Facebook groups are a viable lead-generation strategy for your business. …

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Facebook groups are untapped gold mines lying unknown to many contractors. Unlike the popular thought that social media means relaxation and cruising, Facebook groups are a viable lead-generation strategy for your business. 

Aside from being open to all Facebook users, groups make niche-based interaction possible, thus establishing your authority and trust with that audience. And more trust means more sales and referrals!

Personal engagement, value-driven content, access to extra Facebook marketing features like notifications on publishing new posts, name it! Facebook groups offer different benefits that make profitable lead generation for roofing easier. 

And that’s just a start! You sure don’t want to miss out on rest, so let’s dive straight in:

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Four Verified Ways to Drive Free Leads from Facebook Groups

You might have been wondering what to look for in finding good Facebook groups and how to maximize them to get free leads. Here are a few tips you’ll find helpful:

Go for Volume

When hunting for leads online, prioritizing Facebook groups by volume is an excellent lead-generation strategy for roofing. You’ll probably get more leads in groups with a higher volume of people.  You can easily search google to find a local Facebook group in your area and apply to join any active groups you trust. 

In such high-volume groups, people are always asking for recommendations for different services in the local area, and yours might just be what they’ve been looking for!

Search the Group

When your invite to join a Facebook group gets accepted, you want to know how actively people are looking for your services in that group. You’ll find a little magnifying glass on the group where you can search for desired keywords like “roofing,” “exterior,” and “siding.” 

On doing so, you’ll get a list showing how frequently your service has been asked for on the group before your arrival. If you get many results, you’re in the right place.

Draw Attention by Raising your Hands

Another way to get everyone to notice your presence in the group is to raise your hands with an emoji when someone requests recommendations for your service. Tagging your company and talking about your work at the right time might be the spell to all the business magic you’ve been waiting for. 

In cases like this, you’ll often find that your eventual customer might not even be the person asking for a recommendation. Hundreds of ghost members (homeowners and other contractors) are on the group sitting back and watching what’s happening. 

They’ll surely come looking for you if you’ve positioned yourself rightly in the group. That’s one reason you need to be courteous with every lead; treating them as though you’re sure they’ll become a buying client.

Create Your Own Group and Use Your Current Customers

Let’s say you’ve worked with 100 customers in your first year of business (satisfactorily) and invited all of them into the Facebook groups you found. Say 10-20% of them accept the invite, and maybe half of those start advocating for you. 

You’ll have 5 to 10 people consistently speaking out and being brand ambassadors on your behalf while you don’t have to do ANYTHING. You’d have created an ecosystem where people are pounding your name in the comments on autopilot. Now that’s excellent lead generation for roofing!

Positive recommendations about your services from your customers will sound more credible to new leads than yours, plus it’s more scalability.

Other Proven Secrets to Drive Free Facebook Leads

As a business owner, you’ll find it helpful to go scrappy at your business’s starting years. Doing the dirty work (learning the ropes of online marketing) yourself now helps you later to delegate tasks appropriately. 

Doing this will improve your business’ perceived quality and authority, making homeowners reach out to you and joining the crowd of contractors that “disturb” them through direct messages. Here are three simple ideas you can try:

Take People to Lunch!

As a new business owner, driving and retaining new leads might mean taking your clients out for lunch to discuss your services. Because such hospitality has the potential of making your leads refer you to others, the effort is worth including in your budget list.

It might seem expensive initially, but in-person advertising is cheaper and faster. Years later, you’ll get more business and referrals from folks you take to lunch today. 

Stand Out From the Competition

If you’ve got some exciting tools that differentiate your business (like Ascend’s instant Roof course calculator), use them to make your company stand out from many contractors. 

Imagine taking your dope website alongside that unique tool and airdropping them in a Facebook group with many homeowners. That’s free branding! Even if many people deny the request for the airdrop, some others will buy it.

Generally, quote tools help you drive people directly to your website. When people Google phrases like “roof price,” “roof pricing,” and “how much does a roof cost?” It’s the perfect opportunity to send them to your landing page. 

Another reason such a strategy is important is that your leads get to know your pricing upfront. You won’t have to waste your sales rep’s time with people who won’t patronize you on learning your price after three hours of commuting and preparing. 

Fix Your Call Process

If all contractor companies could prioritize their customer care members (phone guys especially), they’ll see an obvious improvement in their sales. Your call receivers are salespeople inside the company, and they give the first impression (the most important) to leads from Facebook groups or anywhere else. 

Seamless onboarding of customers from your Facebook group might mean: 

  • improving the quality of your lead intake process,
  • refining your customer life cycle,
  • being intentional about the specifics of your phone answering process,
  • training your customer care personnel.

What’s your procedure if your reception phone rings multiple times? Is there an overflow or a call answering service where someone else answers? These strategies are fundamental to successful lead generation for roofing businesses.

Facebook group marketing is vital to contractor companies that take online marketing seriously. Combined with other digital marketing strategies like email marketing, landing pages, PPC, and blogging, the synergy results in an impressive ROI! 

With value and authenticity at the core of your brand’s marketing, you’ll earn the respect of Facebook group leads and boost the lead generation of your roofing construction business. 

We’ll love to assist you with your online marketing strategies that constantly place your business before your audience’s faces. Hit us up today!

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