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99 Construction Company Blog Ideas (Steal These Article Titles!)

It can be a pain to try come up with blogs that people will actually read – the list below has 100+ blog articles for remodeling contractors, new home builders, commercial construction…

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Construction company blog ideas - Roofing blog ideas, commercial construction blog ideas, home builder blog ideas

It can be a pain to try come up with blogs that people will actually read – the list below has 100+ blog articles for remodeling contractors, new home builders, commercial construction and even roofing blog ideas!

But first, let’s go over common title conventions that you might want to use when coming up with your own titles:

  • How to [Something they want to do]
  • The Ultimate Guide to [Fixing common problem]
  • [7] Ways to [Get the result they’re after]
  • [12] Common Mistakes in [Doing what they’re about to do]
  • [10] Inspiring Examples in [Common Remodeling Project]

Construction company blog ideas - Roofing blog ideas, commercial construction blog ideas, home builder blog ideas

But the real clincher with construction company blog ideas

The real clincher is making content that is actually relevant for your ideal customers. This means:

  • Making sure they actually care about the thing you’re sharing – you’re not just making content to make content.
  • Pushing yourself and your team to create bigger, better and more useful or entertaining content regularly.
  • Taking an original spin on things
  • Creating some tie in and call to action when appropriate in your content.
  • Actually promoting your content aggressively after you publish it.

The Ultimate List of Construction Company Blog Ideas

These things being said – each of the article titles below was created for your benefit. Whether your construction company blog titles have gone stale, or you’re just getting started on blogging – I hope at least SOME of these will be fresh and original to you, and the rest will get your juices going. So here are the construction and general contractor article titles!

Renovation / Remodeling Blogging Ideas:

  • How to Prepare for a Home Remodeling Project
  • The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Kitchen Remodel
  • Should I Move or Remodel? – The Ultimate Checklist
  • 8 Ways to Increase Your Home Value This Year
  • 15 Common Mistakes When Renovating Your Bathroom
  • 10 Inspiring Examples of Outdoor Living Spaces
  • How to Create the Ideal, Functional Home Office
  • Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Remodeling Company
  • 15 Reasons Why People Love Open Floor Plans
  • Classy and Fresh – How to Spruce up Your Home for Spring
  • Common Myths About Home Remodeling
  • 6 Remodeling Projects That Went Horribly Wrong
  • Why to Not Trust HomeAdvisor
  • The Principles Behind Tiny Homes and How to Apply Them to Your Home
  • Five Outrageous Ideas for Home Remodeling
  • Energy Efficient Window Replacement Options

New Home Construction Blog Ideas:

  • 12 Amazing Resources You Should Read Before Building Custom Homes
  • Home Construction Grants in [State]
  • How to Secure Funding for Your New Home
  • Home Construction Grants in [City]
  • How to Cut Costs in Your New Home
  • How to Hire a Contractor
  • 12 Ways to Ensure You Hire The Wrong Contractor
  • How We’re Different from the Competition
  • How Long Does a Home Last?
  • Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Contractor
  • Ways to Finance a Cabin or Lake Home
  • 21 Ways to Stay Compliant When Building a New Home
  • New Homes on Old Foundations – Inspiring Uses of Old Home Components
  • 5 Of the Most Stylish Types of Home for [This Year]
  • Best Places in [State] to Build a New Home
  • What to Ask a Potential Custom Home Builder
  • Highest Value New Home Construction in [State]
  • Beginner’s Guide to Outdoor Building Materials
  • Never Make These 3 Mistakes When Building a New Home
  • Matching Outbuildings to Your New Home
  • General Contractors for [Common Home Style]
  • General Contractors for [Niche Home Style]
  • Pros and Cons of Buying a Lot Prior to Working With a Builder
  • Choosing a Paint Color For Your New Home
  • Where is the Best Place to Build a New Custom Home?

Roofing Blog Ideas: 

  • Leaky Roof? 5 Quick Fixes to Tide you Over
  • 3 Things That Happen When You Wait to Replace Your Roof
  • How to Identify if You’re Roof Has Been Damaged By Hail
  • How to Deal with a Roofing Insurance Claim
  • 20 Amazing Roofs
  • How We’re Different from the Competition
  • Roof Style Inspiration
  • Our Take on Current Housing Regulations 
  • The Strange and Beautiful History of Roofs
  • Your Top 5 Options for Roofing Shingles
  • Traits of Our Ideal Customers: Are You a Right Fit?
  • Wanting to Replace Your Roof Yourself, Avoid These Pitfalls
  • 15 Things About the Roofing Industry, You Wish You Knew
  • Best Home Insurance Companies – Reviews of The Top 5
  • Reasons to Live in a Smaller Home? 
  • Pro’s and Con’s of Roofing Yourself
  • Best of The Worst – Self Roofing Fails
  • 12 Common Roof Support Issues
  • The Costs of Repairing, Replacing, or Patching Your Roof
  • Common Roofing / Solar Panel Issues
  • Yearly Roof Cleaning Rituals for a Longer Roof Life
  • The Ultimate Fall Roof Checklist for Homeowners
  • Hang Your Christmas Lights Without Messing up Your Roof
  • How to Spot an Untrustworthy Roofing Company
  • 3 Developments in Roofing Technology This Year
  • Crazy and Unique Roofs You Never Knew Existed


Commercial Construction Blog Ideas:

  • How to Create The Perfect Floor-plan for Your Commercial Space
  • Your 12 Best Commercial Construction Options in [City]
  • An Overview of Our 5 Most Recent Commercial Jobs
  • Best Areas of [State] for Commercial Construction
  • Looking at Some Upgrades? Here are Some Vendors We Trust!
  • 12 Epic Mistakes to Avoid Building a Strip Mall
  • 10 Ways to Make Your Office Design More Efficient
  • Best Ways to Landscape Around Apartment Buildings
  • How to Make Sure You Hire The Wrong Commercial Construction Company
  • 14 Amazing Examples of Office Style Inspiration
  •  Innovative Techniques in Commercial Construction
  • Best Security Systems for an Apartment Building
  • How We Ensure Quality While Building Commercial Construction Projects
  • Best Process for Building Commercial Construction
  • Our Take on Current Commercial Construction Regulations
  • What Makes a Great Builder
  • Office Size Calculator – How to Find The Right-size office for your Team
  • Top [State] Meetups for Commercial Contractors and Business Owners
  • Checklist for Hiring a Reputable Commercial Contractor
  • 3 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Commercial Contractor
  • The Differences Between Residential and Commercial Construction
  • The Most Re-sale Worthy Elements of an Office Design
  • Office Design Inspiration for [Current Year]
  • Ways to Finance Commercial Construction Projects


At Hook Agency, we absolutely love identifying targets for our clients – and creating a content strategy that is tailor-made just for you.

We actually take a look at our client’s top 7 competitors and what they are ranking for. We then identify which of those terms have the most people searching for them – and actually build our content calendar around that. This combined with powerful link acquisition techniques allows us to get our clients more search traffic – for more things that will actually earn them business.

Why Construction Blog Ideas Aren’t Enough

Blogging is still an absolutely critical component of getting more traffic and more ‘eyeballs’ on your services and your offerings. But by itself – it’s diminishing a bit, because of how much competition there is and the content ‘glut’ that exists today.

While we hope you take and use these construction company blog ideas, to your heart’s delight – we want to warn you that you’ll have to build in a serious content promotion strategy as well. Nothing about the internet these days is ‘build it and they will come.’ Knowing that you need to heavily promote your blog articles – perhaps you’ll consider that it makes sense then to create more content that is long – useful – and link-worthy, not just the 300 words blog posts of yesterday.

300-word blog posts are from a foregone era, you need 1,200+ words – as we determined in our original research piece about the ideal content size for Google in 2018. Whatever you do – keep being useful to your audience, and giving them a reason to come back.

If you’re still looking for ways to generate blog titles! Try our blog post title Generator

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