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5 Winning Carpentry Websites For Inspiration In 2024

Carpenters beware: If your website looks bad in 2022, customers are less likely to choose you for their next carpentry project. Whether it’s right or not, potential customers will make purchasing decisions…

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Carpenters beware: If your website looks bad in 2022, customers are less likely to choose you for their next carpentry project.

Whether it’s right or not, potential customers will make purchasing decisions based on how well designed your website is. The aesthetic of your website is important, but so are the functionality and ease of access. Potential customers want to see a nice looking website that’s easy to use and gives them the information they want. Simple, right?

If you’re in the process of redesigning your carpentry website, you’re realizing it can be tricky to do on your own. Many carpenters choose to hire a digital agency to design their website to get the competitive edge they need. Here at Hook Agency, we help contractors like you build beautiful websites that actually get you leads! You can check out our web design offerings here.

If you’re unsure what to do with your website, how to design it, or whether to hire an agency or not, start by looking through these 5 amazing carpentry websites for some inspiration.

1. Sustainable Nine – Created by Hook Agency!

Sustainable Nine offers modern customized home building, so we built them a modern and customized website.

What it does well: An appealing design and color palette with immediate trust factors (reviews and photos of previous work) and a simple call to action. This website represents the beauty and simplicity of Sustainable Nine’s work, and the website actually gets them leads! We helped Sustainable Nine increase their contact form submissions by 53% with their new website. We were able to increase their website traffic and leads generated through SEO, consistent content on their blog, and quality design. Check out the full case study on Sustainable Nine, here!

2. HQ Carpenter Chicago

What it does well: A simple but pleasing design with a contact form upfront and center. The form doesn’t feel out of place or interrupt your view of the site. They also do an excellent job of simply listing their services offered in a nice layout and give people clear expectations for quality of service. Their gallery tab features great photos of their previous projects as well.

What could be better: As you scroll down the homepage it starts to feel a little cluttered. The location pages aren’t all linked and it would be a nice addition to add reviews in that section rather than a list of locations. The navigation bar looks nice, but “about us” and “services” actually live on the home page and don’t have their own individual pages which could be confusing to users.

3. Black Bird

What it does well: Overall, this is a modern and elegant carpenters website design through WordPress. The simple logo and moving images are a nice touch and the rest of the home page is easy to use and navigate. There are multiple “contact us” buttons that open a contact form for you to enter your phone number, email address, project details, and other contact information.

What could be better: The website is very light on carpenter content. Although there is a gallery of previous carpentry and remodeling projects, the rest of the website is fairly bare. The overuse of white space makes their website feel a little empty.

4. Hughes WoodWorks

What it does well: The Hughes WoodWorks website does an excellent job of displaying the quality work of their carpenters. They use a lot of images on their home page to showcase their carpentry projects. Regardless of which tab you’re on, you can tell you’re on a carpentry website due to the consistent imagery and language used. Another nice feature is that the navigation bar includes each of their primary services, this makes it easy for the user to get exactly where they want.

What could be better: The images and work examples are great, but the website lacks information. Instead of explaining the services in detail on each of the pages, it’s just a gallery of images. It’s visually appealing, but this website will have a hard time getting organic leads because of the lack of SEO content.

5. Sanko Custom Carpentry

What it does well: This is a very unique website design with a lot of character. The website gives the feel of being rustic and handmade, which comes off as being very authentic. The layout is simple and easy to navigate and they also have their gallery of work nicely laid out. Sanko makes sure to promote their social media throughout the website, which is smart! You can tell by looking at this website that Sanko cares about their marketing and business in general.

What could be better: The call to action on their homepage could be stronger. The major CTA is to follow them on their social media page. For the purpose of generating leads, it’s a good idea to feature a “contact us” or “get an estimate” call to action. There is a “contact” tab, but there should be an option on the homepage in order to capture viewers before they exit your carpentry site.

We hope that you were inspired by these carpenter websites! We understand that designing a good looking and effective carpenter website is difficult. Most carpenters don’t have the time and capacity to dedicate to building or redesigning their website on their own. That’s why you need a Google specialized team to partner with you and help you build a beautiful website that actually gets you leads. Take a look at our web design page to see how we’ve helped carpenters like you. Here at Hook, we believe that carpenters deserve a marketing agency that cares. Schedule a time to chat today!

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