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We love helping people make money with their websites. We’ve found that having a solid, trust-worthy website is crucial, but without traffic – you’re just wasting your money. That’s why we help drive organic search traffic and get our clients more leads.

  • Changing the website structurally for SEO purposes
  • Getting links to the site, and building content
  • Monthly reporting, focused on increasing revenue.
Get more leads from your website

Changing the website structurally for SEO purposes

Many aspects of your website can be organized in a way that makes it easier to 'crawl' by search engine bots. The easier your site is to crawl and index, the easier it is to rank for keywords that get you leads.

Getting links to the site, and building content

When other high authority websites link to your website, it looks like they are 'voting' for your site, and saying it matters. Google uses all of these 'links' and ranks your site higher based on them. More high authority links = more higher ranking. We build content as well to drive traffic and rank for more things.

Monthly reporting, focused on increasing revenue

We believe in transparency and creating regular, systematic systems to continue the upward climb towards dominating your competition in search rankings. We give you what we just completed, our next steps and key metrics like search traffic and lead volume in an easy to use dashboard.

Let St Paul SEO Experts drive your website into higher profitablity

We love helping clients increase their website traffic. We’ve done it systematically now for years for many different industries and have found efficiencies that allow us to start making progress quickly.

We know that you care about getting more leads. We are looking for clients that understand that SEO is a long-game approach, but we can also show upward trajectory in the first few months and educate you on the process of what it takes to reach #1 in Google search results for the terms that matter to you and your customers.

Let us help you with our St. Paul SEO Expert services.

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St. Paul SEO Services help you with Professional Visibility

We call our unique blend of visual design and Search Engine Optimization – Professional Visibility.

The reason we blend the two – is because just ranking for your money making terms isn’t enough. You need a website that converts those customers into leads. Let us be not only your St. Paul SEO Consultants, but the company that helps your site convert more traffic as well!

I help clients make sure they have the right blend of ‘trust factors’, visual representation of there key differentiating features, and call to actions to bring prospects to the next step. It works – because it’s how the human brain works. Read our 20+ Google 5-star reviews from real satisfied customers and get started today!

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Questions and Answers about St Paul SEO Services

SEO – or ‘Search Engine Optimization’ simply means – getting your website higher in Google search results (and other search engines.)

SEO works by creating more things people want to see! This can mean more content around the types of service and products you offer, guides that are useful to prospects, and then getting other well-respected websites to link to your site.

This can be done in slow or fast ways, and we prefer to accelerate this process, by all means, necessary, without sacrificing long-term results.

It shouldn’t be instant – lest the results go away just as quickly. But they also should be in a steady upward trajectory, and if your SEO company isn’t delivering that, we’d love to showcase what we could do for you. Send us a message and we’ll share case studies for clear evidence that what we do works.

I tend to say that upward trajectory on keywords and traffic can be solid by month 3, but R.O.I. and significant in leads takes up to 8-14 months. If the company who’s doing your SEO can’t show clear and marked upward trajectory of keywords and traffic by 3-6 months, it’s unlikely the leads will increase. We really like when our clients understand why and how more search traffic will slowly help them realize more clientele, and consider ourselves their partner in this process.

1. De-index any content on your website with low word count, or low-quality content. Think of this as the pruning sheers that will allow a much higher rate of growth on the rest of the site.

2. Using SEMRush or Ahrefs – take a peak at what your competitors are ranking for and see what kind of content they are ranking with. If you take the top 3 results for a given keyword and combine / re-write them and add multi-media and other visually compelling factors, you can use the ‘skyscraper’ method of outranking these results.

3. Guest post on other peoples websites, and find creative ways to get links on other ‘high-authority’ sites. A great way to identify these sites is by using the tool Mozbar, and shooting for sites that have an over 30 or 40 DA to guest post on. Ideally these sites are in your niche and you can write something related to what you do (you don’t have to be promotional for the link to matter – just link back with your company name or the term you want to rank for in your bio.)

Don’t want to go to all the trouble? We help clients do this is and tons of other linking strategies in a regular and systematic way – with our St. Paul SEO Services. Get started today.

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