Shitty Stock Photos – Best of the Worst Stock Photos for Memes


by on February 2, 2018

Shitty Stock Photos – Best of the Worst Stock Photos for Memes


It’s not hard to find shitty stock photos because so many stock photos are bad without even trying to be bad. As a web designer, search engine optimization specialist and social media marketer I come across so many bad stock photos – it’s hard to not swear off stock photos in my web designs altogether.

In the meantime though, I’ve curated some of the absolute best stock photos / worst stock photos – pulled from the meme culture.

Without further ado, weird stock photos for memes:

Set Number One: Best Stock Photos for Horrible New Memes

1. Shhhh – stock photo

Shhh stock photo

2. EggPhobia – from Reddit Stock Photos

EggPhobia - EvoPhobia

3. Lego Stock Photo with Police Brutality – WTF Stock Photo

Police Brutality stock photos - legos with criminal - wierd stock photos


4. Watermelon Head Stock Photo

Watermelon Head Stock Photo

5. Vegetarian Standoff – What is the point of this stock photo?

Vegetarian / Vegan Off stock photo




Set Number Two: Classic Stock Photos for Memes

1. Confused man in red shirt meme

Shitty Stock Photos - Stock photo memes - confused man red shirt

2. Business man considering noose stock photo

Man with noose - considering suicide meme

3. “Hide the pain Harold” with computer

Hide the pain harold- old man with computer meme

4. Very creepy whipped cream sadism / shitty stock photo

Man feeding another man whipped cream stock photo - strange stock photos for memes

5. Weighing some lettuce

Man weighing lettuce stock photo

6. Hiding the pain again – this time on the phone

Hide the pain harold on the phone -

7. Finally vindication meme

Woman happy about a mans death - shitty stock photos for memes

8. Pirated music meme

Girl with robbers mask on and pirated music, strange stock photos

9. Strange corn and visor/mask stock photo

Woman with corn and visor - strange stock photos - meme stock

10. The king of all shitty stock photos / amazing stock photos – man with strange animal.

Man with strange animal - stock photos for memes


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