Some answers to FAQ's we often get about our New York SEO Services.

New York SEO Services

Double your traffic and leads in a year

Search Engine Optimization is relatively simple. There are 3 key things that will help turn your website into a traffic magnet, and we’ll show exactly how to wield them (or just do them for you):

  • More links from other high-authority websites back to your site
  • Figure out what people are searching and write blogs and landing pages for them.
  • Write compelling meta titles, and make technical edits Google likes
Get more leads from your website

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links from other websites to yours.

This is one of the most powerful Google ranking factors - as each link is seen as a kind of vote for your websites importance. We help you get these links, and pay attention to – what text is used, and that the websites have authority and contextual relevance.

What is content strategy?

We can find the keywords and key phrases people are searching that relate to what you do.

By looking at what competitors are ranking for – there is a powerful first step in then using that information to go after those keywords with landing pages and/or blog posts that will serve as bait on search engines for your ideal clients. We can do this for you in a regular, consistent way.

What is technical SEO?

I don't want Technical SEO to seem too complicated – that's why I put out a weekly video show about 'Stuff Google Likes' simplifying technical SEO as much as I can.

Google likes well structured code, and organizational heirarchy – and it likes alot of other things, that we can take care of for you, so you have a dedicated partner helping you get more website traffic on autopilot.

New York SEO built to create serious R.O.I. for your company.

What would it mean if you were at the top of search results for stuff your ideal customers are looking for?

Can you imagine how many leads you could be getting?

Search engine optimization is not a dream – it is a very real opportunity many of your competitors may not be taking full advantage of.

We love being people’s ‘unfair advantage’ – send us a message to get started with a free consultation.

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New York SEO Services built to transform your website into a traffic magnet

If people are Googling services like yours – then their is massive opportunity for your business if you do Search Engine Optimization.

Whether it’s with us, or another company I strongly suggest getting started today.

What I do know about the way we do it – is that we offer a seriously professional service, for much less than anyone doing anything comparable. We help you get content that’s targeted out on your site regularly, earn powerful backlinks monthly, and report on progress in a clear and meaningful way on a dynamic dashboard you can acceess any time for live data on traffic and leads.

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Questions and Answers about New York SEO Services

From high-powered financial companies to healthcare companies, to an asphalt company (over doubled their traffic and leads) – smart companies around the world are wielding SEO for their website.

They hire internal SEO teams – they hire agencies like ours, and sometimes they hire super unprofessional agencies as well who do jack-squat for their bottom line.

Don’t make a mistake and hire a cheap SEO provider – hire a truly professional team and get it done right.

This is one of our major strengths. We don’t just do SEO but are very capable on web design and development as well. We can handle minor edits as part of our SEO retainer, and are happy to it -as it is a competitive advantage, when compared with many SEO companies in New York who don’t handle these types of things.

We report monthly on progress with a clear and dynamic dashboard.

But Google Analytics is your best friend. The best way to see if your New York SEO agency is doing great work is to compare the last 3 months to the same time the previous year! We do this all the time for clients, and after 6-9 months of SEO, the results are sometimes mind-blowing.

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