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10 Best Roofing Lead Generation Companies 

Recent stats reveals that there are about 79,379 roofing lead generation companies in the US!! đŸ€ŻđŸ€Ż Nonetheless, you should know that only a select few can give you your money’s worth of…

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Recent stats reveals that there are about 79,379 roofing lead generation companies in the US!! đŸ€ŻđŸ€Ż Nonetheless, you should know that only a select few can give you your money’s worth of leads. As a roofer, it’s up to you to identify and reach out to these companies. 

To serve as an aid in your quest, we decided to discuss a few of these companies. The companies discussed below includes mainly roofing marketing agencies and agencies with roofers as part of their audience. Here are the first five niched companies that focus exclusively on roofers.

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1. Ascend Digital Agency 

Ascend Digital Agency focuses on helping roofing companies grow through stellar lead-generation techniques and SEO practices. They are also well known for their competence in the roofing industry. Their services include:

  • Audits and Consulting 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Website Development and Design 
  • Reputation Management.

They also offer unmatched market analysis to identify opportunities that’ll help your business grow.


If you’re looking for a high-end commercial roofing focused company to drive steady lead generation for your business, Peak Leads would be a great pick. 

Their forte includes supercharging🔋 your business’ website using refined SEO practices and using Google ads to generate leads. They’ve been around for a few years and are well-known amongst roofers.

3. Roofer Marketers (Acquired by Job Nimbus) 

With a ton of experience in the roofing industry, this roofing marketing company has proven itself as one of the best in lead generation. They utilize top tier analytical tools to deliver stellar marketing results and positive ROI. 

Their services also include the creation and optimization of blog posts and other online content.

4. Contractors Dynamics 

Contractor Dynamics is more of a marketing training company than a regular roofing marketing company. They’re well known for equipping growth-oriented roofing companies with the skills and tools to grow.

With about 11-50 employees, they have helped countless roofers generate unreal numbers on their lead count over the past 10 years. They have their office located in New Jersey. This is one roofing marketing company you shouldn’t ignore.

5. Web Runner Media

Web Runner Media focuses on helping their clients in stellar branding building, scaling their revenue and controlling lead flow through PPC or paid ads, Google ads, Facebook etc. 

With this, they’ve multiplied the revenues of several well-known innovative contractors in North America in the past few years. 

Marketing strategies and methods aside, Web Runner Media is one of the few roofing marketing companies that are really committed to helping their clients grow 📈.

Go For Top Tier Lead Generation Companies 

Selecting a good lead generation company for your business can be a tricky task at times. In such cases, going for top tier companies like Hook Agency can be considered an option. 

You must have noticed that hook agency is not on the list of roofing lead generation companies. That’s because we’re an option for the high-caliber top 10 percent of roofers headed from 1 million to 10 million in revenue💰💰. We love growth-oriented elite roofers, and we help build brands through industrial strength, SEO and content marketing.

Let the Figures Guide Your Decisions

Most early entrepreneurs value their time more than their money; that’s why the above list of agencies is there to make their selection process faster, and it’s way better than paying a contractor to help out.

As a roofer, you have to be honest with yourself about where you’re at on that journey. If you’re in that “five hundred thousand to one million dollars in revenue” zone, you should be focused on making your business more profitable.


From experience, it’s better to start outsourcing elements of your marketing when you hit somewhere around that one million dollar mark in revenue. 

Outsourcing elements of your marketing will help you free up your time to do other higher value activities. Depending on your priorities, these activities may involve spending time with your sales staff, hiring and creating consistency with your processes.

Identify and Avoid Shakedowns!

There are just as many swindlers as there are legit roofing lead generation companies out there. Roofers often fall victim to these marketing scams when they don’t conduct thorough research before entrusting their lead generation activities to marketing agencies.

To avoid swindlers, be wise and identify what’s most appropriate for you when dealing with marketing or lead generation companies. If you contact any of the companies discussed above, you’d want to own whatever results you get.

Own Your Marketing Process!

When you contact the agency you wish to work with, own the whole marketing process to understand what these marketing agencies do because there are always companies out there that will take your money💾 and not give you results of equal value.

Apart from the five niched agencies mentioned above, there are many other lead generation companies that work with roofers as well as clients outside the roofing niche. A few of these companies are listed below.

  1. Disruptive Advertising 
  2. Blue Corona 
  3. Ignite Visibility 
  4. Scorpion Marketing 
  5. Straight North.

Just like we say here at Hook Agency, “We do stuff, not fluff“. Make sure that the agency you hire is doing stuff, ensure that they’ve identified high-value marketing activities and are doing them repeatedly.

Final Thoughts 

Summarily, a few thoughts on business growth you should pay attention to:

  • Make sure you understand what your lead generation company does with your money 
  • Take ownership of the marketing process
  • Identify high-value activities
  • Delegate activities, whether it’s to a marketing agency or an internal marketing assistant. 

Understand that if you’re going to delegate any task or activities to someone or an agency, make sure you at least understand the basics of that task, and it’s something you can do moderately well.

Roofing aside, lead generation in any business is no trivial task, both in terms of avoiding scams and getting your money’s worth of leads. However, how your roofing business survives all these processes and phases revolves around you as the owner, at least primarily.

It’s safer and better to know the ropes of your marketing rather than outsourcing it all to an agency with little or no supervision from your part.

At Hook agency, we offer lead generation services that’ll put you right in front of prospective clients while setting your mind at ease. Schedule a meeting with us today to learn more!


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