Do you want more business and more ideal customers? We can help you better establishing your company professionally online, and double your traffic and leads.

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Where Visual Design, and SEO Combine we pride ourselves on our unique approach –  we focus on making you look more professional and building your website right from the start for SEO.

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Do you want help really showcasing what makes your company special? You might want to skip over that dry, boring website company – and work with a company passionate about pushing
boundaries, and helping you increase sales from your website.

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Financial Web Design Minnesota



"In 6 short months we have seen a 300% increase in sales by online traffic, a greater return than we had ever imagined."

Brad Lorence, Owner

Bank Systems Marketing

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Does your website represent the quality of work that your company does?

We help businesses better establish themselves professionally online.

With over 5 years of experience in user testing, A/B testing, driving traffic and monitoring analytics, we have developed unique methods that help us design and build websites to be effective from the start. Plus, We build them in a mobile-friendly way, and so that you can edit and add new content yourself.

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Minnesota Web Design
Average Rating: 5
Votes: 22
Reviews: 22

“Added five additional staff members to handle the business”

“We decided to contact Tim based on the reviews we read. That decision turned out to be one of the best actions our company, Whiskers To Tails Petsitting, has made in our seven years of business. Our sales have increased from 20% to 40% on a daily basis, and the site performs perfectly from a mobile phone. We have added five additional staff members to handle the increase in business.”

Minnesota Web Design
Average Rating: 5
Votes: 22
Reviews: 22

“Focused on increasing our conversions”

”Tim gets it! This goes beyond web design and SEO – working with Tim is working a business partner who is in it to win it with us.”

WordPress Web Design

Mark Galloway

Questions and Answers about Minnesota Web Design

A little extra work caters to your customers wherever they're at

Responsive design means that your website will conform to different devices. Whether it be a phone, a tablet or a phablet your website will be there and look great. Responsive design requires a bit of extra programming and a bit more designing than websites required several years ago.

Simplicity in design = High Quality focus on your brand and content

Though the amount of devices have gone up and possibly partially for that reason, the patterns for visual design that are standard have simplified. I create websites that are focused on converting your visitors into customers and presenting the best face possible for your company, even when you're sleeping.

Experience and Expertise

I've built responsive designs for 5 years, and my responsive development techniques have improved over those 5 years. I've even been featured in an article be eCommerce leader Lemonstand in their article '9 Expert Tips On Designing A Better m-Commerce Experience'.

Design in Development means quality control to the very end.

I think that design in the development phase is required so that elements such as different size screens and interactive elements get the attention they deserve. In modern web design, a freelancer who pays attention to these interactive elements can finesse them and make sure they offer your customers a pleasant, seamless experience that associates your brand with quality.

Built on WordPress, so editing content is easy for you

What was once a blogging platform has turned into one of the most respected web design platforms out there. I create websites on this platform in a way that is considerate of the fact you don't want to have to come to me to add bits of content down the road. With this platform, you can do those things yourself. I'm always available to help, but you shouldn't feel constrained by your website.

Website design that is built around the things you care about most.

I listen when you talk about what you need in your website. I know that for most small business owners hiring a web design freelancer is not a small deal. I want you to get the best value you can get in Minneapolis area, or Minnesota in general. I pay attention to making sure my affordable.

I believe that the more you know about your WordPress website, the better you will be able to market yourself, create content and give value to your audience and customers. You can do as little or as much of this as you want, but for sure I want you to be able to edit key elements on your website. After the web build is done, I'll sit with you and show you how you can get the most out of it.

Marketing best practices for your new site

I am not the expert in your industry, but I am in web design. I've been watching what works for 40+ plus clients, watching their analytics and becoming familiar with the types of web marketing that drive traffic and convert into customers. I can help share the principles I've learned in digital marketing that can help you with your business now.

You don't need to be a website guru

You didn't spend years learning to become the expert in your field, to have to learn website design, even if you're using a cheap template from Wix, or setting up a subscription at Squarespace. I help develop the quality graphics that represent your business in a professional light, without relying on cheap pre-built templates that blend in with 5 of your competitors.

I serve the Minnesota area

There are only so many legitimate web design businesses in the Minnesota area that will have the kind of quality I think your business deserves an affordable price. Many of the lower end shops are serving up templated designs that might not really be built around your needs, but are more for the convenience of the creator of the website. Many custom shops have prices over 30k, and I can say for a small business that's just not feasible or necessary.

Minnesota web design means we can meet up!

You may prefer to work with someone you can meet up with, and I've found that to be a great system for creating rapport, and the trust necessary to really deliver a great website based on your marketing goals. I think of your website as another salesman, and if you can hire another salesman to deliver great lead generation or more sales for you, then you've got a bargain.

Web design and development in Minnesota means you get homegrown style

I am not from California, nor the middle of Oregon so I'm not creating something that doesn't match the cultural norms and expectations of your local community. I do have style that surpasses many agencies in town and the ability to execute on that. I'd love to work with you. If the type of work I do interests you and you would like to work together or sit down for some coffee, get a free consultation now.

Imagine a bold looking website that works on all devices where you can edit the content bringing you customers.

I work with small businesses and organizations to create something that tells their story. I generally create on WordPress, but I feel comfortable working with many different platforms. I’d love to sit down with you and have a no pressure conversation with you about how I might be able to serve you with high-quality web design in Minnesota. Check out some of my work and I look forward to hearing from you.

Intentional design– crafted deliberately with their company's main differentiation at the heart.

  • Responsive Web design that will allow people to view your website on whatever device they came up with next.
  • E-Commerce design if you're in need of that. Whatever Content management system your site is in, I can help you with that.
  • SEO Conscious Web Design allows me to help you create a site, constantly thinking about how each element will affect the way Google digests the site. Highly important in this day in age, building the website in a way that allows you to put out content directly related to your business will give your website staying power and influence.
  • Pleasant Customer Service is the name of the game for a one-designer team. I have resources that I can use if I'm in need of a different skill set than mine, but I like to be there for any customers I have personally and look to delight by going above and beyond in getting you the best possible quality website.
  • Custom Web Design allows me to make your website without limitations. I create websites with code but always considering the visual and marketing aspects first and foremost.
  • Socially Connected Web Design leverages the innate interactivity of the web for your venture without getting ridiculous. I can help you pinpoint what the most important social networks are for your particular business and highlight those on your website where appropriate.
  • Marketing Centric Web Design is all about showing what makes your business so special. This is my main point of differentiation because I'm passionate about what makes your business different from your competitors, through a complimentary combination of appropriate headlines and visual imagery.
  • User Experience Design is all about making things clear and easy to navigate. This is central to my process while I create websites. I may start with a sketch on a napkin, or code for hours, but in the end, my process is dedicated to a couple central visual ideas that demonstrate what makes you different. Your customer, in the end, is who I aim to delight and serve, as I tell your business's story and draw them to your main conversion goals, allowing you both to benefit from a positive experience. And if you're in MN, I'm your neighbor - benefit from proximity from my professional Minnesota web design services.

Minnesota Web Design

Nothing would excited me more than to serve your Minnesota Web Design needs! We love helping companies big and small to create compelling and showcase what makes them special. Web Design Minnesota means you will always feel heard. Twin Cities web design, means we’re only a couple cities away. We serve:

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