Roofing Marketing Budget: 5 Ways to Allocate Spending

It’s no secret that marketing is a vital factor in the success of any company. To remain a top option to consumers, they must know your company name, who you are, and…

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It’s no secret that marketing is a vital factor in the success of any company. To remain a top option to consumers, they must know your company name, who you are, and what you do. As a roofing company, spending money on marketing efforts to advertise your business stand apart from the competition is a great way to attract new customers. 

But what should your roofing marketing budget be, and what types of advertising should be your focus?

Roofing Marketing Budget

Roofing Marketing Budget

Knowing what to spend your marketing dollars on is difficult to determine, especially when you are unaware of the best marketing strategies for your roofing company

While there are many options available to market your roofing business, there are five areas that you will see the highest return for your marketing dollar:

  1. SEO
  2. Paid Ad Search
  3. Paid Ad Management
  4. Paid Leads
  5. Facebook Advertisement 

As we discuss these platforms in more detail, we will provide an estimated spend per platform. We have based these calculations on a $10K digital monthly marketing budget for a $2.5M revenue/year roofing company. 

1. SEO

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving website viewership by focusing on the outcome of search engine results. Bettering SEO often utilizes outsourced companies working to improve your website traffic by focusing on trending keywords that will improve the ranking of your website in search engine results.

Finding and utilizing an SEO company already knowledgeable in the roofing industry is a noble spend in your marketing budget and should be the main focus. 

Estimated Spend: A recommended thirty-five percent ($3.5K) of a $10K monthly marketing budget should be set aside for SEO. If potential customers cannot find your business online, it is unlikely they will find it at all.

2. Paid Ad Search

Tagging along to the importance of SEO is the use of paid ad search. Using paid ad search is a way to ensure your website is visible in related searches that may not include all the keywords used on your website. The best way to utilize this service is directly working with Google to create and display these ads. 

Finding ways to promote Google reviews is another way to boost your website visibility. Companies that have higher star rankings on their Google listing are ranked higher in search results. Therefore, requesting Google reviews is a great way to boost your visibility.

Estimated Spend: As with SEO, $3.5K – or thirty-five percent of your marketing budget – is a recommended monthly spend as a way to ensure your website is front and center for those looking for a roofing company via Google. 

3. Paid Ad Management

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Paying for and displaying an ad is one thing; ensuring it is appealing and portrays the right message is another. Using a paid ad management service is an excellent way to ensure your ad is relevant to the content consumers are looking for and remains visible to consumers searching for a roofing service.

Estimated Spend: We recommend a budget of one percent for this service that third-party companies, such as Hook Agency, perform.

4. Paid Leads

Paid leads from companies such as Thumbtack are another excellent choice to bump up the visibility of your business. Thumbtack is a platform consumers use to find businesses or services that best fit their needs. The visibility of your company on the platform is based on profile and overall customer reviews and ratings. Therefore, it goes hand-in-hand with SEO and paid ad search/management, as visibility results from performance.

Estimated Spend: Paid leads should make up one percent of your overall marketing budget. Paying for leads will keep your name visible and help you remain an option for those looking for roofing services. 

5. Facebook Advertisement

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Paid Facebook advertising is an excellent, low-budget platform to gain momentum for your roofing company. Facebook advertising is a way to advertise to a captive audience and reach a broad demographic. It is a great platform to increase brand awareness and explore various marketing styles as the flexibility with Facebook advertising is second to none. 

Estimated Spend: Ten percent of your $10K monthly marketing budget is an effective spend on Facebook advertising. Facebook keeps track of users’ demographics to give you a better understanding of the market that finds interest in your ads. 

Final Thoughts

Your marketing campaign will make your roofing business a viable option for those searching for related services. Improving your SEO, increasing ad search visibility, properly managing your paid ads, attracting leads, and utilizing Facebook advertising are all areas that will help your marketing campaign take off. 

Effectively budgeting for these services/platforms will keep you at the forefront of consumers’ minds when considering what roofing company to use.

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