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Achieve Sky-High Success: 5 Secrets to Explosive Roofing Business Growth

250% yearly growth in one year? Why would anyone be so ambitious? You may ask.  Everyone has different reasons for starting a business, which is perfectly fine. But if you’d love to…

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roofing company growth

250% yearly growth in one year? Why would anyone be so ambitious? You may ask. 

Everyone has different reasons for starting a business, which is perfectly fine. But if you’d love to build a business that shapes society like Amazon or Apple, then 250% business growth yearly will sound reasonable. 

Most roofers try hard to enter the $10 – $20 million range, but that growth rate doesn’t come randomly. Such speed comes with great determination, hard work, and knowledge.

Statistics say that only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years. 

Nonetheless, you can have a positive story. One step forward for you will be to read this article to the end as we’ll dissect the nitty-gritty details of roofing business growth. Let’s go!

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How do You Hit That High Rate of Roofing Business Growth?

1. Be Obsessed With Information

By “obsessed,” we’re talking about avid studying, reading, and listening to relevant audiobooks. Consider taking Stanford-level university classes on how to grow businesses. 

If you have a passion for business, investing your effort and time into growth will come spontaneously. 

If your roofing business grows large enough to impact society, you’ll need high information consumption. Knowledge helps you make better decisions. 

You can put leaders in place to handle the daily activities of your business; that’ll save you some time to consume tons of books. 

It all boils down to your ambition to grow your roofing business

How Do You Sort Relevant Information From Chaff?

As we’ve established, the quality and amount of information at your disposal inform the quality of your decision-making. But how do you select what to ingest from the plethora of information online and in books available today? 

Here are three ways we’ve proven to be helpful:

Listen to your business’ pain points

Listen to your employees and learn the problems they are facing. If you’ve set bold goals, you’ll encounter challenges informing the topics and authors you read.

Research about forecasted niche-based skills

Instead of consuming generic content, you can search for “skills for the future in the construction industry” on Google. You’ll surely find forecasts and skills the industry will need in the coming years. 

This information then informs what books or courses you pick up next or recommend to your team.

Learn about your business’s specific vision

Every industry has big guns other companies look up to, but many business owners have never studied what consistently keeps such companies at the forefront. It’s a fantastic way to streamline information, leading to rapid growth. 

Where do you see your business in the next five years? Write that down and start sourcing relevant content on achieving that dream. You might have to pay to access some resources or programs with business leaders, but it’ll be worth it.

2. Onboard Experts on Your Team

You can work without a definite process for up to $10 million. But once you start employing professionals to your team, they add structure to your business. Executive-level professionals can highlight your business’s strengths and weaknesses and guide it to the highest productivity. 

Many roofing company owners avoid the risk of paying huge sums to such experts because they’re unsure of the results they’ll bring. Nonetheless, employing experts can be the best decision you’ve ever made for your roofing business growth. 

This is especially when you, as the business owner, are also literate about the company’s details and do not leave all the decision-making to them.

3. Think Big and Out of the box.

There are often multiple ways to solve a problem, but as a business leader, you must think innovatively to unlock such novel ideas. Today’s tech-powered world opens us up to endless possibilities, particularly for people who can question the status quo. 

Thinking out of the box helps you imagine how best you can improve your service and customers’ experience, and that’s true growth. Your business is also open to expansion and evolving when your mindset about business isn’t locked up in traditional methods. 

You’ll have a bigger perspective on events in the construction industry and how you can leverage them for mind-blowing profit.

4. Be Willing to Take Risks

Risking everything to start your business must have been terrifying, but you did it anyway, and now you’re proud of your business. The principle of risk-taking also applies to running a business. 

250% roofing business growth in a year doesn’t come by making the regular moves; you’ll need to step out of your comfort zone and set some crazy goals! With a risk-taking mindset formed in your company, your employees will be pressured to evolve by learning new skills and thinking creatively. 

The fear of failure disappears because they know they don’t lose unless they quit. Above all, taking calculated risks strengthens the bond and trust among your team members, which boosts their ability to manage skyrocketing revenue.

5. Maximize Social Media

Attracting new customers might be the most challenging part of roofing business growth. Even with good products and customer service, you will only grow if you find a way to bring your business before millions of eyes simultaneously. And that’s the magic social media brings. 

Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook have leveled the ground between small and larger companies, making customer attraction as simple as creating engaging content. 

All you need to do is:

There’s something about people purchasing preferentially from brands they’re familiar with, even if it’s the first time. A well-implemented social media marketing strategy subconsciously imprints your business’ name, services, and perceived qualities on people’s minds. 

Final Thoughts

You must get real and ask yourself if you’re currently at your dream destination. Is $5-10 million yearly enough for you? If not, then you must keep moving. Sincerely, with big dogs like Amazon and Apple to be inspired by, you can’t relax now knowing how large you can become in the construction market. 

Amazingly, your desire is plausible! You’ll be on your way to greatness once you can accustom your team to think innovatively, take calculated risks, and maximize tech tools like social media. 

Also, you must uphold the importance of onboarding professionals in ensuring your growth. Their wealth of experience and expertise brings precision and speed to the team.

What if you started your 250% roofing business growth today by consulting with us? Our team’s diversity of expertise in marketing can get you started in the right direction. You’ll skip much stress just by talking to us, as we’re excited to see you fly! Contact us today!

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