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Plumbing SEO Tips | 7 Incredible Tips for Your Plumbing Business

Have you ever wondered why you’re not getting the amount of traffic on your website as your competition? Ranking higher on Google is not easy, especially when there are so many SEO…

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Have you ever wondered why you’re not getting the amount of traffic on your website as your competition?

Ranking higher on Google is not easy, especially when there are so many SEO companies out there that don’t know what it takes to take you to the top.

Lucky for you, we have some great plumbing SEO tips for your company to implement into your marketing process.

These tips, if implemented correctly, will no doubt get your traffic from Google to go up dramatically over the next few months because remember, SEO isn’t an overnight process.

1. Use Easy to Consume Content to Increase Time on Site

Getting people to come to your site can be a challenge, but getting them to stay on there is a whole new ballgame.

People like to get information fast these days and don’t always want to stick around to read a whole article.

So how do you capture their attention and get them to stick around? By making content easier for them to consume.

Some of the best ways to do this are:

  • Visual content – This can be things like photos, graphs, and other visuals that will get the audience more engaged and interested in your page.
  • Bullet Points – Bullet points are a great way for you to get your points or lists out in a more visually pleasing and clear way and helps make it easier for the reader to dissect the information easier.
  • Videos – I’ll touch more on later

2. Make Sure Your Google My Business Listing is complete and Up-to-date.

If you don’t have your Google my business filled out, DO IT NOW!!!

You don’t even need a website for this, so what are you waiting for?

How you can optimize your Google My Business?

  • First things first, sign up, even if you don’t have a website
  • Get some reviews
  • Be sure that your name, address, and phone number are consistent across the web.
  • Put up photos of your team and office
  • Be sure that all of the fields are filled in, and to take it seriously.

3. Make Sure Your Website is 100% Mobile-Friendly

Making your website mobile-friendly is more important now than ever before. You need a site that is able to load and fit on your screen without people having to adjust it on their own to fit, giving your users a better experience with your site.

Why is mobile-friendly so important for my SEO?

Google is now going through your site and testing for mobile-friendliness and indexing websites mobile-first. A majority of searches and website traffic are now also coming from mobile devices outnumbering the amount of people searching from their desktops and laptops.

What can I do to make sure that my website is optimized for mobile?

There a few things you can do to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile. These things are:

    • Make sure your content is all accessible from a mobile device.
    • If you have a separate mobile version, try to move to a ‘responsive’ design.

4. Getting Online Reviews for Your Plumbing Business is More Important Than You Realize.

As the title of this paragraph states, getting online reviews is more important than you may realize.

The impact 15+ 5-star Google reviews can do for your business may just surprise you.

You don’t need to have a perfect 5-star rating across the board, but it is important that it stays above 4.5.

What does having more 5-star reviews do for my business?

Google uses 5-star reviews when they decide who is showing on the top of the maps. It is also a great way to get more trust from potential customers. When they see the experience other people have had with your business, they are more willing to choose you because they know what to expect.

How do I get more 5-star reviews?

One way you can get more 5-star reviews is simply by asking customers and clients for reviews a few weeks after you have completed their work.

5. Writing Meta Titles and Descriptions for Every Page

If you’re not doing these, you definitely should.

Meta-titles and descriptions a very important tool for you to get higher on Google.

This is where your top keywords are really going to shine and prove their value. There are different tools you can use to find your keywords, for example, Ahrefs, you can look up which words are getting the most searches, however, even if you are just making an educated guess on what people are looking up, you will have a better shot at landing people than if you were to just skip out on filling these out.

What are meta titles and descriptions?

meta-title – is the blue text that shows in Google search results pages.
meta-description – is the text that shows below the blue

How do you change these?

You are able to change these by editing it in your content from the backend of your website if your content management system has the option to do so.

We use Wordpress for our system and have the option to edit through that.

You also have the option of using a tool like Yoast SEO for your meta-titles and descriptions.

6. Invest in a Content Strategy that Will Help Your Ideal Customers

If there is a particular niche that you’re looking to go after, content marketing is a great strategy to utilize.

With content marketing, you are able to create things like landing pages for targeted cities and sub-services, as well as put out useful information in front of customers.

How does content marketing help with SEO?

When it comes to ranking higher Google, content is a great tool to get you there.

Google loves high quality and fresh content on websites. And ya know what? So do your customers.
When you put out content that is able to assist customers and help answer their questions, it will bring people to your website more often and will keep them on your page for longer periods of time.

Google’s algorithm will take this into account and rank you higher because it will see you as a website that has good content that more people want to interact with.

7. Use Video to Improve Your SEO

When it comes to improving SEO on your site, video is a great way for you to get a boost.

In fact, video has the capability of increasing your organic traffic by an average of 157%.

Where should I upload my videos?

When it comes to uploading videos onto a video hosting platform, we recommend putting your videos on YouTube, as it is the second largest search engine platform behind only Google.

How does video help with my SEO?

When you are able to bring people onto your site longer and get more engagement, you will be rewarded for it. Google has something called Rank Brain, which is Google’s AI that pays very close attention to user engagement titles they click on and how they interact on your page. So when you add a video to your page, it will boost the amount of time people are on your page, so Google will take that information as people liking what is on the page and give your page boost.

Check out this video on 3 reasons why video is good for SEO:


When you follow these 7 Plumbing SEO tips, you will see a great and positive impact from it.

Now go out there and do it!

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