Cheaper Estimate Sales Responses: Overcome Price Objections

Roofing, my friends, can be a pretty hefty investment when it comes to sprucing up your humble abode. And you know what that means? Yep, it’s the price objections parade! Homeowners everywhere…

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Too High Roofing Quote/Estimate - Cheaper Bid Objection Handling in Sales - Homeowner frustrated with expensive estimate looks up at high bid

Roofing, my friends, can be a pretty hefty investment when it comes to sprucing up your humble abode. And you know what that means? Yep, it’s the price objections parade! Homeowners everywhere are playing the “Who’s got the best deal?” game, waving around those pesky cheaper estimates like shiny trophies. But fear not, fellow roofers and business owners! We’ve got your back, and we’ve rounded up the crème de la crème of smart roofers who know how to conquer those price objections with style.

So when they say “Your competitors price is cheaper” – it may FEEL LIKE a price objection.

😂 Maybe you can’t say:

  • “Tell me which part of the roof you would like us to leave off.”
  • “I didn’t realize you couldn’t afford me”
  • “Take the offer. But don’t call me to fix it.”

But if you’ve ever felt like you’re wrestling with a price-tag monster or battling a cheaper estimate dragon, this expert roundup is your ultimate weapon. You’re about to gain priceless tips and tricks from the pros, helping you conquer these challenges and become the go-to roofing champion in town.

These awesome answers to price-related objections original started as comments on Liz Calzadilla’s awesome question on Facebook: “Cheaper estimate Rebuttals!”

What’s the real difference here?

“Let me ask you this, if our prices were the same, why would you still want us to do the job? Here. Let’s write down a list of all the reasons you would prefer to work with us, assuming the prices were the same. Ok, this is exactly why we’re $ (this amount) more than the other estimate. Besides, we can get this started right away, and you won’t have to worry about it any longer…” (If they’re still communicating, they’re obviously interested in having you do the job) 🙂

Owen Shrock

Educate them so they make a better decision

“I get it. I actually used to have the same mindset prior to getting into this industry. It’s like buying tires. Such an un-gratifying expense. Once I got on this side of the transaction and realized a few things, it completely changed for me. For instance, for most of us our home is our largest most precious investment. The roof is the protective layer of that investment and most of us know nothing about the system and we trust Joe blow with the best price or best sales pitch when we’re buying a new roof. Let me teach you a few things about your roof so you can actually make an educated decision with what you’re buying. (Brings shingle, bullet boot and roof in a bag out and starts going thru what makes a roofing system selling the value of a quality high performing roof installed by a contractor with integrity. Plus, it actually appreciates the value of your home. Last week I was involved in a real estate transaction where the sale price increased by 17,000 because of a roof I got approved by way of insurance and replaced before the close of the home.”

Heather Hitchcock

If this was a medical situation would you go cheap?

“If your child had to see a pediatric cardiologist? Would you choose the cheapest? Why not? That makes sense, you want the Doctor that is experienced, going to be there in the future, has the best knowledge for your child’s needs right? That makes sense and I would feel the same way. Let me ask you, is your house your largest physical asset? And your family relies on your house? What part of your house protects what is in it? Why would the same principles not apply to your roof as it does to your families care?”

Jen Silver

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten

“Benjamin Franklin once said the truest way to economy is the buy once and buy right. Buying cheap merchandise to save a little money is like stopping a clock to save time, it just doesn’t work does it?

Poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

Here at ___________ roofing, we stand behind quality, reliability, and performance

Let’s not let a few dollars get in the way of the peace of mind that a quality roof and install provides for yourself and your family for years to come.

That makes sense doesn’t it?

I have an open install date next Monday or Wednesday. What works better for you?”

Jason Roberts

Simplify’d Storm Consultants

65% of all home improvement projects have to be redone

“Be sure to go ahead and save the differences in our prices. Put it up for your future repairs or down payment on your next roof.

Keep in mind that approx 65% of all home improvement projects have to be redone due to poor craftsmanship.

Most of the time you have to cut quality to cut prices.”

Jonathan Broce

Keep looking and there will be someone cheaper!

“..and I promise if you keep looking, you can find someone that can do it even cheaper than the other estimate. The truth is apples to apples more than likely the person offering you a 10 year warranty on their labor hasn’t even been in business for 10 years, so do you want to company with a proven track record that has actually honored their 10 year labor warranty or do you want a company that statistically will not be here in two years?”

Jacob Fuchs

I didn’t realize you wanted a cheap roof!

“We would really love to install your roof. I didn’t realize you wanted a cheap roof. We have many options for cheaper roofs.

This automatically kicks in the conversation of apples to apples because they will always say, no I don’t want a cheaper roof I want it to cost less.

This is where you now separate yourself…

Let’s make sure you’re getting a less costing roof and not a cheaper roof, I definitely don’t expect you to pay us more for the same thing… are they insured with the installers insured with comp insurance ? We would never put you at risk for a lawsuit if our installers get injured… here’s our policy…. Is this lower price carry comp insurance on their installers?

Are the installers certified installers ? Here’s our certifications , we don’t put anyone on your roof that aren’t certified to Install your roof.

Then you can bring up a litany of other details that should be in your contract… such as remaining decking and loose screws… nothing worse than a new roof nailed to loose decking or old deck nails working through a new roof…”

Stephen McRae

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