Tips for Brand New Roofing Salespeople to Close More Deals

Roof sales are a gold rush! The owner of this roofing company is promising the world! Unfortunately – if you’re 3 months into a roofing sales job, you’ll realize – it’s not going…

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Roof sales are a gold rush!

The owner of this roofing company is promising the world!

Unfortunately – if you’re 3 months into a roofing sales job, you’ll realize – it’s not going to be that easy.

  • You have to actually hone your craft on a regular basis
  • No one is going to give you all the training you’d ever want and you have to drive your own growth.

I recently was privied to a conversation from these awesome roofing sales people about how to sell more roofs – and I curated the best answers so you might be able to gain value from it if you’re Google around for “How to sell roofs.”

This piece of content is for those of you who are just getting into roofing sales, or are a few months in and having less luck getting into a groove:

“5 Things that close a sale + get a mentor”

“5 things typically must exist to make a sale:

  1. TRUST- no trust= no sale. You build trust throughout the entire presentation.
  2. NEED- sometimes you can sell a roof off of “want”, but typically it’s a need. You must identify and get the customer to agree they have a need!
  3. BUILD URGENCY- why would they not wait until tomorrow if they can? They must agree that they must take action TODAY!
  4. MONEY/FINANCING- the ability to pay for said project
  5. TIME- time to fully go over your company, product, warranty etc.

There’s SO much more that I could get into, but it would take hours.

My advice is to get a mentor and learn everything you can. Whenever I’m the vehicle you should have a cd or audio book on about sales. It takes approximately 21 days to build a habit and approximately 50 repetitions to master something, so you must PRACTICE!

Lastly, the best close in the world is a masterful presentation.”

Ryan Utsch

“I don’t sell anyone anything, the photos of the damage do the selling for me.”

“Are you transitioning from after the roof inspection and sitting down at kitchen table, breakfast counter area or living room couch area?

Control the situation.

Explain paperwork thoroughly line by line ask if they have any ?s throughout the explanation of the paper work get ink and proceed with the next steps🙏

From start with the door hook to transition from roof to comfort zone in the home key factors through the process:

  • Confidence and knowledge of info provided to homeowner
  • Eye contact
  • Posture
  • Personality
  • Hand gestures”

Kevin O’Neal

“Sales, like football, is a game of inches.”

“You have to be casually moving the ball down the field.

Ask questions, listen to answers. Listen to respond, not react.
Inch by inch, uncovering things that seem to be in your way, and push them gently aside.
Gain another inch.

And then another.
Sales is just a simple conversation focus on value.
Nothing more.

Relax! You got this.”

David Taggart

Will Spence

“You’re really just buying the next minute.”

“You buy that next minute by asking commitment questions. Handling their objections. Getting commitments. And turning them into tie downs.
Tie down #1.
After you’ve come down off the roof
knock knock***

“Hey (FIRST NAME) how are you doing?”
> look i don’t have much time
“Awesome. What do you got about 30 minutes?”
“Awesome man, I only need 10. What we got going on up on your roof is, we found enough damage to where we do feel pretty confident that we can go ahead and get you a new roof and get the insurance company to pay for it. So what we’re going to do today man is just go over some basic agreements and then get in contact with your insurance company to let them know what’s going on. Now what they need is, they’re going to send out their own adjuster, what we do for you is we come back out here, get up on the roof with him, I show him the damage that we found. Do you mind if we sit at the kitchen table?

> Alright come on in.
Tie down #2
“So, (show them the paperwork) this is the agreement that we have with all of our homeowners. I’ll go over everything with you before you decide to sign anything. But before we get the ball rolling I understand you might not want to sign anything but you did say you want to get that new roof, right?”

> Right
Tie down #3
“And it does make sense to pay your $1,000 deductible rather than $15k, right?”
> Yes
“Awesome, so what I’d like to do with you today (FIRST NAME) is just go over this basic agreement before you sign anything okay?”
Then go over the agreement with them.”

Will Spence

Vertical Agency

“The absolute truth. Truth and knowledge.”

“Truth about the process from the door knock to collecting final.

Information about the process from tear off to rolling a magnet. Have the answers.

I don’t know who you work for so not casting shade but if you believe in the process and know that you are helping the homeowner, it makes it a hell of a lot easier”

David Maynard

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