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Improve Your Home Service Business with These 8 Proven SEO Tips

For a lot of businesses – getting 6.5k website visits, and 42 leads a month wouldn’t necessarily = wildly lucrative. If you make modern, gorgeous, (often $1M+) luxury homes (like Sustainable 9 Design +…

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For a lot of businesses – getting 6.5k website visits, and 42 leads a month wouldn’t necessarily = wildly lucrative. If you make modern, gorgeous, (often $1M+) luxury homes (like Sustainable 9 Design + Build) and those leads rhythmically turned into closed deals over the course of the last couple years – it can mean serious dough.

If you’re doing SEO for Home Service Businesses or Contractors, or if you want to do better SEO for your Home Service Business, steal this strategy 👇

A Simple, Proven Home Services SEO Strategy

1. Ensure you’re going after terms that have real search volume, ranking for ‘Modern Home Builders’ – for instance at the top of the map and main listing area, in the Twin Cities, helps drive conversions. (Everything is better with a niche – curiously, I think home service SEO companies should be nudging our clients towards this if they don’t have a niche.

(If the city your office is in doesn’t have a ton of search volume – move your office. No Jk, kind of – target surrounding areas with landing pages etc.) 📍

2. Continually build out your content for other terms that surround your main topics – “[Style of] Houses”, “Best Neighborhoods in [City]”. Local terms are better than LARGE volume terms. Play small ball to win big. ⚾️

3. Always be improving the websites user experience, adding recent examples and make tweaks to continually service the INTENT of searchers, with content improvements. (Your best content will drive 80% of the searches so they should get at least a yearly refresh.) ♻️

4. Backlinks. <- Yes, we did ‘digital PR’ or whatever you want to call it, to get more backlinks, but we also advise the client to always ask for a backlink when they get natural news stories. 🔗 Quality > Quantity every time. I’d rather get one solid write up a month than 50 cheap links. (SEO is getting harder)

5. Get a Google Specialized Team – This was not the result of one person doing cool nerd shit in the background. This was multiple niched writers writing, pinning on Pinterest, SEO’s writing metas and doing technical edits to ensure website hygiene, designers designing, developers developing, and most importantly….👏

A client that HAD PATIENCE…

Work with a hard-working Google-specialized team you can trust, and trust them.

💰 It’s worth it. 💰

3 Advanced Home Services SEO Ideas

Here’s how to kick it up a notch on a home services SEO project like this:

1. Go hard on the alt text on all of your portfolio examples (to get links):

Advanced Home Services SEO Ideas - Get Links by doing inspiration oriented Alt text

2. Go after the most luxury focused customers – with niche terms like ‘Luxury [City Name] Kitchens’

  • This is one of their most sought after home features – even though they don’t do remodels or simply kitchens, this is the starting point for many of their best customers.
  • What’s the starting point of the thought process for your most lucrative customers? Brainstorm a list.

3. Do things that aren’t scalable.

Sometimes it’s scalable and sometimes it’s not, but take every ethical business advantage you’ve got. 

Tim Brown, Hook Agency

After this client took their social media internally, we have advised them that we believe they should be pinning all the images from every project they do on Pinterest (perhaps the jurisdiction of the ‘social media team’, but this helps SEO considerably.)

You best believe that if the client doesn’t pin these items on their account, we should at least pin them on Pinterest in some way.

Is it scalable?

Honestly – I don’t know or care.

You want to advise your team to take every ethical advantage, always with the end goal of more visibility, more links, higher Google rankings and more leads.

Do you need Home Services Marketing, with an emphasis on Home Services SEO?

We are not shy when it comes to our love of contractors and home services businesses.

We want to be the best home services SEO company in the world!

How are we trying to do that?

  • We are building a culture of training internally that has 3 main features (weekly workshops, mentorship, and peer feedback loops.)
  • We are only hiring SEO’s, writers, developers and designers that love contractors and home services businesses so there is mutual respect (+meaning, and significance) in their work.
  • We are combining visual design and development chops with traditional Search Engine Optimization strategies, to make sure our clients are not only getting higher on Google, but that the people that are coming to their website are seeing something persuasive, well-designed, and are more likely to become actual customers.

Your Google Specialized Team

If you work with Hook Agency – you have access to the following specialists every month:

  • A copywriter that is specialized in Home Services SEO writing.
  • An SEO specialist that is constantly cutting their teeth on other home improvement and contractor focused accounts (and applying those insights to your account.)
  • A developer who is focused on business outcomes rather tha
  • A web designer
  • Infographic designers, link outreach people, account strategists – all working behind the scenes to create content, get more visibility, and ultimately leads from Google.

What we don’t do is almost as important as what we do! We don’t have a Facebook ads team, we don’t have a Amazon ads team, we don’t do eCommerce, and we’re no longer accepting any accounts that aren’t contractors or home services.

We also have 10-20 built out proven processes that we implement on your account and that we’ve created for the sole purposes of getting better results with home service business’ SEO.

We’re ready to help when you’re ready to get started!

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