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Home Services Marketing & SEO Tips: How to Increase Leads and Conversions

Investing so much energy, money, and time in a marketing campaign could be tiring; and you must get your desired results! However, your success as a home service owner lies in always…

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Investing so much energy, money, and time in a marketing campaign could be tiring; and you must get your desired results! However, your success as a home service owner lies in always working with a marketing goal — to develop leads. 

And we’re not talking just any kind of leads; high-quality ones!

Today’s world is digital, and that counts seriously if you need high-grade leads. Those you’re looking for can find you in just one click. Because of that, you want to exhaust every online marketing option you have. 

Doing so makes you stand out from your competition, and generate mind-blowing quality and amounts of leads for your company!

How do you go about this? That’s why we’re here! So make sure to read till the end, so you don’t miss a bit of the fun!

1. Develop Your Website

Your website’s quality is crucial to generating leads and conversions. First-time clients visiting your social media handles will move to your website to get more information. Hence, you should optimize the website correctly. There are several ways to do this:

A Well-detailed Website 

Let’s say a client who knows very little about your services comes to your website; what amount of information will they find there? It’s always best for anyone to understand these simple details from your website: 

  • What you offer, 
  • Where you’re based, and 
  • See photos of your work.

Such a client can easily decide to patronize or refer to you. Your website must look as professional as possible, containing every potential information your clients want.

Focus on Your Website’s SEO 

Another way you can optimize your website is to focus on SEO (Search engine optimization). Doing so brings more leads to your website. Your target audience uses local search terms to find information online; find those terms and use them well on your website. 

It helps your name and website appear in more Google searches. Hook agency specializes in generating crazy amounts of leads through SEO; let’s help you out!

Create Lead Forms

You don’t want people to visit your website and leave without getting any information about them. That’s why you need to place several forms on your website. That makes it easier for your target audience to input their details while surfing through your site. 

Your new customers will be keen to take action and start their project; filling out a contact form will be easy. This form will help you get the proper information about them. 

While for those that only want to know more about your work, an email subscription to get your updates or newsletters is a good enough option.

2. Invest in Creative Content 

People aren’t wrong when they say, “Content is king.” Creating strategic content is one important strategy many modern businesses use today for their business growth, and home services brands are not left out. 

With so much short-spanned attention today, you need more catchy content for people to click on your website. Various types of content generate leads, but some are particularly important for home services. Some of them are:

Social Media Content

You can easily engage your potential customers on social media. Home service companies (especially roof contractors) have several opportunities on social media to increase leads and conversion.

However, the social media platforms that’ll suit you best depending on what your target customers use the most. Some of these platforms include:

  • Instagram
  • YouTube 
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest 
  • Tiktok

Important fact! — You won’t gain the trust of your potential customers if you only boast about your capabilities but don’t provide backing proof. So don’t just say; show proof! 

Examples are video content and pictures showing the customer how valuable you’ll be to them. As a roofer, show them videos on setting up a roof and make the right choice when choosing a roof for their house. It makes them feel exceptional as customers.

Also, always be online to respond to comments and messages generated from your content. On doing this, you’ll find your number of leads growing as you form stronger bonds with your target audience.

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is an essential tool that helps you generate new leads at the same time, nurture the existing ones. It makes it easier to communicate with customers. And the more you stay in touch with your customers, the more they will always have you in mind. 

When they have new roofing projects, they’ll contact you first or refer you to friends who need your services.

Furthermore, you can connect with the new leads you gain from your website using email. You don’t want to welcome them initially and then leave them hanging until they have a job for you. You can send emails containing information about what your brand offers. 

Doing so establishes their trust and shows you hold some authority in the home service industry. Consequently, your customers feel free with you, ask many questions, or even request a quote!

Use Strategic SEO Blogs

A blog is an excellent way to advertise your business to the right audience. Some contents to include in your blog articles are:

  • Content that meets your audience’s interests, pain points, and demands.
  • Vital tips on design and how to find outstanding contractors. You can also share your professional advice on the various types of home equipment and their uses.
  • Pictures to animate your points. 

Using your content effectively increases your authority as an industry leader and builds your audience’s trust. Your copy makes you stand out and differentiate you from your competitors.

3. Target a Specific Locality

For lead generation, quality is preferred over quantity. As a home service company, you want to cast your net only slightly wide, focus on a specific residential area, and put in your best marketing effort. 

Doing so will yield beautiful results, as you get the most out of your time, money, and effort. Above all, it will increase your appearance in search results. 

You can accomplish local targeting either through paid or organic processes.

  • Local Services Ads (LSAs): These ads appear when customers search a specific area and are perfect for generating nearby leads.
  • Local SEO: This process boosts your ranking by optimizing your site for local search.

4. Customer Review and Reputation Management 

You must recognize the power of customer reviews. It’s one powerful tool to increase leads and conversion on your website! You can use many platforms to get reviews from previous customers – Yelp, Google My Business, Facebook reviews, and many more. 

Your potential customers’ access to your review section strengthens their trust. Reviews come under what is called reputation management. Reputation management helps you maintain a good relationship with current and potential customers. 

Note that your target audience sees how you interact with your current customers. On sensing your quality customer service, even those who should doubt your capability will be more confident to bring their business deals🤝. 

5. Work With Digital Marketing Experts

Lead generation strategy must have a diligent marketing strategy; both work hand-in-hand. As a home improvement professional, it’s possible that your work doesn’t allow you enough time to oversee your brand’s digital marketing strategies. Hence, you must partner with a reliable digital marketing expert to ensure results. Hook agency is one such team of experts.


You have a lot on your table as a home service professional. Nonetheless, these points will accelerate your business growth if you take them seriously.

  • A professional website that meets your target audience’s expectation
  • Strategic content
  • Location specialization
  • Customer reviews and reputation management.
  • Partnering with a digital marketing expert.

Countless digital marketing companies exist, but only a few have the experience, skill, and reputation for providing high-quality service. Hook agency meets all these standards and can help you generate high-quality leads that bring sales. Contact us today!

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