Guaranteed Leads Companies – Are they Legit or Not?

This week on the Next Level – Contractor Podcast. Tim sits down with Dmitry of Roofing Insights. Dmitry, a long time advocate for homeowners getting the opportunity to work with high-quality, customer-focused…

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This week on the Next Level – Contractor Podcast. Tim sits down with Dmitry of Roofing Insights.

Dmitry, a long time advocate for homeowners getting the opportunity to work with high-quality, customer-focused roofers, recently created a roofing directory that we’re proud of. This directory only has the top roofers on it that pass through their strict application process. Dmitry even says that if you work with a roofer from his directory that doesn’t get the job done the way you deserve that he’ll cover the cost to make it right up to $20,000.

This guy is the real deal, and so is Roofing Insights.

Here’s the video that Dmitry and Tim put together. Be sure to check it out or scroll down for an outline of what they talked about relating to Guaranteed Leads Companies.

YouTube video

Are Guaranteed Leads for Roofing Companies Legit?

Dmitry says no. Guaranteed leads aren’t legit because while yes, you might be able to receive a bunch of names and numbers from these lead companies, they won’t actually be legitimate leads.

For example, if a company says to you, “we’ll get you 10 leads in the first week.” How many of those leads will actually lead to successful phone calls or meetings with homeowners? Maybe 1, right? So then, those aren’t guaranteed leads.

One thing you should do before working with a guaranteed lead company is ask for the fine print right away. If you don’t read through the fine print, then it can be easy to get spoofed and eventually scammed by these guaranteed leads companies.

Home Advisor

Both Tim and Dmitry have plenty to say about Home Advisor and other similar companies. Tim wrote an article in the past about Home Advisor reviews and why Home Advisor should be avoided, and Dmitry recorded a video sharing different employee reviews. Without going into too much detail, Home Advisor has scammed quite a few people and isn’t a good alternative to owning your own marketing.

Be sure to check out both that article and video for more info on why you should be avoiding Home Advisor and finding other ways to grow your inbound leads.

Own Your Marketing

No matter who you are or where you’re working, you’ll always care more about your business than anyone else will. It’s human nature to care more about your business. That’s why we always encourage contractors, even those who are working with us, to own their own marketing. Instead of just assuming that everything will come together, it’s essential that you are diligent with social media, responding to comments, using truck wraps, referrals, getting reviews from satisfied customers. Whatever it is, you have to be working on growing your marketing even while partnering with SEO and web design companies like Hook. There’s no one-stop-shop. Great marketing and lead generation takes hard work.

How to Know Where to Spend Your Marketing Budget

If you see an ad or come across someone that’s offering guaranteed leads, how do you know if you should take the bait or not? Sometimes these leads will pay off and might actually turn out to be some good business, other times maybe not. Here is Dmitry’s take:

“I recommend spending 5% of your budget on marketing. That means if you’re doing $100,000 in sales, you need to be spending $5,000 on marketing. And the truth is that only 50% of that marketing budget is going to bring in real business. Knowing where to spend your marketing is all a guess sometimes. You have to look at the data and find what channels are bringing in leads. Then eventually, you want to work towards only putting money towards the marketing channels that are bringing in money.”

Here is a roofing marketing guide that Dmitry put together. In this guide, Dmitry lays out what works for him, in what order, and what doesn’t work.

Dmitry says, “it’s okay to try things, but you can’t be too aggressive because eventually, you’ll spend yourself out of business just trying to get leads.”

The System that Works Great

If you’re looking for a guaranteed leads company, find a company that only charges you when you have positive results. Money-back guarantees make sense, especially if you’re working with companies similar to Home Advisor. Results-driven marketing companies that work with legitimate contractors will make lead generation more trustworthy and allow for more positive experiences.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this synopsis of the Next Level – Contractor Podcast. Be sure to check out the video if you haven’t already. You’re sure to get some laughs and more value from it. You can find Hook Agency and Roofing Insights online or on social. We’d love it if you gave us some love. Be sure to drop a comment or share this on social and tag us if you enjoyed it.

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