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General Contractor Marketing Plan: 7 Awesome Templates

As a general contractor, you know how to build things – but making a marketing plan from scratch is a different story.  You may be asking yourself: How should you write a…

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General Contractor Marketing Plan Templates

As a general contractor, you know how to build things – but making a marketing plan from scratch is a different story. 

You may be asking yourself: How should you write a marketing plan? What information should your marketing plan contain?  Where should you begin?

Luckily, we’ve got a great selection of marketing planning templates and tools to get you started on building your general contractor marketing plan. 

Small Business Marketing Tools

The templates available on the Small Business Marketing Tools website contains several helpful features: 

  • A template builder to help you along the way. 
  • Templates with pre-loaded options and built-in formulas.

Unlike a few other templates on this list, this option is not free. The reusable, customizable template is available for a one-time price before it can be accessed and altered as much as you want.

If you’re looking for a few options geared toward contractors, has quite the selection. It has templates specified for construction management, remodeling contractors, and contractor managers, among others. 

The downside of using these templates is that they are not available in the same format. Some are PDFs, while others work with Google Docs, MS Word, and Pages. You may have to hunt around to find one you can use. The upside is that a few of the templates are available in A4 size for ease of use while working with international clients. 

Forbes Marketing Plan Template

Always a reliable source, the information available from Forbes is less of a template and more of an outline of the most important sections to include in your marketing plan. The guide walks you through the essential information to building your new marketing plan. If you need to figure out your unique selling proposition or align your pricing and positioning strategies or detail your joint ventures, this is a great jumping-off point. 

While this article serves as beneficial information, it does not provide its own free template, so it might work better as supplemental reading if you fill out a customizable template. 


If you need your marketing plan to be very specific to your business needs, Mplans is an excellent way to go. They include: 

  • Sales and marketing tools 
  • Variety of marketing plans for various companies 
  • Marketing templates available for different projects (home inspection, plumbing, water purification, etc.

Business Plan

If you want comprehensive, customizable marketing and business plan templates that help you fill out the information you need as accurately as possible, the updated 2022 version of can get you started. 

While this is a complete business plan as the name implies, the included information about creating a marketing plan is beneficial. This plan has all of the following:

  • Its own template
  • Included promotions strategies 
  • Included branding information
  • Included pricing strategy 

Since these are all contained within a larger plan, it’s not quite as accessible as others on the list, but it is helpful while integrating your marketing plan into your overall business strategy. 


The Marketing Plan Outline provided by QuickMBA is concise, easy to use, and thorough without being too long. 

The downside of QuickMBA’s outline is that there is not much detail in the template itself, so this is a good option for anyone who already knows the information they want to include in their marketing plan but doesn’t quite know how to format it. 


For an in-depth, detailed look at creating a marketing plan, take a look at ProfitableVenture’s Sample Construction Company Marketing Plan template. The table of contents makes it easy to navigate the section of the plan that you need to read up on, whether it’s the SWOT Analysis, Sales Forecast, or even Strategic Marketing Alliance with Our Competitors in the Construction Industry.

This template is very dense, so it may take some time to get the specific information you’re looking for– unless you want a general overview of a great marketing plan. In that case, this is the perfect option.

Still Not Sure?

You might need help deciding on a template, or maybe you want to go custom. If you’re not sure what the best approach is for you, feel free to schedule a call with us today. We can help you figure it out. 

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