5 Copywriting Secrets for Small Business Websites

As someone who writes a lot every day — whether for our clients our internally — I completely understand the pain and frustration that accompanies writer’s block. If you’re currently reading this,…

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As someone who writes a lot every day — whether for our clients our internally — I completely understand the pain and frustration that accompanies writer’s block.

If you’re currently reading this, then it’s likely that you are experiencing some difficulty trying to drum up some copy for a website for your small business.

If you’re not much of writer, it can be tough to express what your business is and how you can be of service. While you know exactly what you do, you still want to convey your message in a meaningful and compelling manner.

Even if you are a prolific writer, this can be difficult.

However, it certainly isn’t impossible, but it will take time.

To ensure that your website copy is persuasive and engaging, follow these 5 secrets.

Figure Out Your Overall Message Before You Start Writing

When it comes to writing good copy for your website, you need to create a plan of action first.

Ask yourself this question: What do you want your overall message to be with your website? 

If you’re a home builder, how are you going to differentiate yourself with your headlines, service page copy, and any other words on your site? There are tons of homebuilders out there, and the right website copy can help push more clients to choose you.

For example, what style of home do you build the most? Is it Cape Code, Modern Farmhouse, or Log Cabin? Make that obvious so that you can attract the right clients and customers.

In other words, make sure that your Unique Value Proposition (what makes your business special) is clear right away when someone enters your site.

Take a look at this example for one of our clients, Sustainable 9:

Notice how right away, the first thing someone would read is “Eco-friendly Minnesota Modern Custom Home Builder.”

Boom. Right off the bat, we know what they do (a modern home builder), what makes them different (Eco-friendly and custom), and where they are located (Minnesota).

For small businesses, showing that you’re a local company is critical — but more on that later.

Identify Your Ideal Customers’ Pain Points and Mention it in the Copy

Regardless of what you’re selling, your customers are coming to you because they have some sort of problem that needs to be addressed — and you’re the one who can help them do just that.

To illustrate this, here is another example from a client, First American Roofing — courtesy of their ‘Roofing’ services page.

One of the problems that First American’s clients face is that while they may recognize their roofing needs repairing, they simply don’t want to deal with having people working on their roof for a few days to a week.

However, because their process is streamlined, First American is able to complete projects in a day. This is a huge selling point for many of their customers, so it is one of the first things mentioned on this services page.

So, take the time to figure out what it is your clients are having trouble with and how your business solves them. Then, clearly explain this in your web copy.

Less is More – Be Intentional With Your Copy

Let your beautifully-crafted web design breathe a little bit. Your web design and web copy go hand-in-hand.

Copy-heavy websites are extremely-overwhelming for users and can lead to them backing out of your site as soon as you enter it.

When it comes to website copy, the goal is to be intentional. Every paragraph, every headline, every word, and every period should have a purpose behind it. Adding extra fluff or lengthy sentences and large blocks of text are a great way to make sure someone who is visiting your website hits the back button and never comes back.

There should be enough copy to describe who you are and what you do — nothing more, nothing less.

Outsource Your Copywriting to an Agency

I know what you’re thinking, “Wait a second, how can someone who doesn’t work at my business write copy for my website? They don’t know anything about me or what I do.”

While it is understandable that you would have these worries, a good digital marketing agency will have a process in place to fill this gaps of knowledge to ensure that the copywriter fits the brand image you want.

Initial meetings will take place so that the agency can get to know who you are, what you do, who your clients are, and the type of voice and personality that should accompany the website copy.

A good copywriter will work with you to then fine-tune the copy they first present and this process will continue until the copy has been finalized.

Even if you have a complicated product or service offering, a talented copywriter will be able to conduct subject matter expert (SME) interviews with you to figure out how to relay what you do in words that your customers can understand.

So, while it is understandable you would be nervous having someone write on your behalf, it’s not actually how it goes down. Instead, an agency and their copywriter will help put your own words, thoughts, and emotions about your business into writing.

Emphasize That You’re a Local Business

Today, there is a movement towards choosing to shop at local businesses.

People often associate small and local businesses as someone they can trust and who knows they will take the time to do the job right.

So, make sure that you emphasize that you are a part of the local community is a massive part in helping you stand out amongst some of the more prominent companies who are your competition.

In addition to this, you should also make sure that your local SEO is top-notch — otherwise, it may be hard for your prospective customers to even find your website.

Count on Hook for All Your Small Business Website Needs

Here at Hook, we’ve worked with many small businesses to help increase their digital marketing efforts, whether through Web Design, SEO, Social Media, or Content Strategy and Copywriting.

We have a passion for what we do, and we love helping small businesses thrive in the ever increasingly-competitive landscape.

After working with us, you’ll be much more confident in your digital marketing — which isn’t just reserved for the big companies. All companies, big or small, can benefit from being more visible on Google, having a better functioning and looking website, and content that engages.

So, if you’re looking to increase your digital marketing initiatives, then contact us today! Also, make sure to check out our case studies to see past stories of success.

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