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Contractor Marketing Trends Not to Miss 2023

Without a steady stream of clients, your contracting business wouldn’t exist. Effective marketing allows you to attract new consumers and build that loyal following you need to maintain long-term success. That said,…

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Contractor Marketing Trends 2021-2022

Without a steady stream of clients, your contracting business wouldn’t exist. Effective marketing allows you to attract new consumers and build that loyal following you need to maintain long-term success.

That said, marketing is a constantly evolving field, and keeping up with the latest contractor marketing trends can be challenging. We’ve got you covered.

Key points:

  • Effective marketing helps contracting companies attract new customers and keep existing clients engaged, paving the path towards long-term success.
  • Contractor marketing trends are constantly changing thanks to the evolution in the industry, marketing technologies, and consumer demands. Staying on top of trends is critical.
  • Trends to look out for in 2022 include the importance of brand consistency, a robust online presence (including a website, blog, and social media), and a customer-first approach to service and professionalism.
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10 Contractor Marketing Trends in 2022

Contractor marketing trends are constantly evolving. Changes result from shifts in the industry itself as well as innovations in the marketing sphere. The below list covers some of the key marketing trends contracting companies should be aware of in 2022.

1. Dedication to Brand Consistency

To stand out from the crowd, contractors need to build a strong brand. This encompasses your logo, visual marketing materials, and written voice (for example, across your website content). A strong brand is more accessible for customers to recognize and fosters loyalty.

2. Responsive, Informative Website

Your website is your first impression in the online world. Make it count. A contractor website should be informative, containing essential details like service offering and credentials. It should also be responsive and, ideally, mobile-friendly. A web design agency can help.

3. Active Social Media Engagement

There are an estimated 3.78 billion people on social media. This isn’t a marketing channel contractors can ignore! Also, it’s not enough to be online. Active engagement is vital. For example, contractors might post “this or that” content, like “Which remodel do you like more?”

4. A Company Blog

A company blog is a great way to populate a contracting website with helpful content. It can also help establish your brand voice. You can use regular blogging to post industry insights as well as exclusive deals and offers for customers.

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5. Attention to Search Engine Optimization

A great website that includes a bio can be a valuable way to improve search engine optimization. Quality SEO makes it easier for people to find your contracting company online. Professional SEO services can help you generate more traffic and better leads.

6. Dedication to Customer Education

Modern consumers don’t want to feel like they are being sold to. Contractors should gear their marketing towards value-added, educational content that people can use. For example, they might include seasonal information like how to protect a basement against flooding.

7. A “Stand Out” Approach

There are many contractors out there. The key to marketing success in 2022 will be taking a “stand out” approach. Sit down and write out your unique value propositions. What makes you one of a kind? These elements should guide your marketing in the future.

8. A Consistent Content Strategy

Whether it’s social media, a website, or a blog, content marketing must be consistent. Instead of simply posting whenever you feel like it, create a content calendar mapping out when you post what. For instance, you might take advantage of a holiday like the Fourth of July to wish followers on social media a safe celebration, building rapport.

9. Commitment to Customer Service

You can also use marketing solutions like social media to enhance customer service. An omnichannel approach incorporating diverse methods, like chat, phone, and email, ensures a more holistic commitment to customer satisfaction. Happy clients mean returning clients.

10. Attention to In-Person Presentation

The brand you establish for your contracting company through marketing media like socials and websites needs to be exhibited in person, too. You want to deliver on your brand promise. A courteous and clean appearance (for example, of contracting trucks) helps towards this end.

The Final Word on Contractor Marketing Trends

As a contractor, you want your business to enjoy steady growth. Marketing can play a crucial role in ensuring you can attract new customers and retain existing ones, providing you with the success you want. The contractor marketing trends described above can help.

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