Targeting Homeowners on Facebook: How to Do It in 2023

Facebook keeps taking away targeting options on it’s ad products. Maybe it’s privacy issues – or maybe it’s greed, but whatever it is – we need to find creative ways to target…

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Facebook keeps taking away targeting options on it’s ad products. Maybe it’s privacy issues – or maybe it’s greed, but whatever it is – we need to find creative ways to target homeowners. 

With that being said, there are still plenty of ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors and increase your odds of getting a customer by using Facebook as one of your primary marketing tools. 

Target Local Areas

The best way to target homeowners on Facebook in 2022 is by focusing your efforts on a specific area. If you have the resources, try reaching out to all of the neighborhoods around your business. Some roofing companies can’t afford this, so they’ll have to take a different approach and focus their attention differently.

You might get more bang for your buck by targeting specific communities that are close together because people tend to share posts if they’re from the same town or city. It’s pretty nice when you’re able to save money by using coupons and deals found within an hour’s drive from where you live.

Create Content Around Local Events

This is an absolute no-brainer for reaching homeowners on Facebook in 2022. The more local your content is, the better. Post about local events and link to them if you can. Try to give people a reason to come back after visiting your business by creating articles that offer tips and advice that they might not be aware of. If possible, try to do a social media event and let people know about it by promoting it online and in person.

Target Specific Households

Facebook has excellent tools when it comes to targeting specific households. There are plenty of options available for narrowing things down within this platform.

For example, you could try looking for posts or news articles related to significant life events such as weddings, new babies, etc. These are all things that will impact a homeowner’s decision about replacing their roof, so you should take advantage of it.

Put Together Competitions & Sweepstakes

Aside from giving people a reason to return to your Facebook page, competitions and sweepstakes can help you reach homeowners in 2022 by going viral. If you’re able to get a ton of engagement, more people will share your post with others, which means more potential customers for you. This is a straightforward way to increase traffic without spending any money on ads or other promotion methods.

Don’t Forget About the Mobile Factor

When it comes to targeting homeowners on Facebook, don’t forget that mobile users are prevalent in social media. If you don’t want to spend money on ads, make sure that your post is mobile-friendly.

It means reducing the amount of graphics and images in favor of more text. There are plenty of different methods you can use when targeting homeowners on social media, but these are probably some of the easiest ways to get things started.

Start a Group about Roofing

Another way to target homeowners on Facebook is by starting a group about roofing. It might sound like it’s too competitive, but if you offer tips and advice to homeowners within your area, they’ll be more willing to listen because they know you’re trustworthy and not just out for their money.

Put together some excellent content and make sure that your Facebook page is linked to the group. That way, users will see when someone comments on a post or leaves a comment for you on your wall.

Target People Based on Their Likes & Interests

Did you know that Facebook lets you target people based on their likes and interests? If there are certain home improvement shows or things that homeowners have liked or followed in the past, try reaching out to them on Facebook.

They’ll appreciate the fact that you know what they want and that you’re trying to offer something that speaks their language. This is another method where earning trust will play a significant role in whether or not it’s successful for reaching homeowners.

Wrap Up

Targeting homeowners on Facebook is easier than you might think. Just remember that the more local your content is, the better off you’ll be. People are always looking for ways to save money, and if they can use your coupons or deals to help them do it, they’ll head over to your business as soon as possible. This strategy has worked well up until now, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t at least give it a shot in 2022.

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