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6 Proven Strategies to Get More Commercial Roofing Leads

Did you know that you don’t just have to wait for commercial roofing leads to come to you? 😂 That’s right – you can HUNT, and FARM – your way into those…

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Commercial Roofing Lead Generation Guide

Did you know that you don’t just have to wait for commercial roofing leads to come to you? 😂

That’s right – you can HUNT, and FARM – your way into those sweet, gorgeous big roofs. 


Network, create referral partners, ‘door knock’ businesses, ask for introductions to key decision makers/property managers at businesses.


Creating a lead magnet for commercial roofs, creating an epic website. Creating SEO landing pages on your website for commercial roofing, talk about it on your Google Business Profile. Put up Commercial Roofing PPC Ads!

Who are you really trying to get in contact with?

The biggest question in marketing is “who is it for?”

Commercial Roofing Leads is a B2B game… 

But B2B is still ‘human to human’ – so who are these humans and what do they care about?

  • Property Managers – people onsite at a business, or managing multiple properties, and potentially renting the commercial property to others. Warehouse manager, production, plant manager potentially are other titles. 
  • Business Owners – folks that own a building, and own the business inside of it.
  • Asset Managers – people who have invested into a property, or those entrusted to manage it (and potentially upgrade it) by those who’ve made an investment. 

Do these people Google? Yes – like any B2B prospect they probably use Google sometimes to research or make purchase decisions. There is just LESS of them, so their may be less ‘search volume,’ and the keywords might be more competitive in 2022. 

How do they make purchase decisions?  Perhaps more often they are referral driven, slower moving, need more research and need more hand-holding throughout the process and trust. 

Referrals + Referral Systems: 

The best leads? Referrals. 

Some roofing companies profess that their referral ‘closing rate’ is as high as 80 or 90%. 😱 

But what systems do you have in place to increase the number of referrals you’re getting? 


1. Restoration Referral System – Did you know that if you get 2 closed deals to an insurance agent, you’re more likely to earn referrals from them? Matt Danskin can teach you how to learn this system at scale, and more importantly, create repeatable systems around referring

2. Get The Referral – Brand an app to your roofing company and gamify giving you referrals for your existing customers. 

3. Find the other people going after the customers you want – and collaborate with them. Sometimes focusing on the referral partners, rather than just a single prospect is a way to get further, faster. If you’re trying to find these people, and they make big money decisions – there are other people on the hunt for them too. 

Google Ads

Did you know there are real leads to be had for ‘commercial roofing’ keywords on Google. 

Now – it is way less ‘search volume’ – but just like any B2B transaction – their are people in your city & state that are Google for that service. 

Here’s an example of the number of people around the United States searching for just one commercial roofing keyword:

Commercial Roofing Leads - SEO

Now that’s just one keyword!

Imagine if you took every keyword that’s a few steps away:

  • Commercial Roofing Contractors
  • Commercial Roofing Company
  • Commercial Roofing Contractor 

Commercial Roofing Keywords - for Google Ads and SEO

Direct Sales / Cold Calling / “Door Knocking”

Anything hand-to-hand combat is always the most legit. 

Seriously – everything else is trying to ‘approximate’ the effectiveness of in-person sales. 

Can you get out of the office, and call on property managers directly? 

  • Find a list of contacts for these folks in your area and give them a call. 
  • Find them in groups – figure out what networking groups or events they might attend, and exhibit, speak, or otherwise show up.

Peak leads emailing and texting to get commercial roofing leads E-mailing + Texting:

I’ve seen a ton of really great testimonials from a service called ‘’ & Nick Peret, which is another small agency like the one I own (Tim Brown, writing this – hey! 👋)

The principles are sound – and you could run this for yourself, or hire a company like

  • Finding relevant lists and contacts of decision makers at prospects
  • Cold emailing and texting (or both) to the list with friendly, sales inquiries
  • Using automation to follow up

Check out here

YouTube video

Linkedin Prospecting / “Digital Door-knocking”

Lead Baller is one option for this – in the video below, Adam Bensman – “The Roof Strategist” talks to two people at LeadBaller. 

  • Leverage your sales team on Linkedin “Virtual door knocking.”
  • Automation to connect with more people with the roles you’re targeting, on autopilot.
  • Post regularly so it feels like you’re part of the community – not just pitching.

YouTube video

Here are their 4 steps to get people to respond on Linkedin: 

  1.  Profile optimization: Communicate authority + authenticity with your photo, headline image, headline and the summary. 
  2.  Targeting: It’s ok to be very specific in the beginning. Niche / be picky with the market you’re going after. They suggest ‘plant manager,’ ‘production manager’ or ‘warehouse manager’ as folks that might be responsible for the maintenance of a large roof. 
  3.  Create familiarity- Show up in their notifications: By interacting, “liking” or commenting on their posts. Interact particularly right before you message them. They suggest this is huge for getting them to respond.  Ideally, be creative so you can mix it up, like and comment the day before – and then message. (Don’t take it to such an extreme that it looks fake.)
  4. Stand OUTreach – Endorse them for instance,  try audio messages, and video messages and write their name on a piece of paper that’d be on the thumbnail – so they know that it’s specifically for them. Here’s an example script they give for a video: 

“Hey how’s it going – you’ve probably been noticing that I’ve been checking out your profile in the past few days. We’re actually a commercial roofer in _______ area. We actually just got___ result for another _____ in the area last month. Obviously, I have no idea whether we could do the same thing for you, but what do you think about maybe connecting on a call – maybe 15 minutes next week and see if there’s maybe an opportunity for us to work together”

Check out LeadBaller – to use Linkedin automation to get more commercial roofing leads

Landing Pages + Google Search Engine Optimization

Once again – people are searching on Google. Besides paying to show up for that term:

  • Creating niche landing pages on your website offering ‘Commercial Roofing’
  • Create location focused niche pages targeting cities+service.
  • Broader search engine optimization topics include creating blog content around commercial roofing to create ‘topical relevance’ in Google, earning authoritative links back to your website from other websites, and making technical changes on your website to make your website easier for Google to crawl. 

For more on How to do SEO yourself – check out our SEO Basics guide

YouTube video

Get ready to get more commercial roofing leads!

Half the battle is being ready to handle the actual jobs.

Once you’re ready – commercial roofing is a bit like any niche speciality… 

It’s already something a ton of people need, and there are a ton of people out there doing it poorly.

If you can be the quality option, you can get a ton of referrals and create a reputation for yourself. 

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