The Best Roofing CRM’s According to Roofers

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the hype of whatever CRM companies tell US. Since we’re a marketing company – a lot of CRM’s want us to tell our clients about…

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It’s easy to get wrapped up in the hype of whatever CRM companies tell US.

Since we’re a marketing company – a lot of CRM’s want us to tell our clients about their product.

But nothing is more telling than listening to roofers themselves. I’ve watched the Facebook groups and saved all of the posts that are someone asking “What’s the best Roofing CRM?” and have blended the most thoughtful and seemingly well thought-out answers into this post!

Here they are!

First – why should you care about the best Roofing CRM? James Moran puts it best:

“Everyone has an opinion”

“The problem with asking everybody which CRM you should choose is no different than asking somebody what’s their favorite food. Everybody has a preference and an opinion that’s why each of the CRM‘s have their share of the market because somebody likes one feature and not another feature so they switched to a different CRM. I am guilty of the same thing I always throw it out there and say what do you like knowing that I’m only going to like what I like. That being said my suggestion would be definitely try all of them most of them have free trial.

  • I’m not sure about Acculynx they are definitely The most expensive when it comes to a residential CRM.
  • Jobnimbus has great features that I love but Soto‘s job progress.
  • I have not tried Acculynx but I was extremely impressed with the two demos I done. I just simply could not get past the expensive price of it.”

Richard Tooley

“Best and easiest to learn I feel are two different.”

“Best and easiest to learn I feel are two different. MarketSharp I truly feel is the most powerful outside of spending crazy money on Sales Force. Easiest to learn would be Job Progress or Job Nimbus in my opinion but far from the best.

MarketSharp has automation, tracking, forecasting and marketing capabilities. But like anything that powerful, it’s cumbersome to learn all the ins and outs of it.”

(Someone responded to him: “I never hear anyone ever talk about Marketsharp. I agree with everything you said about it. A step down and great choice is Jobprogress. If/when they get full blown drip campaigns it will be even better.”)

Chuck Thokey

“JobNimbus is best if you want to integrate with outside systems”

“I think JobNimbus is still the best option if you are looking to integrate outside of the systems.

As you grow you will want to add more tech to your process.

I have looked at all of them several times, the issues you have with others are customizations and integrations.

Even at $50 you are still WAY better off than the other CRM’s.

It’s the best bang for the buck.

JobProgress would be the next best one but they don’t allow for fully customized field and workflows (minimal.)

With customized reporting etc. – you will miss the functions of JobNimbus once you leave.”

Jonathan Broce

“Acculynx is a great crm and even better once you set up some of the features to how you need them.”

Ioannis Augoustis Tsigonias

“Contractors Cloud ☁️!! is more than a roofing CRM”

Contractors Cloud ☁️!! I need more than just a roofing crm. Lots of good ones though. Whatever fits for your company the best is ultimately the best choice, imo.”

Christopher Chandonnet

“Hubspot’s Built-in Meeting Links + after-call feature allow for better service”

“Built in meeting links save us $ on things like calendly and allow for way better service.

Frankly it’s a bit of a joke that if you called to get a $42 haircut you can call in and get an appointment right away. But if you want to buy a $15,000 roof or a $30,000 solar panel roof…. You call Lynn and a receptionist takes her information and you’re lucky if someone calls two hours later. This allows receptionists to book appointments for your estimators according to their schedule.

Or if your estimator is at the house and the neighbour walks up and says he can I get an estimate, if they can’t do it right away they could just say sure what’s your phone number? And then text them a quick appointment meeting link and they can book a spot at their own convenience. This is just what I can show you from the mobile app there’s so much more than you can do.

The after call feature of HubSpot is incredible. One of my favourite things that we use it for at Sargeants roofing.”

Adam Sand

“I started because of what Acculynx wasn’t.”

“ROOF.Link has everything on one platform and totally automated. We have scaled revenue but not overhead. It’s great.

Pricing: 100 per month per user. Includes unlimited roof measurements, weather and sales
Mapping, document build out, electronic signatures, and tons of automation. It’s the best employee you never have to hire.”

I started because of what Acculynx wasn’t. There are only two types of contractors out there. Those that have already switched to and those that will. We built all
the tools roofing contractors need and put them in 1 place”

Kevin Regan


In short – it depends!

I hope to come back and continue to update this post as I see more well thought-out perspectives on this.

Of course with any CRM – it really comes down to the one that you and your people are most likely to use.

And remember – a CRM doesn’t create leads, it just tracks them, don’t get it confused, and don’t overpay for something that’s essentially an organizing tool.

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