Best Doorknocking Opening Lines for Roof Inspections

We all know that door-knocking is one of the best ways to take control of your destiny when it comes to getting more roofing deals, especially when your in an insurance marketing.…

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The Roof Strategist - Adam Bensman Roofing Door Knocking Strategies

We all know that door-knocking is one of the best ways to take control of your destiny when it comes to getting more roofing deals, especially when your in an insurance marketing.

But what do you say as an opening line?

Maybe you don’t want to use these one’s that your hilarious competitors might use, such as:

  • “Let’s commit fraud” LOL.
  • Telling the neighbor you “need to get a photo of the roof your doing across the street and asking if you can climb on theirs to take the pic.”
  • “Do you struggle with occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, or bloating?”
  • Ask them if they are interested in solar and then they say no. So you tell them great me neither…

In addition to The Roof Strategist powerful basic format – there are also 7 Roofing Sales pro’s other strategies below in this blog post from the Name That Shingle Roofing Facebook Group.

Adam Bensman has the ROOF Strategist SLAP Formula

S -> Say “Hi” and break the ice.
L -> Let them know why you are at their doorstep and make it as familiar as possible by referencing things (or people) in the neighborhood.
A -> Ask open-ended question (more on this below).
P -> Present to their answer.

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Leveraging Local Presence

Thomas Sweeney emphasizes the importance of the “hook,” stating, “It’s called ‘the hook’; we’re the guys replacing the roofs in the area.” This approach capitalizes on the immediate relevance and presence of your service, reassuring potential clients that you are a local, active participant in their community’s upkeep.

Building Personal Connections

Patrick Mcaffrey suggests a more personalized approach: “Knock on the door ‘Hey there! How’s it going?’… ‘my name is ****, and the reason I’m stopping by is…'” This script works best for those who can project confidence and friendliness, turning a cold-call into a warm introduction.

Offering Immediate Value

George W. Quijano recommends providing immediate utility to your potential clients, “I’m reroofing your neighbors house, if any debris flies into your yard I’ll be happy to pick that up… I noticed your roof hasn’t been replaced after the storm, would you have any objection to a quick inspection?” This approach not only offers a service but also introduces the practicality of your presence, making the conversation a matter of neighborly duty rather than a sales pitch.

Adjusting the Pitch

Cody Lawrence and Roger Decker both highlight the importance of adaptability and creating a connection based on immediate observations. Whether it’s commenting on a sports flag or engaging in a brief chat about recent weather impacts, the key is to be personable and responsive to the environment.

Clear Value Proposition

Michael Follrad focuses on direct benefits: “His roof was fully approved from his insurance…We offer totally free roof inspections.” This approach is straightforward, emphasizing the no-risk, high-reward nature of the service being offered.

Softening Sales Tactics

Christopher Goerler and Tim Cardenas suggest using tonality and personal anecdotes to soften the sales aspect. Goerler notes, “Tonality is more important than the words you say,” suggesting a calmer, more curious tone can draw people in. Cardenas shares a personal story, enhancing trust and reducing the salesy feel.

Fresh Recommendations and Specific Tactics

To enhance these expert suggestions, consider the following specific strategies:

  • Use Local Landmarks: When introducing yourself, mention a well-known local landmark or recent community event to establish immediate common ground.
  • Leverage Technology: Offer to send digital reports or updates via SMS or email immediately during your interaction, showing that your service blends traditional quality with modern convenience.
  • Highlight Quick Availability: Emphasize how quickly you can begin work, “I have an appointment in about 15 minutes down the street but I’m able to squeeze you in my schedule,” to create a sense of urgency and convenience.

Door-knocking can be an incredibly effective method for generating leads in the roofing industry, especially when executed with strategic finesse. Here are three powerful tips designed to make your door-knocking efforts not just effective, but compelling and action-inducing:

1. Pre-Visit Research and Customization

Before you even approach a potential customer’s door, arm yourself with specific knowledge about the neighborhood or the individual homes. This could include:

  • Recent weather events that might have affected the roofs in the area.
  • Any local roofing projects completed or currently underway.
  • Understanding the common roofing issues in that particular locale or neighborhood.

With this knowledge, you can tailor your opening remarks to address specific concerns or observations, such as, “I noticed several homes in your area with missing shingles after the last storm. I’m here to help ensure your home is safe and secure.”

2. Use of Social Proof and Immediate Credibility

Bring along proof of your previous work and satisfied customers. This can include:

  • A digital or physical portfolio of before and after photos of nearby projects.
  • Testimonials from neighbors or local residents.
  • A list of nearby homes you’ve worked on (with the homeowners’ permissions).

By demonstrating your track record and reliability, you instantly build credibility and lower the potential customer’s guard. An example line might be, “Your neighbor, Mr. Johnson just down the street, had similar concerns about his roof, and we managed to fix his leaks last month. Here’s what he had to say.”

3. Offering a No-Obligation, Value-Added Proposition

Make your visit worthwhile for the homeowner regardless of whether they choose to employ your services immediately. Offer something of value such as:

  • A free, no-obligation roof health check-up that includes a detailed report.
  • An informational pamphlet on maintaining roof longevity and preventing common issues.
  • Seasonal promotions that are exclusive to the area you are canvassing.

This approach shifts the interaction from a sales pitch to a helpful consultation. For example, “Even if you’re not ready to work on your roof today, I’d like to offer you a free inspection to prepare for the upcoming winter. It’s completely free, and I’ll provide you with a full report that you can use in the future.”

Make a Memorable First Impression

Incorporating these proven strategies with fresh, innovative approaches can significantly boost your door-knocking success. Always remember, the goal is to make a memorable first impression that paves the way for a robust, trusting customer relationship.

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