6 Powerful Electrician Marketing Agencies to Consider

The good ole days of “word of mouth” marketing for electrician companies are in the past. That’s not to say you can’t still get business from person to person referrals, but in…

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The good ole days of “word of mouth” marketing for electrician companies are in the past. That’s not to say you can’t still get business from person to person referrals, but in order to compete in the saturated electrician industry, you’ll need to bolster up your online presence.

A lot goes into being effective in the online world; search engine optimization, website design, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and more. We have a blog on Electrician Marketing + Lead Generation Services here if you want to read up on the details. But if you’re saying to yourself, “I’m an electrician, how could I possibly know how to do all of that?” then you’re in the right place. You need a powerful electrician marketing agency on your side!

Take a look through 6 of the most powerful marketing agencies that could help you bring your digital marketing to the next level.

Hook Agency

Located in Minneapolis, MN

There are a ton of excellent agencies around the country, and we’re confident that we are one of them. As our CEO Tim Brown states in the electrician marketing blog mentioned above, “We change our clients’ lives by taking things off their plate and helping them get more and better leads.” We are passionate about helping contractors grow their business, and we have a google specialized team to help you build a high-end website and actually show up on Google.

Schedule a marketing call with us today! We’ll work together to figure out if we are a good fit for your electrician business.

Footbridge Media

Located in Pensacola, FL

Footbridge Media has worked exclusively with electricians and contractors for the last 15 years. They are upfront about their pricing and don’t require contracts. Additionally, their customers have great things to say on Google, stating that Footbridge is highly professional and do a great job with website management. This agency could be a great option for an electrician on a budget.


Located in Bristol, Pennsylvania

1SEO is a large digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, PPC, web design, video production, and content writing. They have an impressive 317 Google reviews with an overall rating of 4.9 stars. Their mission is to “create, grow, and protect success for our clients. We provide comprehensive and custom-tailored digital marketing solutions.” This is an agency with a lot of experience. 1SEO serves a wide range of businesses and services, but they have a history with electricians as well.


Located in Valencia, CA

Scorpion is the owner of a beautiful website, a good sign for a digital marketing agency. They are a niche agency specializing in home services marketing for HVAC, Plumbing, Roofing, and Electrical businesses. Their mission is to be”dedicated to building a better way – with tireless determination, genuine care, and innovation living at the core of everything we do.” Outside of digital marketing, they pride themselves on being technology innovators and could offer your electrician business a fresh perspective on your marketing strategy.

Johnson Jones Group

Located in Minneapolis, MN

A small but powerful digital marketing agency, the Johnson Jones Group works with electricians and other home contractors on digital marketing, strategy, and advertising. A glowing review from a Johnson Jones client stated, “The Johnson Jones Team is knowledgeable, innovative, and results-driven! Since working with their team, our website traffic has increased dramatically and our phones are ringing off the hook.”


Located throughout the US

Thrive is a B2C digital marketing agency with 25 locations across the United States. They differ from many of the agencies on this list due to their sheer size and amount of service offerings. With that being said, they do work with a lot of contractors and small businesses on everything from SEO to Amazon Advertising. If you have a large-scale/national electrician business, an agency like Thrive may be a good choice.

You recognize the power and importance of an electrician marketing agency, and you have a list of some great examples, so where do you go from here? A great second step would be to schedule some calls with marketing agencies that interest you. Be sure to ask questions relevant to your goals and how the agency can help you get there. After all, you want results!

Here at Hook Agency, we’re all about results that actually matter. Our lines are open—give us a ring! Even if we aren’t the perfect fit, we may be able to point you in the right direction.

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