How to Make $100k in Roofing Sales: Tips for Success in 2024

If you want to break into the lucrative roofing sales industry and make six figures, then this blog post is for you. Learn all about key skills, helpful strategies, and various technologies…

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100k in roofing sales

If you want to break into the lucrative roofing sales industry and make six figures, then this blog post is for you. Learn all about key skills, helpful strategies, and various technologies that can help boost your success in roofing sales so that you are able to reach the milestone of 100K. Utilize these methods correctly and be part of an ever-growing area within the world’s economy with a bright future ahead!

Sell $1 million to make $100,000

For Example: 2 Roofs a week at 10k – 1 Roof a week at 20k 

Are you a salesperson looking to maximize your earnings? Here’s a simple formula for success: Sell $1 million to make $100,000.

Let’s break it down for you:

Step 1: We assume an average job worth $10,000. Although prices may vary depending on your location and home size, $10,000 serves as a reliable baseline.

Step 2: To reach the $1 million milestone, you’ll need to sell 100 roofs at the average job value of $10,000.

Step 3: Generating 4 leads per week, with a closing rate of 50%, ensures a steady flow of sales opportunities.

In summary, by consistently selling two roofs worth $10,000 each week, you can earn an impressive $100,000 in a calendar season.

The rest of this article will share HOW to make that first 100k

Short Summary

  • Develop clear communication, interpersonal skills and negotiation to stand out in roofing sales.

  • Leverage technology for a competitive edge & maximize customer satisfaction.

  • Set SMART goals and track progress to reach success confidently!

100k in roofing sales


Key Skills for Roofing Sales Success

For roofing sales success, having clear communication ability, good interpersonal skills and being adept at negotiation are key. These abilities form the basis of any effective salesman’s skill set, build customer trust with them to win deals and stand out amongst rivals.

Clear Communication

As a roofing sales representative, it is vital to use clear communication in order to demonstrate value and build trust with customers. You have the responsibility of conveying product features, outlining benefits for potential clients while giving them accurate estimates. Through educating your customers on various roofing solutions and creating detailed proposals, you become an invaluable resource that leads to successful sales transactions between both parties involved.

Interpersonal Skills

Developing strong interpersonal skills is a vital element when it comes to forming authentic relationships with clients and grasping their individual desires. Crucial components of such abilities involve confident body language, articulate communication, and active listening. All helping to cultivate respectful rapport between you as the salesperson and your customer base while also allowing one to customize offers accordingly.

This can undoubtedly enhance opportunities for success by enabling insight into the client’s wants – thus increasing possibilities of sealing business deals in turn!


Negotiating is a critical ability when it comes to sealing deals and getting the most beneficial prices for both parties. Having strong negotiation skills helps you find common ground which creates outcomes that satisfy everyone, forming ongoing business connections.

By developing your negotiation tactic, you can develop your negotiation tactics. Expand sales possibilities and boost profits within the highly competitive roofing sales sector.

Choosing the Right Roofing Company

It is essential for success in roofing sales to find the appropriate roofing company. An established firm with a proven record can supply you with proper instruction, backing and materials necessary to be successful.

To guarantee that you make the right decision, it’s key to investigate both the training they offer as well as their standing. Examining their reputation and support available are significant aspects of ensuring your selection is correct before committing into any sale agreement within this domain.

Company Reputation

When it comes to a roofing sales career, the reputation of the company you choose can have an immense effect. Working for a reliable and respected business in this industry may open up great chances as well as supply resources that are top-notch.

Research into insurance coverage, licensing requirements prices along with their background should all be done before signing on with any firm. These will help decide if they are suitable or not when selecting your prospective employer in roofing sales.

Training and Support

Proper instruction and support from a roofing business can enable you to succeed in your sales career. By receiving on-going training, it ensures that customers receive the most relevant advice as trends within the industry are continuously changing. This kind of environment provided by the company helps give confidence when engaging with potential buyers, which leads to greater success for those involved in roofing sales. Being an understanding employer. Grants contentment throughout one’s role at their respective company. Assurance that all requirements will be met professionally.

Mastering the Sales Process

In the world of roofing sales, it’s essential to understand and apply the correct procedure – that is prospecting leads, proposing solutions for them and closing deals. To stay ahead in this competitive industry, take advantage of technology. With features like CRM software tracking all prospects as well as digital proposals for quicker presentations, you can secure those clients swiftly.


In the sales process, prospecting is essential in order to find and engage with potential customers. Networking events, industry functions, and local real estate meetings are excellent strategies for generating leads which can give you a strong base from which your customer pipeline can flow. Develop connections with insurance adjusters as well as realtors to widen your reach. While ensuring that business keeps coming in steadily throughout the process.

Presenting Solutions

To gain the trust of clients and stand out against competitors, it is essential to present tailored roofing solutions. It is important for sales success to recognize customer requirements and make clear the advantages of your roofing products, effectively outlining how they address their issues while providing value.

Providing this kind of service allows you demonstrate why choosing your business for a client’s needs in terms of roofs would be beneficial, making sure everyone involved walks away happy!

Closing Deals

At the end of a successful roofing sales process comes closing deals, which can be both beneficial to you and your customers. It is important for negotiations to go smoothly when sealing agreements in order to secure the best prices for everyone involved.

Rapidly finalizing sales transactions will maximize potential gains and provide significant financial rewards as part of being an accomplished Roofing Salesperson.

Leveraging Technology in Roofing Sales

Adopting the latest technology can help you stay ahead in roofing sales. Investing in CRM software to organize leads and store customer data, as well as digital proposals for enhanced presentations, will drastically improve your business process while being cost-effective. These tools also make sure that customers have a great experience when dealing with you and thus promote greater success within sales. Technological advancements allow more efficient marketing strategies, which helps even more. Towards boosting revenue from roofing processes.

CRM Systems

For roofing sales professionals, CRM systems can offer immense aid in the form of enabling them to monitor leads and manage customer data. Through this system, they can also expedite communication throughout their entire sales process, a must for staying organized during such operations.

Adopting a CRM would be an excellent approach when it comes to refining access and organization for all aspects related to selling services in roofing. Thus aiding your overall effectiveness of carrying out efficient sales efforts.

Digital Proposals

Digital proposals can revolutionize the way roofing sales are concluded. They allow for fast and easy customization to fit customer requirements, plus offer an impressive professional look. By utilizing digital forms of proposal writing, you can effectively speed up your sales process while delighting clients with efficient approaches and a high standard of professionalism.

Building a Strong Network

Network building is essential for achieving success in roofing sales. Networking with insurance adjusters and real estate agents can result in a larger customer base, higher leads generation rates, and the ability to stay competitive within the industry.

By fostering relationships with these professionals, you acquire access to more potential customers and increase your odds of closing deals successfully. Forming an expansive network allows you to take advantage of all opportunities offered by this sector such as potential clients or new prospects while propelling yourself towards long-term successes through repeat customers and consistent growth inside the roofing field.

Insurance Adjusters

Developing relationships with insurance adjusters can open new doors and help boost profitability for your roof sales business. Insurance adjusters are essential in assessing rooftop damage as well as establishing coverage, so having positive partnerships with them is key to long-term achievement within the roof industry.

Real Estate Agents

Building connections with real estate agents can bring potential customers to you and provide an understanding of the local market. Personalizing your sales technique according to their preferences and needs will help boost visibility, as well as yield success in both short-term transactions and long-term customer relationships.

Staying Informed on Industry Trends

It is important to stay up-to-date on all roofing industry developments, such as materials and installation methods, in order for your sales business to succeed. By regularly refreshing knowledge of the market and adapting swiftly when changes take place, it will become possible to offer optimal solutions that meet customers’ demands while maintaining a competitive advantage in the roofing sector.

Roofing Materials

For sales success in roofing, it is essential to be knowledgeable about the most common types of roofs, such as asphalt shingle and metal. Becoming informed on what each material has to offer both pros and cons wise can help you decide which option would fit best with a customer’s requirements and tastes.

Asphalt shingles remain one of the favored choices for residential areas since they are not too expensive while being easy-to-install simultaneously. Metal roof materials also possess benefits like durability but tend to cost more than other alternatives due to their superior quality overall when compared with others within that field.

Installation Techniques

To achieve a successful roofing project and ensure customer satisfaction, it is important to be familiar with the correct installation methods for different roofing materials. Doing so will guarantee that the roof has been correctly sealed off against weather elements, which extends its lifespan while reducing any chances of leaks. Damage.

Market Trend

In the roofing sales industry, keeping up with market trends is essential to staying competitive. With metal coatings and materials gaining in popularity, it is important for businesses to be prepared so they can capitalize on future opportunities. Being knowledgeable of current products and services available will help you advise your customers based upon their individual needs.

Maintaining awareness of projected global growth within the US roofing sector can also provide insight into where advancements are headed, providing a better understanding as well as useful tips about what sells best at any given time, that way companies stay one step ahead when promoting or selling new items related to this area.

Setting and Tracking Sales Goals

Creating and tracking sales objectives is vital for gauging progress and staying energized. By formulating SMART goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, applicable and time-constrained, you can track your success in the competitive roofing industry while keeping motivated on tasks which will help reach overall sales targets.

SMART aims provide a structure to set realistic attainable ambitions as well as being able to review what has been completed regarding those goals. They support one’s focus, allowing them to carry out their desired pursuits of victory within the lucrative roofing sales business.

Goal Setting

For successful results in your roofing sales career, SMART goal-setting is the way to go. Clear objectives that you can achieve with confidence should be put into place and broken down for better management over time. Create a timeline that encourages action towards each milestone so overall progress is being made towards reaching your desired outcome. This approach offers focused support when striving to reach set goals related to selling roofs or anything else related within this field of work!

Progress Tracking

By tracking progress in sales consistently, you can analyze any inconsistencies and better manage leads. This will also aid with evaluating success levels and creating inspection reports that reflect the customers’ needs as well as your own goals. Staying on top of these objectives is key to keeping both yourself and customers informed, which ultimately contributes to an overall positive outcome.


For success in roofing sales, the key lies in perfecting specific skills, implementing technology tools to your advantage, cultivating a wide network of contacts and staying up-to-date with industry trends. Tracking goals set can help maximize potential income within this ever shifting market. Thus enabling one’s journey towards achieving that six figure mark they have always desired from a career in roof sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the top salary for roofing sales?

Roofing sales is a lucrative and rewarding career, with an average salary of $100,000 per year. Beginner roles in the field offer wages from $75,202 annually whereas experienced professionals can draw up to as much as $150,000 for their efforts in roofing sales. Those looking to break into this industry should bear these salaries in mind when considering it as a potential job path.

How do I become a successful roof salesman?

In order to be a success in roofing sales, you need to come off as professional and have an effective pitch. A great way of canvassing is using drones as tools. Concentrate on selling solutions rather than products and focus more on value instead of price points. It’s essential for the seller to get acquainted with potential customers so that relationships can build up over time, even offering something free works wonders!

By applying these methods and strategies into your approach when dealing with residential roofs, there is no doubt you will dominate the industry!

Where do roofers make the most money?

Roofers who possess the right qualifications and dedication can make considerable amounts of money, with some achieving an income of almost $74k yearly. Thus, this trade has potential for high rewards for those willing to invest their time into it.

What are the duties of a roofing salesman?

As a roofing salesman, your mission is to locate new customers and ensure they are supplied with all the necessary details about the roofing products and services. You need to provide estimates for projects, take pictures of roofs that must be measured accurately as well so you can keep open communication between clients and other personnel involved in the job. The primary goal is making sure homeowners have an ideal outcome from this entire venture into buying or replacing their roofs.

Do roof salesman make a lot of money?

Sales of roofs can be financially rewarding for those who are dedicated to working hard, with the average base salary in America standing at $52,265 annually and beginning positions having an annual income of about $31,264. Experienced sales reps could even make up to a whopping six-figure sum – as much as 108 thousand dollars per year.

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