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Pay per click ads are all well and good, but for a steady flow of higher qualified clients – you may want to consider getting your website optimized for Google search.

  • We heavily focus on getting new leads
  • We do monthly reporting on efforts and keyword movements
  • We help you build out content and links – two of the most important factors in getting more Google search traffic.
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Targeted Content Marketing for Lawyers

You need content going out on your site on a regular basis to really make a dent in your industry online. Many lawyers are being aggressive with their SEO – so instead of backing down, is it time to step up your content game?

We help you get Law related links back to your site

In addition to building out useful content for prospects, we pair that with the pursuit of 'high authority' backlinks – meaning links on other law-related websites that make yours look more important to Google search algorithms.

Continually learning about on-site changes to give you an advantage

We know that we will know more in 3 and 6 months than we know now. So our entire process revolves around growing our knowledge around 'on-page' SEO and technical SEO for lawyers and law firms. We'd love to help yours naturally attract more clients that need you.

Lawyer SEO that focuses on growing your bottom line.

You don’t just want traffic to your website – you want more leads and more clients.

That’s why we’ve developed a system of SEO reporting totally geared towards showcasing an increase of leads on your website and create accountability around those leads.

Does it make our job easier? Not necessarily – but it means our clients see the results of the engagement in a clear way and can be on board throughout the process, instead of just seeing an increase in traffic and not understanding how it positively affects their bottom line. We partner with lawyers and law firms that want their SEO company to do things right – and win more business.  

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Win more business with a systematic approach handled for you to push up Google traffic.

SEO is all about getting more targeted content onto your site, and then earning links from other sites related to law services regularly.

We know you don’t have the time or the expert in house to handle this – and if you did it’s hard to sharpen those skills in a vacuum. We are constantly growing – in a community of SEO experts – dedicated to knowing the latest and greatest.

We nerd out on link building strategies, and get giddy when our clients start doing well for certain terms and the leads roll in. We also have driven, brilliant web designers and developers on staff – and can make changes to your website!

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Questions and Answers about Lawyer SEO

SEO for Lawyers is not without it’s difficulties. First of all lawyer SEO is tricky at first because law is obviously a very competitive market in regards to getting higher up on Google. This is one reason why I strongly suggest determining a few niches to really go after in your pursuit of more SEO-driven traffic.

Content marketing is a huge part of SEO.

You need content about the services you offer regularly so that Google’s algorithm ‘respects’ and ‘prefers’ your website for those types of subjects.

You can rank for ‘long-tail keywords’ meaning that people are typing in a question related to your industry and by ranking for that term you come up and thus make a positive impression if your content is useful. But more-so, you can push up the service page and homepage of your website because your website becomes associated with high-quality and regular content going out on the resource or blog page of your website.

In short – finding the subjects people are actually looking for and creating content around those just requires regular diligence, and sometimes that means it makes sense to have an outside partner, regularly and systematically push on this crucial Lawyer SEO effort.

Getting links requires a couple main efforts in my experience:

– Answering questions that a lot of people are asking, so that people link back to your answer when they are writing content on other law-related blogs.

– Creating deep resources or guides that cover a particular subject in-depth so that your company becomes associated with that high-value content, and people link to it in round-ups and other articles.

Outreach to other blogs to request being included in roundups, in other deep guides, when another link on their resource is broken, or to guest post. Lawyer SEO isn’t complicated – it just takes a lot of work – team up with a company that gets it!

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