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Roofing Estimates Template | 11+ Free Roofing Estimate Templates

By Tim Brown
Updated September 16, 2019
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Are you a roofer who wants to present your latest roofing job in an orderly fashion? If so, then you’re going to love this guide. You’re about to get your hands on 11 of the best roofing templates for nearly any situation. So if you’re sick of handing your clients an estimate on a paper napkin at your favorite pub (or just want to up your roofing estimates template game,) then this guide is for you.

Continue reading for instant access to over 11+ roofing estimate templates that are perfect for your roofing company.

# 1 – Free Roofing Estimate Template

Roofing estimate template
Template Source:

If you want an amazingly professional looking yet simple roofing quote templates, then the roofing estimate template from is for you.

Roofing Estimate Templates Free

This template gets right to the point quickly. That way, your prospect will understand what services you propose. This roofing template is short, and to the point, so there’s no room for confusion later on down the road.

# 2 – Residential Roofing Contract Template

how to do a roofing estimate

Template Source:

Do you want a super simple roofing estimates template that won’t confuse or overwhelm your client? Then check out this awesome residential roofing template from

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These templates come in a variety of formats (PDF and .Doc) and are simple to read.

There’s also a wide array of templates perfect for roofing contractors, including the following:

  • Roofing contract template
  • Commercial roofing template
  • Residential roofing template
  • Slate roofing installation template
  • Roofing work order template
  • Roof repair contract

# 3 – Roofing Invoice Template


Roofing estimates
Template Source:

This simple job invoice template is perfect for roofers, contractors, or ceiling workers. The best part about this template is that you can easily customize the data with Microsoft Excel.

The template itself also has multiple uses. Without much effort, you can quickly transform the estimate template into a super simple contract form for nearly any contracting job.

# 4 – Job Estimate Templates

free roofing estimate tool
Template Source: TemplateLAB

Do you want a massive trove stuffed with fantastic estimate templates? Then you need to check out TemplateLAB.

You could easily spend an entire hour browsing all of the different style templates on this site that are perfect for roofers.

Whether you want a detailed template or a template that takes 2 seconds to understand, you owe it to yourself to check TemplateLAB.

# 5 – Construction Proposal

roofing estimate excel and word

Template Source: Microsoft Office Templates

There are two reasons why you might love this simple construction proposal template.

The first reason is that it’s ridiculously easy to edit. If you have any experience with Microsoft Excel, then everything is point and click easy.

The other reason is that you can customize the template to match whatever demands you have.

If you want to promote your phone number? It’s a piece of cake. Want to add your logo? Just takes seconds.

If you want a fast and easy template that you can quickly launch and deploy, then look no further.

# 6 – Roofing Estimate Template

estimate template

Template Source:

Here’s another massive collection of modern-looking estimate form templates. 

If you want to provide your roofing clients with a detailed yet stylish template, then you need to check this resource. You’ll find over a dozen handy templates that are free to use.

The majority of these templates are for Microsoft Excel. However, you can also grab some of them in Microsoft Word and PDF.

# 7 – Classic Job Estimate Form

free roofing estimate template
Template Source:

Do you want the humblest estimate form for roofers, contractors, plumbers, or just about any job?

Then you’ll love the simplicity and ease of use that this estimate form provides.

You can easily customize the information with your company name, your address, and your phone number. It’s also easy to place the pricing information, so your proposal is clearly understood.

# 8 – Roofing Proposal Template

roofing estimate template

Template Source: PandaDoc

Do you want a blatantly clear template that lists what your client can expect to pay front and center?

If so, then you might appreciate this barebone proposal template from PandaDoc. You can fill out this contract in record time, and your client will quickly and easily understand the gist of your plans without second-guessing or stress.

# 9 – Roofing Invoice Template

roofer invoice / estimate

Template Source: FreshBooks

If you want to share a beautiful and elegant roofing invoice, then FreshBooks has you covered and then some.

These templates are easy on the eye and will showcase your roofing company’s professionalism with colorful style.

Whether you want to launch a complex roofing work order or a simple work order sheet, then these free templates are fantastic and can easily wow your prospects.

These templates from FreshBooks come in Excel (.xlsx) and Word (.doc) format. So you can quickly edit and customize them using the app that you prefer.

# 10 – Estimate Templates

roofing estimate templates

Template Source: Invoice Simple

Tap into six beautiful, yet sophisticated estimate templates perfect for any roofer or contractor.

If you want to rock a classic-looking roofing template, then you’ll love these beautiful estimate templates.

You can swipe these templates for free in a variety of formats, and your customers will appreciate the modern look.

These free roofing templates come in the following formats:

  • Excel (.xlsx)
  • Word (.doc)
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Docs

# 11 – Roofing Estimate Invoice Template

roofing template
Template Source:

This roofing estimate invoice template is the second roofing template from because their templates are fantastic.

This template looks vibrant and is also very easy to customize with your name, address, logo, and contact information.

You can wow your roofing client with a professional look, and the best part is that this template comes in a variety of handy formats.

Formats supported:

  • Google Docs
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Google Sheets
  • PDF format

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Without roofing leads, these amazing roofing templates won’t do you any good.

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That way, you can make the most out of the free roofing estimate templates on this page. You’ll also give yourself a chance to build a brand, contact leads in need, and grow your roofing business.


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