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Need to generate more leads? We are constantly sharing the tests we make and the strategies that work here. Check out our intro guide – 100’s of practical tips, and the best resources from around the web we’ve found. So bookmark this page to have quick access to the best lead generation ideas, our best posts – and the best posts from everyone else, right here.

How to get more leads now
  1. Upload a LinkedIn Video
  2. Create an “Ultimate Guide” – make sure it’s targeted at your ideal customers, and end it with a compelling offer.
  3. Figure out your most profitable niches and make landing pages for them.
  4. Drive traffic to niched landing pages via Google Search Ads, Facebook, and Linkedin
  5. Modified Broad Match PPC Ads
  6. For B2B – Create a LinkedIn Lead Ad
  7. For B2C – Create a Facebook Lead Ad
  8. Every quarter make sure you’re asking your referral partners to connect you with someone.
  9. Attend a networking event where ideal customers attend. Make a goal to get at least 5 cards from people that need what you have.
  10. Give 10 leads out to others – The joyful giver is much more likely to have generosity reciprocated.
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