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HVAC Websites Design Inspiration 2020 | 5 Gorgeous Examples

By Tim Brown
Updated April 25, 2020
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HVAC website inspiration 2020
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Having an amazing looking website is crucial for getting the best leads – and these HVAC companies made sure to create an impression!

We did our best to curate the best HVAC websites design inspiration we could find. Also – if you need more HVAC leads – check out our HVAC SEO, and HVAC web design services!

Without further ado – the stars of the show, HVAC companies who really know how to roll out the red carpet for their customers/website visitors!

Perhaps we’re partial to Standard because their office is 2 blocks away from ours 🙂 

1. Standard Heating and Air Website (Minneapolis)

What it does well: I really love Standard’s brand – it feels high-end, and certainly bringing their people to the forefront emphasizes their size and capabilities.

What could be better: I believe the call-to-action could be clearer (what’s my next step as a visitor.) Also – I think pictures and testimonials of happy customers are really important to keep prominent right when a visitor lands on the website.

HVAC Website Design Inspiration – Heating and Air Conditioning Website

2. Four Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning Website (Chicago)

What it does well: Absolutely love the promotions at the top, and the clear big “Schedule Now” and the Give us a call at the top. Super clean look, great brand and color palette.

What it could do better: This one is a super long scroll that I’m not sure is absolutely necessary.

HVAC Website Design Inspiration 2020

3. Metro Air Conditioning Website (Dallas)

What it does well: Certainly the call today, schedule an appointment, and financing on the top are super prominent and helpful. The ’24 hours’ trust factor is clear, and the call-to-actions are front and center.

What it could do better: The design is a little messy, and could be a little cleaner visually. When you emphasize everything, it’s harder for website visitors to get what they need to see right away. However, the site does a decent job and making sure the most important things are obvious.

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Metro Air Conditioning Website Design Inspiration


4. Reddi HVAC Website (Wichita)

What it does well: Super simple design, with the phone number quick, the way to email, and the live chat. Surprisingly, not very many HVAC companies I looked at were using live chat as of 2020. Seems like an opportunity, especially if you have customer service people at the ready for phone calls at the office anyways.

What could be better: Reviews, badges, and testimonials should be prominent and above the fold. The contact link on the navigation bar should be called out, and ideally, there would be at least one smiling face of a happy customer right when you land on the page.

Reddi HVAC - Heating and Air Website Design Inspiration

5. Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning (Portland)

What it does well: I absolutely love the smiling couple up front on the site, presumably clients. The bullet points with key differentiating features is brilliant and so is the big phone number in the header – I’m sure this helps the flow of leads into their site on a regular basis.

What it could do better: Once again – I’d pair the happy couple with a little testimonial from a client. Other than that, this is a stellar example of an “above the fold” design – meaning if someone didn’t scroll they could get a lot of the key information and be able to move forward with this HVAC company if they wanted to.

HVAC website inspiration 2020


A few final words about HVAC Websites Design Inspiration

Clearly – it’s not just about visually stunning design when it comes to an HVAC websites design, it’s also about creating clear hierarchy, getting trust – and making everything super easy to get to.

If your website doesn’t have all of these things – and doesn’t visually represent your company in the most professional light, it may be time for a redesign.

People trust Hook Agency to create a high-end visually persuasive website because:

  • We know how to combine SEO and visual design.
  • We know how to make an easy-to-edit website on industry-standard WordPress.
  • We have designers who develop as well, and do completely custom website’s so you don’t end up with a weird looking website like some companies who build on slow & clunky themes.

Send us a message today if we can help you’d like our help creating a stunning HVAC website design for your company!


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