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"In 6 short months we have seen a 300% increase in sales by online traffic, a greater return than we had ever imagined." - Brad Lorence, Bank Systems Marketing

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Be top of mind and inbox.

We focus on high ‘Return on Investment’ marketing activities so that you can rest assured your marketing dollars are going to the best possible digital strategies available.

  • We can help you capture more emails regularly
  • Set up and execute a regular email newsletter
  • Drip out emails that help nurture prospects
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Are you nurturing leads with email marketing?

Email is one of those places – unlike social media – where we still look at every e-mail we get. We might follow 1000 people on Twitter and see 20% of the tweets, but E-mail is still heavily looked at, lest people miss something important.

It’s 1-to-1 communication, and the value of that is still huge. We want you to be able to continually put your company in your ideal customers inbox. This attention that email marketing *still* wields is massive. I swear by it, and my clients are going to hear about it every chance I get.

First – you need to capture more emails on your site, through giveaways, white papers and all kinds of opt-ins.

Then – you need to give value, give value, and share your best offers through your leads email inbox.

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how to get more leads regularly for your construction company

Leads take an average of 8 touches before they convert – we help automate some of those for you.

NURTURING leads is so huge in todays economy. They likely have 100 options for somebody like you and if you’re not following up regularly after they convert on your site, you might be out of luck.

We can help show you how to ‘segment your audience’ by creating compelling offers for each of the types of ideal customers you have, and then drip drip drip in their email so that you stay top of mind. It’s all about providing value to your ideal customers.

You don’t have to be manning the helm at the other end of the email all the time, like you might be currently. We’ll help write the best possible, ideal emails that give value and invite people back once, and then automate the value-based follow-up from then on for anyone that opts-in on your website.

Almost magical. Seriously practical.

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Questions and Answers about Email Marketing

Email marketing is the art of continually putting your companies information, value, and offers in front of people that opted in on your website and getting them to think about you again.

This can be done through all kinds of platforms – from ConvertKit, Drip, and InfusionSoft to more traditional email marketing platforms like MailChimp and Constant Contact.

We like taking an approach that allows you to write the absolute best email marketing and then setting it up to send based on when someone opted in. For instance, if someone said they wanted the ’10 best ways to increase your home value’ giveaway on your site, you could then send them 5-10 emails over the next 2 weeks that gives them follow-up information and perhaps some kind of voucher for a discount.

This changes from business to business, but the opportunities are endless – it’s just a matter of wielding the technology to a positive effect, and writing useful and persuasive e-mails.

The email inbox, albeit overcrowded, is still one of the last bastions of 1-to-1 communication on the internet that seems to retain it’s ‘you have to at least check and see if there’s a new message’ status.

Many other platforms – you can ignore the messages, tweets and statuses, because it’s not 1-to-1. For many of your prospects and customers, email marketing means they will literally get a notification on their phone and they’ll pick it up and take a look. That’s powerful.

There are all kinds of tools to create opt-ins on your site to grab more e-mails. Some of the most effective are the ‘Welcome mat’, Hello Bar, and the bottom right slide-in opt-in.

We like helping clients create more compelling and branded opt-ins on their site so we have more prospects to e-mail. Building an e-mail list is super important, and it takes time – it’s by no means instant, that’s why it’s so important you start now: send us a message and we’d love to help you create more opt-ins and set up your email marketing automation.

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