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19 Hilarious Electrician Memes, Cartoons, and Jokes

By Vincenzo Colosimo
Updated March 1, 2021
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If anyone deserves a good chuckle now and then, it’s electricians. The long and grueling hours, weekend work, and inherent safety risks are more than enough reason to kick back and scroll through the funniest electrician content we could find.

To be honest, a quality electrician meme is hard to come by. Most of them make me feel like Carl;

Then again, that did make me laugh. With Carl providing some hope for the electrical comedy scene, we scoured the internet and social media to find some hilarious electrician content. We had to include a list of good old-fashioned memes, but we also added some funny social media content, and a few cartoons as well.

Cartoons have stood the test of time, so they deserve the first shot at making you laugh.

Electrician Cartoons

Because every electrician joke is some variation of “Watts up” or being a “current specialist”, we are going to spare you from the one-liners. Some of the most hilarious jokes we could find were via social media.

Electrician Jokes

And finally here are a few electrician memes that ACTUALLY made us laugh.

Electrician Memes

Did we get you to smirk at least? If so, mission accomplished. Thanks for checking out these electrician memes, cartoons, and jokes!

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Vincenzo Colosimo
Vincenzo Colosimo

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