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What does it take to get a website that’s your best salesman?

It takes working with a truly professional website design and development company like ours! We absolutely love helping growth-oriented thrive online. We make websites that are powerful because we understand what Google likes.

  • Have a site designed 100% custom
  • Easily edit your websites content
  • Get more Google traffic
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Fully custom web design

We don't cut corners on our web design and development services. We know the absolute ideal for your business is to have something that's buit specifically for you. Successful businesses have 'unique value propositions' that are earning them customers over their competitors. We help draw those UVP's out and let them shine on a gorgeous new website.

Designed to persuade

It's not just about beauty.

We know a website is only truly doing it's job when it helps people trust your business, and take the next step towards working with you. We can make that happen, and are proud of the design work we do that clients love, and earns them more business - even at 3 a.m. Very few sales guys will do that.

Built to get more customers

What's the next step after viewing your website you want people to take? A phonecall? Submit a contact form? We can help you make these actions easier and more attractive for people to take them. The art of the deal online – is assume people want to buy and give them that opportunity so clearly and powerfully that they can't help but take the next step.

Web Design, on WordPress – Serving Dallas

WordPress is a ‘content management system’ – meaning it allows us to create a gorgeous website, with a system on the backend that makes things dead simple to edit.

You’ll love WordPress!

Perhaps your current website is on WordPress, so what is important – is that we know how to make WordPress websites that are truly easy to edit.

WordPress has evolved a lot in the last 5 years, and we believe it’s the best because theirs such rich support all over the internet and with so many marketing agencies using it – as well as the fact that Google seems to love it’s structure and so it makes SEO easier.

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What to look for in your search for quality Dallas web design

Look for people that really care about what they do!

Check out our blog for new videos and in-depth guides on a weekly basis. We write about web design and SEO, and are talking about it all the time. The team at Hook Agency spends 100’s of hours every week becoming more effective, and leveling up our skills.

When you’re looking for a Dallas web designer make sure to find a web design freelancer, or a web design agency that is absolutely dedicated to constantly sharpening their skills, and cares about getting companies more traffic and leads on their website.

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Questions and Answers about Dallas Web Design

This really depends on the size of the project – but an average website will take about 3 months to go through completely custom design and development.

We aren’t taking any clients under 10k at the moment – but a website’s cost depends on the size of the website, and the technical specifications. In short – it would be best to call us up, or submit a contact form and we’ll consult with you on your needs.

Call-to-actions, imagery, and trust factors are three big ones – but Search Engine Optimization is the only thing that I think can take the cake. Getting more traffic is foundational in having a powerful company website that gets consistent leads, and drives revenue.

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Want to see when our founder played at the Curtain Club in Deep Ellum in 2009? LOL – then here you go!

Want to hook better leads with hard-working digital marketing?

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