content marketing for home service businesses

Content Marketing for Contractors & Home Services

Content marketing is an essential part of any business — no matter how big or small.

  • When done correctly, content marketing will allow you to connect, educate, and build trust and lasting connections with your ideal customers — in addition to encouraging conversions and driving sales.
  • Creating a strategic content marketing plan — one that is paired with your SEO strategy — will help you gain a huge competitive advantage over your competition.
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“Writing content for the sake of having words on your website is not a long-term solution.” – Bryce Boyle Hoban

  •  Instead, you have to have intent behind each blog post, every landing page, and all the headlines on your site. 

  • In addition to providing value for current and prospective customers alike, we want each and every blog post and landing page to rank highly on search engines.

  • To ensure this, we use in-depth keyword research tools and tried and true SEO tactics to find out what is being searched on Google.

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Content Revolved Around Your Ideal Customers

We take the time to understand not only your business but your customers as well. We create ideal customer personas that dive into their pain points and the problems they are having that lead them to you.

We then create potential topics to go after in your content based on these problems — backing up these ideas with keyword research to ensure relevance. At the end of the day, it’s all about creating content that your customers will find helpful.

Widen Your Sales Funnel with Content

One of the best ways to increase traffic on your website is to be relentless with your content marketing strategy. The more blog posts, landing pages, and service pages you have on your website, the more likely you are to reach those that are searching for your services on Google. Consistently adding content is crucial if you want to widen your sales funnel and increase the number of leads you see each month.

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If you’re only publishing content once every month, you’ll likely have a hard time being found organically through search. You also won’t be providing as much value to your customers than if you were publishing weekly. Google prioritizes sites that are clearly authoritative and thought-leaders in their industry, helping them to rank easier.

Here’s how we help your site get recognized and respected by the Google algorithm: 

  • We create content calendars that layout the plan for each month in terms of which content will be created and then published.
  • We’re relentless with our strategy, publishing landing pages and blogs weekly
  • We ensure that your content is engaging and informative, including YouTube videos, spicy takes, and challenger viewpoints, to truly help inform your ideal customers
Electric City Corp

“It’s been 6 months and the results we are getting are phenomenal!”

Kelsey Evenstad

Electric City

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“Revenue-wise, it has paid off quite a bit.”

Josh Swisher

Northface Construction

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  5. Monthly reporting rhythm
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