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Systems & Processes: Turn Your Roofing Business Into a Turnkey Operation

For the Next Level Contractor Podcast, Tim sits down for a video chat with Jake Dempsey of Job Nimbus to talk about using systems and processes to turn your roofing and home…

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For the Next Level Contractor Podcast, Tim sits down for a video chat with Jake Dempsey of Job Nimbus to talk about using systems and processes to turn your roofing and home services business into a turn-key operation.

All too often contracting business work from all different places and have information spread into even more places. Job Nimbus is a project management software that can help you keep your business all in one place—no more guessing or wondering where everything is. Instead, use real data saved within Job Nimbus to run your business.

Watch the full interview here.

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CRM’s and Project Management Softwares for Contractors

Around 80% of roofers and contractors aren’t using CRM to manage their projects or their employees’ time. By implementing a CRM like Job Nimbus, contractors can save up to 8 hours a week of employees’ time. That means more jobs, more time, and more money to be made.

Pivoting your business in the direction of sustainable growth through processes and systems will not only help you grow your business but will also help to take some of the big stresses off of your shoulders.

What a CRM Can Do For You

Let’s break down what a quality CRM like Job Nimbus could do for you.

One Central Place For All Your Data

COVID-19 brought on a lot of changes for contractors. Contracting has traditionally been a very community-oriented industry. Tracking down documents can be a real struggle in a time when only a few people are allowed into the office at once. Having a CRM as a place for all documents and data to be stored allows your contracting company to work remotely and efficiently.

Essentially it’s only going to hurt you more and more if you don’t have all your data in one place.

A Reliable Way to Ensure Every Quote is the Same

If you’re not tracking your sales processes, it will be impossible to ensure that every customer receives a similar quote or the same experience. You should have a program that can track bids and different job quotes so that multiple members of your team can compare notes and understand what your standard rate is.

The last thing you need is one person receiving a drastically different quote from the other and, in turn, being disappointed about your service and lack of transparency as a company.

Knowing Where All Your Customers are in the Process

Customers don’t do this every day. The reality is that most customers won’t know what’s going on when you don’t communicate with them. As a roofing company, you’re asking your customers to spend $15,000 – $30,000 and then neglecting to keep them up to date on the project timeline, start date, and other important info.

If you don’t show up because another job went longer than you expected, your customer is going to be wondering what happened to their money. Did they hire a fake company? How are you going to keep them informed and up to date on what’s happening with their project? With a CRM, you can keep track of each customer and offer them updates throughout the process so that they know where they’re at.

Make Sure Your Systems are Customizable

This is what makes Job Nimbus different from other CRM and Sales management tools. Job Nimbus allows you to take projects from start to finish and customize the process fully. That means that you can adjust the program to use the language and processes that work best for your company.

Make Sure that Your Systems are Easy Enough for Anyone to Use

CRM’s need to be easy to use. Not everyone is tech-savvy, so Job Nimbus has ensured that anyone can understand and use their program. That’s where the importance of customizing systems to make them as simple as a whiteboard once was. A simple system gives you more control and better business.

Two Processes that Jake Would Change in Roofing

During the podcast, Tim asks Jake what two processes are that he would change when it comes to roofing. His answers are were sales and collections. This is what he said:


Sales is like the gas tank. Your business can scale if you have good processes. But, do you have a group of sales guys that can sell with your processes? You have to be able to track how much revenue is coming in and how much you’re loosing. How many sales you’re not making is sometimes much more important than how much money you brought in.

Creating a system and process can show how many quotes are going out and how many are being closed on. This doesn’t mean that your sales team is doing something wrong, but it could mean that you need to learn your process better.


The number one thing you can do to maintain collections is to stay on top of it. When you have a process to follow up on collections, you’ll be able to receive more money. It can be hard for some people to ask for the money, but you need to get the money for the work that you did.

Resources for people that want to get into roofing sales?

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Closing Thoughts

You won’t be able to work in the field forever; building systems and processes will allow you to create a business that can sustain you without needing to do the hard work yourself.

Stop working in your business, work on your business.

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