5 Roofing Supplement Items You’re Missing from Supplement Experts

Roofing supplements can be done internally – but many choose to have outside experts help them get the most money, for the work that they’re doing. You may think that supplements are…

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Roofing supplement guide - roofing supplement experts

Roofing supplements can be done internally – but many choose to have outside experts help them get the most money, for the work that they’re doing.

  • You may think that supplements are for only when you didn’t scope the project correctly.
  • You may not understand fully why supplement will make you more money, you deserve. (This guide will help!)
  • Enter – Max Rosenbloom from Supplement Experts, who not only will give you some free information in this blog post and video, but also – you can hire them to take care of all of this for you, with minimal hassle and overhead. Get started with them here. 

This isn’t just about replacing roofs; it’s about elevating your entire home’s efficiency and functionality through strategic enhancements covered by insurance claims.

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1. The Underrated Power of Proper Documentation

  • Documentation is Key: Before you even think about getting your insurance claims approved, remember that documentation is your best ally. Not just any documentation, but detailed, clear, and specific documentation that can make or break your claim.
  • Educate Your Team: It’s crucial that your team understands the importance of collecting every piece of evidence, from the type of shingles used to the exact damage caused by external elements.
  • Use Technology: Leveraging tools and software that help in documenting and presenting your case to insurance adjusters can significantly increase your chances of approval.

2. Understanding What a ‘Supplement’ Really Means

A ‘supplement’ in the roofing context is an additional claim made to an insurance company to cover unforeseen repairs or upgrades necessary beyond the original scope estimated by insurance. These can range from minor adjustments to significant additions depending on the project needs.

  • Line Items: These are specific additions or changes to the original insurance scope.
  • Trade Specifics: Sometimes additional trades or tasks become necessary as the project progresses.

The Basics of Roofing Supplements

In the world of roofing, a supplement represents additional work and materials required for a project that were not initially included in an insurance claim’s scope of work. These are typically discovered only after the project has begun, often when the existing damage is more extensive than initially thought, or when building codes require upgrades not covered in the original estimate.

The Need for Roofing Supplements

  • Unforeseen Damages: Often, the initial inspection might not uncover all damages or the extent of wear and tear may be underestimated. As the project progresses, additional issues might come to light that are necessary to address to ensure the integrity and longevity of the roof.
  • Compliance with Building Codes: Building codes vary significantly across different regions, and updates to these codes might necessitate additional work or materials that were not part of the original plan. This ensures that the roofing work remains compliant with current safety and construction standards.
  • Insurance Claim Accuracy: Supplements help ensure that the insurance claim accurately reflects the work needed. This means that homeowners are more likely to receive the proper amount from insurance to cover the entirety of the repair or replacement.

A. What Exactly Is a Roofing Supplement?

According to Claims Delegates, a roofing supplement is a request for additional funds sent to an insurance company, detailing additional necessary repairs not included in the original claim. This can include items like additional layers of shingles needing removal, upgraded materials to meet current codes, or even labor for unforeseen complexities encountered during the roofing process.

B. The Process of Filing a Supplement

The process typically begins with the discovery of the need for additional work. Roofing professionals must then document these needs thoroughly. This includes taking photographs, writing detailed descriptions, and sometimes even showing compliance with local building codes as justification for the additional expenses. This information is compiled into a supplement request that is submitted to the insurance company for approval.

  • Documentation is Crucial: As noted by Beacon Roofing Supply, the more detailed and documented a supplement request is, the more likely it is to be approved by the insurance company. It’s not just about identifying the additional needs but also providing a robust and defensible explanation for why they are necessary.

3. Why Roofing Companies Should Embrace Supplements

Embracing the practice of filing supplements can be significantly beneficial for roofing companies:

  • Increased Revenue: Properly executed supplements can lead to increased revenue. By ensuring all necessary work is covered financially, roofing companies can avoid out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Customers are generally happier when they know their roofing project meets all current standards and is fully covered by their insurance, without unexpected costs.
  • Professional Integrity: Staying compliant with the latest building codes and industry standards not only enhances safety but also bolsters the reputation of your roofing business as thorough and professional.

3. Why Insurance Adjusters Miss Things – And How You Can Help

Insurance adjusters are often under tremendous pressure to assess damage and file paperwork quickly. They may miss details that a contractor would notice, simply because they are not on the site as often or as long.

  • Think Like an Adjuster: Understand their workflow and limitations to better prepare your claims.
  • Provide Complete Information: Make it easy for the adjuster by presenting well-documented, clear, and justified claims.

4. The Five Most Commonly Missed Supplement Opportunities

  • Shingle Quality: Often overlooked, the type of shingle on a roof can vastly differ in cost and quality. If premium shingles were used, your claim should reflect the higher replacement cost.
  • Proper Ventilation: Adequate roofing ventilation is crucial but often missed in claims. It’s not just about having vents but ensuring they are proportionally balanced between intake and exhaust.
  • Ice and Water Shields: Especially in colder climates, the need for these protective barriers is critical and should always be checked and included if missing.
  • Flashing and Drip Edges: These components are vital for waterproofing and often need replacement post-storm. Their inclusion in claims can be frequently overlooked by adjusters.
  • Upgraded Materials: If your roof was initially installed with superior materials that offer longer warranties or better performance, make sure these are claimed at their correct value.

Elevating Roofing Standards Through Smart Supplementing

To become a next-level roofer, you need to think beyond simple replacements.

Understanding and utilizing the power of roofing supplements can not only ensure you get adequately compensated but also allows you to enhance the overall efficiency and functionality of the homes you work on.

It’s about making a difference one roof at a time, ensuring every component is recognized, valued, and restored to its fullest potential.

Get started with Supplement Experts now, to get what you deserve on your roofing jobs. 

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