34 Roofing Statistics Everyone Running a Roofing Business Needs to See

Roofing systems are very intricate and have a lot of moving pieces with many different factors to consider such as materials, technology, project estimation, and proper training. But even with all these…

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Roofing systems are very intricate and have a lot of moving pieces with many different factors to consider such as materials, technology, project estimation, and proper training. But even with all these factors to consider, it seems that there are good times ahead for the roofing industry.

There is an expected growth of over 4% yearly in the roofing industry and is expected to reach $19.9 billion by 2021.

There is also a lot of interest in incorporating new technology such as drones, robots, and AI for things like completing estimates and could be a big part of the roofing industry in the future.

If you are running a roofing business, it is important that you are on top of what is happening within the industry so you can stay on top of your game.

Check out these 34 roofing statistics that everyone running a roofing business needs to see.

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Roofing Industry in the Coming Years

1.) The roofing industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.9%. []

2.) The roofing industry is expected to reach $19.9 billion in 2021. []

3.) Over 65% of respondents reported growth in both sales and revenue in 2018, and over half expected continued growth. [Kingdom Roofing]

4.) 78% of roofing professionals believe the growth of commercial roofing sales will continue to increase into 2021. [Kingdom Roofing]

5.) Both single-ply and metal roofing have increased in sales over the last 12 months, and are expected to continue increasing. [Kingdom Roofing]

6.) 68% of industry professionals that responded are expecting solar-related sales to remain consistent, with only 25 percent expecting the green option to experience significant growth. Nearly the exact same percentages were reported for garden roofing options as well. [Kingdom Roofing]

7.) Polymer/synthetics, slate, concrete tile, and wood shakes are all between 14-19% of those expecting future growth. [Kingdom Roofing]

8.) 65% of respondents said they’re looking into augmented and virtual reality programs to add to their business. 67% are researching robots. 57% are looking into 3-D printing, and 55% said artificial intelligence and predictive analytics could be a part of their business in the future. [Kingdom Roofing]

Roofing Industry Markets

9.) Roof replacements dominate the market in North America and is over 90 percent of the market in both volume (94%) and value (91%) as existing buildings continue to age and the need to replace roofs continues to grow [bcc research]

10.) The largest product segment in the roofing industry is BUR (built up roofs) and is valued at $700 million. [bcc research]

11.) The six largest product segments in the roofing industry represent over 65% of the category value and 70% of the volume. [bcc research]

12.) 88% of respondents said their company sold single-ply roofing. 82% sold commercial metal roofing, and 67% were in roof coatings. [Kingdom Roofing]

13.) Single-ply roofing is responsible for over 40% of the overall sales revenue annually, while metal and coatings combined represent about 25% of sales. [Kingdom Roofing]

14.) 67% of respondents expected consistent revenue from sales in steep slope asphalt shingles, compared to the 60% stating the same through metal roofing. [Kingdom Roofing]

15.) The largest workforce group in roofing industry is in the construction and extraction occupations. [CSCE]

16.) Between the years 2015 and 2020, the market size of the roofing contractors industry has grown an average of 2.7%. [IBIS]

17.) The Roofing Contractors industry in the US is the 18th ranked Construction industry by market size and the 221st largest in the US. [IBIS]

Roofing Industry Employment

18.) About 80% of roofing professionals have experienced a 10% increase in labor costs over the last 2 years. [Kingdom Roofing]

19.) About 70% employed full-time employees to complete the majority of their projects, while about 20% hired subcontractors on a regular basis. [Kingdom Roofing]

20.) 78% of respondents indicated that employee referrals were the best way to find needed workers. 63% looked to family and friends for potential employees. 49% use online job postings and 43% use social media platforms. [Kingdom Roofing]

21.) The CSCE analysis shows that there are 17,730 roofing contracting establishments in the United States with an average of 9.8 employees per establishment. [CSCE]

22.) The average hourly wage of roofers’ is $20.57 with a yearly average of $42,780. [CSCE]

23.) According to the 2019 US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 197,390 roofing contractors employed. [CSCE]

24.) Distribution of the Roofing Workforce – 55% Roofers 4.9% Helpers 3.9% Construction Laborers 3.7% Sheet Metal Workers 1.4% Carpenters. [CSCE]

25.) US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that the employment rate in the roofing industry would grow by 11% by 2026. [CSCE]

Roofing Industry Demographics

26.) Employees Size of Establishments 64% 1-4 Employees 17% 5-9 Employees 11% 10-19 Employees 8% 20-49 Employees 2% 50-99 Employees .6% 100-249 Employees .1% 250-499 Employees .002% 500 or More Employees. [CSCE]

27.) The median age of roofers is 37.5, while 28 percent of the roofers are above the age of 45. [CSCE]

28.) Age of Employees – 2.7% 16-19 Years 11.4% 20-24 Years 27.7% 25-34 Years 29.5% 35-44 Years 20% 45-54 Years 6.3% 55-64 Years 2.3% 65 or Older [CSCE]

29.) About 50% of employees are between the ages of 35 and 54 and less than 15% of all employees are 24 or youger. [CSCE]

30.) The states highest in roofing employment are Florida with 17,860 workers and California with 16,720 workers. [CSCE]

Other Roofing Industry Statistics

31.) Mobile and wearable communication devices are being used by 29% of respondents and is likely to increase greatly. Cloud services are being used by 22% of companies, and 18% are utilizing drones. [Kingdom Roofing]

32.) Estimation software is currently used by 57% of roofing professionals, with 43% are utilizing aerial measurement. [Kingdom Roofing]

33.) 57% of commercial roofing contractors believe that national training and certification programs will help benefit the industry. [Kingdom Roofing]

34.) The market size of the Roofing Contractors industry in the US increased faster than the Construction sector overall. [IBIS]

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