Roofing Sales Salary | 7 Creative Roofing Salesman Pay Commission Structures

Are you a roofer who wants to hire a sales rep, or maybe you own a roofing company and want to expand? Maybe you’d love to bring on sales help, but you’re…

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Roofing Salary

Are you a roofer who wants to hire a sales rep, or maybe you own a roofing company and want to expand?

Maybe you’d love to bring on sales help, but you’re not sure how to compensate the best roof salesperson?

Let’s take a closer look into various roofing sales salaries so you can attract the right people, at a reasonable cost!


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# 1 – Flat PPL (Pay Per Lead)

If you want to incentivize lead generation for your roofing company, then offer a flat commission per lead.

With a flat PPL, every single time your salesman (or woman) generates a roofing lead for your business, they earn a commission. It might seem like a flat pay per lead payment system isn’t the most ideal for attracting the best salesperson. However, the simple flat PPL pay structure has many benefits.

Roofing Salary

First, this payment plan can suit both novice and experienced salespeople.

A flat PPL grants an excellent chance to coach your new sales team while also giving freedom to your advanced sales team members.

You might also include additional sales incentives to help stack the odds in their favor and to elevate employee satisfaction.

# 2 – Flat Commission Per Sale (Roofing Sales Commission Structure)

A roofing sales commission structure influences your leads to work harder to bring hotter leads. Because all smart marketers and salesman know that they deserve proper compensation for their extra footwork.

That’s why the flat commission per sale commission structure is arguably the most ideal. It can attract salespeople who know how to sell roofing and are happy to consult with roofing clients.

If you have experienced salespeople who go above and beyond warming and handling your leads, then this payment structure can pay you (and them) in dividends.

Your team will work harder to bring better roofing clients, strive to know your services better, and will bend over backward serving your customers.

# 3 – Base Pay + Commissions

Do you want to attract smart salespeople who realize their worth? Then a base pay plus commission structure might be your best bet as a roofing business.

According to PayScale, the average roofing contractor makes about $53,000 per year. If you want to attract the best, then provide a livable wage!

This commission plan offers the best of both worlds to your entire roofing sales team: stability and upward mobility.

Your newer sales team members will have the utmost confidence because they’ll know that you care about their peace of mind. Due to the consistency and reliability that the base pay offers, your new sales team member experiences less stress about whether they can pay their bills next week.

Your existing or more experienced sales team will also love this structure! They can earn a commission (either on leads or sales) in addition to base pay.

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# 4 – Sliding Scale

A sliding scale is the perfect roofing commission structure to help accommodate advanced and novice salespeople.

With a sliding scale commission, the financial benefits increase as your team produces more roofing clients or sales.

A sliding scale is perfect for incentivizing advanced salespeople, while at the same time welcoming new members.

# 5 – Straight Salary

A salaried roof salesman gets paid the same, regardless of if they close 100 deals per week or 0 deals per week. Many business owners would contend that a roofing sales salary structure isn’t the most ideal, because it fails to incentivize sales teams.

However, there are a few nuances and benefits to consider.

Here’s a list of easy to miss benefits of a salary only commission structure:

  • Your employee still gets paid if they have a bad day (or week).
  • Encourages your sales team to pull their weight.
  • Offers flexibility.
  • Promotes a stress-free workplace.
  • Provides dependability and reliability.

A salaried pay structure might attract a select type of salesperson who doesn’t like the “high tension” of most sales positions.

By offering a “salary only” commission structure, you’re sending a specific signal to your salespeople. The sales position is more than the traditional “hack and slash” hustle of an ordinary sales job.

You pay your employees what they’re worth, and take care of them, even if they have a terrible day. Any smart salesperson will recognize and appreciate such an incentive!

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# 6 – Profit Sharing

According to this article on Forbes, one of the best ways to attract the ideal “Unicorn” employee is to believe in them. Profit-sharing is arguably the single best way to showcase your belief in your sales team.

A straight profit share structure is a commendable payment structure for roofing salespeople. Because with a profit share, you and your entire sales team rely upon one another extraordinarily and uniquely.

This commission structure is either sink or swim.

A qualified and skilled salesperson will love this structure if you offer them a good percentage. You’ll incentivize the most experienced marketing team to work hard and deliver the best results possible.

Novice salespeople will also love this commission structure because it arguably minimizes stress on their shoulders.

Now, your newest sales team member can confidently contribute to your business without stressing about being singled out for their inexperience. Additionally, other staff members will have a strong incentive to help train your new staff, so everyone wins.

# 7 – Contract Percentage

If you wish to attract the heavy-hitting salesperson who knows how to close, then consider a flat-out contract percentage.

A contract percentage commission structure grants your referring salespeople an exact percentage of the total contract cost.

This way, your best salespeople reap the rewards, and they are also incentivized to deliver results.

Novice salespeople may be timid about this type of commission structure out of fear that they cannot land any deals. It’s up to you to ensure that your new sales team gets proper training so that you may both succeed in the world of roofing sales!

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